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new sofa cushions

cushions are perfect fit great nice and firm. Only complaint is that I ordered some glue to attach the wrap but they came already wrapped which is good but they would not let me return the glue. Would have given 5 stars.

Maxwell | Pompano Beach ,fl

Oct 2018

Great quality

We love all the products we ordered from you. They are high quality products.

Sc | Sausalito, Ca

Oct 2018

Puddle pads need TLC

I last ordered puddle pads about 7 years ago. The wool then was unbound, thinner, and clean. This puddle pad was bound on the edges, and a thicker, less processed wool, which was good. However, the yardage was very, very dusty. Not wool fleece specks, but dust. My husband tried shaking it out, which helped, but it wasn't enough. We ran it in the dryer on the air setting for a half hour, in addition. I wonder if the way the puddle pad material is stored might be the issue.

Loves Wool, Not Dust | Ma

Oct 2018

Great outcome by novice user

I did a lot of research and finally decided that Foam Order would let me customize and not charge a ridiculous amount of money. I did my measurements a few times and checked with their instructions. They are perfect. I did this in the middle of a kitchen remodel and was afraid it would be as challenging as every step of that, but it wasn't!! It was actually fun!! I didn't quite get enough polyester but math was never my forte. I just got a little bit at our local fabric store. We all think the recommendation for firmness was spot on. Thanks!

Katie | Central Illinois

Oct 2018

Everything was wonderful

I was redoing an Adrian Pearsall Havana chair that belonged to a great aunt. It looks terrific and the foam made the chair. It was worth every penny

Sandy C | Valley, Alabama

Sep 2018

good foam

It made our outdoor cushions like new!

Seano | Santa Barbara

Sep 2018

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