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I needed to replace the back cushion inserts on a sofa and the ones I ordered were exactly as promised. They fit perfectly and look great. Steve at Foam Order was patient and extremely helpful in assuring that sizing was correct. I couldn't be more satisfied and would highly recommend this company.

Bonnie Reid Martin | Hanover, Nh

Mar 2023

Excellent Service

Foam order made exactly to requirements. Great quality.

Ernie P | Massachusetts

Mar 2023

Replacement Foam

Brought our sofa seating back to almost new. If I were to do it again I would get a thicker or double Dacron wrap help fill the cushion out more fully.

Frank S | Bucks County Pa

Mar 2023

Fits Perfect

Before I would sink when sitting on the sofa, it’s very firm. Saved me a lot of money didn’t need to buy a new sofa.

Joni B | Draper Ut

Mar 2023

EverFlex Very Firm Foam

I purchased custom cut high grade foam to raise the seating height of a new 2-piece sectional. I didn't realize when I bought the sectional that the cool low, modern look wasn't comfortable. I ordered two oversized pieces; one for under the two sofa cushions and one for under the large lounge section. It worked well; the foam fit perfectly. With simple colorful covers, it turned a plain, modern look sofa into a comfortable statement.

Lizs | Seattle Wa

Mar 2023

New Cushions Create New Couch

The old couch cushions sagged. Getting off the sofa required one to almost do a half somersault. New cushions from Foamorder made the sectional like new. No more sinking when sitting or somersaulting when getting up from the sectional. Before ordering cushions we called Customer Service and that person was very helpful, concise in explanations, and answered questions precisely. The person was friendly and personable. I would definitely order from Foamorder again.

Jean V | Central Ohio

Mar 2023

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