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EASILY upgrade sofa cushions to look and feel new

I have a sofa with reversible (loose) cushions with zippers which had become somewhat mashed down and quite soft. The sofa looked good except for the cushions and was well cared for. I had never tried anything like this before but after pricing new sofas i decided to try upgrading the foam. I chose a high quality foam and had it wrapped like the interior foam was originally. The foam arrived and it was a very quick exercise to swap out the old for the new. The refurbished cushions look like new and they are nice and firm. The back cushions did not have foam so i sourced some poly-dak and inserted it in the existing padding in the back cushions. They plumped out and firmed up nicely This is an easy job for a novice and you will be well pleased with the quality and value of the products from

Mark Z | Dallas Tx

Nov 2019

Better sleep than on my home mattress

We bought custom cut foam to go into our rooftop tent. Worth every penny. It is a perfect combination of cosy comfort and much needed firmness for our troublesome backs.

Sb | San Rafael

Nov 2019

Excellent replacement cushions

I ordered replacement seat cushions for a sofa. What an improvement they made! The foam was perfectly cut to specs and is nice and firm, very good quality. It emits a little bit of an odor, which dissipates in a few days. Very pleased with my order!

Christine R | Middle Grove, Ny

Nov 2019

So comfortable!

Our new latex foam couch mattress is very comfortable and attractive, and it arrived in a very timely manner! I would not hesitate to order from here again!

Alice C. | Virginia

Nov 2019

Dining room chair foam order

Ordered 14 pieces of foam for dining room chairs in 3 different sizes - all arrived cut as ordered with no surprises. Turn around time was as quoted. Web site was very well designed and relatively easy to use. At this point would not hesitate to order from again.

M | Reno, Nv

Nov 2019

Hello! Hello! Looking to rejuvenate your cushions? Look no further. These foams are amazing!

...and just as ordered. Yes, there is happiness in new cushions. Couch cushions. They are just perfection. Thanks.

Carmen V. | Miami, Florida

Nov 2019

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