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Excellent as usual!

Prompt delivery and exactly what I needed to make a decision about new chaise cushions.

Betty D | Sacramento, Ca

Aug 2022

EverFlex V44 Firm Foam

Very happy with the quality of the foam.

Barb L | Ny

May 2022

Great customer service

My husband needed a firmer seat for an old tractor. With some help from customer service, I was able to get him exactly what he was looking for. Thank you.

Brenda A | N. W. Illinois

Apr 2022


I asked for samples of 4x4 inches 1/4 inch and half inch of thickness, didn’t get anywhere close for $12. Will not be placing a order larger. See photo.

No Dice | Md

Mar 2022

Excellent Product and Great Service

Purchased new bar stools and the foam quality was not good, replaced with recommended foams and dacron. What a difference.

Ol Ed | Snohomish,wa

Mar 2022

Not what I purchased.

I purchased 1 Roll of Blackout Fabric. approximately 50 yards. I did not purchase by the yard. Since this fabric is on clearance, I paid as much for shipping as I was paying for the roll of fabric. I received a BOX of fabric, it did NOT come on the ROLL. This fabric, at this yardage is extremely heavy. That is the primary reason i purchased the whole roll instead of the exact yardage I needed. I figured it would be easier to handle on the roll. So now.I have a huge box of folded fabric and no way to easily use it. I was going to purchase this a few months ago. I spoke to customer service and he told me what to expect. On the website it states if a clearance item is no longer available, the company will contact you. I was not contacted. The only communication I received was a link to leave a review.

Lois D | Lovelock, Nv

Jan 2022

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