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New life for old couches

I’ve been stuck in my couch a few times, due to the age of my Thomasville leather couch, loveseat, chair cushions. I ordered 1 test cushion, for size, density - wow, a huge improvement over the original foam. I went with the full wrap (6 sides) - installation was easy. Guests have commented on how much better my couches look & feel. I no longer sink into the 3 cushion couch. Well worth the purchase vs local upholstery shops or buying new couches

Rusty | Naperville Illinois

Aug 2019

Extreme attention to detail but took longer than expected

I ordered to long bench cushions and covers for the dining room to match the custom shades. I was able to request the exact same material so they're a perfect match. The benches are very long so the material needed to be seamed together. You can barely tell where the seam is, they obviously took time into figuring out the best place to put the seam; I couldn't even find it at first. The foam is denser than I expected, I used the site's recommendation. I would probably be fine with less dense cushions but these still are comfortable and will last longer. My only complaint is they took forever to ship after they were completed. You can track ever step in the order's progress from ordering of material to manufacturing of covers. Once everything was complete, they took another two weeks to ship. Even after I emailed them, they took a few more days. That part doesn't make any sense. Overall it was about 9-10 week process.

Tyler I | Hudson, Ny

Aug 2019

I should have come in

I was a little nervous to order replacement couch cushions online and have them delivered, but, I had them done before from another company and had gotten the same measurements. I wanted to save time by not having to drive. I followed the directions on the site, but, nothing matched up when they arrived. I thought because they were vacuum sealed they would plump up and fill the cushion, but, they are just lagging, height, length, width. I will just have to make the trip and bring them in. These cushions will now be dog beds.

Valerie T | Perkasie Pa

Aug 2019

My purchase was exactly what I ordered.

I bought 3 cushions for my sofa a year ago. They were perfect. I then ordered two more cushions for my small sofa. As expected perfect.

Walter S | Loganville Ga.

Aug 2019

Natural Latex Medium-firm foam

We ordered 1" natural latex foam to reupholster our antique dining chairs. The foam arrived quickly, well packed and cut perfectly to match our chairs. Our reupholstered chairs are quite an improvement to the old ones. Thank you!

Sonnie C | Cincinnati, Oh

Aug 2019

Measuing guidlines are misleading

I intended to replace the foam in my CB2 sofa cushions as they’re noticeably losing their resiliency. I carefully reviewed the measuring instructions and FAQ before placing my order. Unfortunately, the measuring instructions resulted in flat-feeling cushions and saggy covers. Because the foam was technically correct as to what I ordered, I was offered a 75% store credit if I paid to have them shippedf back. I’ll be throwing the replacement foam away instead.

Timothy W | Los Angeles, Ca

Aug 2019

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