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Great for smaller projects

Thank you for this great option. I used the wool scraps to make terrific pillows and will use the rest for several Reupholster projects. Soooo soft and easy to work with.

Julie | Sf Bay Area

May 2020

Great Sevice, Great Quality, Great Company!

The online ordering process was so user friendly and the measurements were easy to understand! My new cushions SAVED my couch! I will be ordering for the rest of my furniture needs!

Nakeya | Brooklyn Park, Mn

May 2020

Great materiala

The shredded foam worked perfectly for a dog bed, the muslin and ticking were very high quality and worked well for lining. I think muslin by itself would have been adequate for the interior ‘mattress’ but I neglected to buy from a wider bolt and used the ticking for the top and bottom of the interior, muslin for the sides and inner baffles. Natural latex is far superior to poly foam, this bed is comfortable enough for me to sleep on and it’s heavy enough that the dog won’t shift it around too much.

Noah C | San Diego, Ca

May 2020

Great product

I bought this wide Dacron/batting and spray adhesive for an upholstery project. The products arrived as expected and were perfect for the project, covering the foam on a custom cushion for my new window seat. The spray adhesive is very strong and effective - much better than other adhesives I've used on previous foam products. It does take some time to off-gas. was the only place I could find Dacron at the large dimensions I needed for my project. It was a very high quality product, thick and easy to work with.

Katie N. | Philadelphia, Pa

Apr 2020

Super easy ordering. Great timing

Ordered a foam insert for my window. Fits great. Takes 3-4 days to expand to full size after shipping. Love that I’m ordering from a local Bay Area company. I also love that they’re prioritizing production for hospitals so I didn’t mind the wait.

Tim | Mountain View, Ca

Apr 2020

very good

use it for pillow bedding

Melody C | San Hose, Ca

Apr 2020

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