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Not what I purchased.

I purchased 1 Roll of Blackout Fabric. approximately 50 yards. I did not purchase by the yard. Since this fabric is on clearance, I paid as much for shipping as I was paying for the roll of fabric. I received a BOX of fabric, it did NOT come on the ROLL. This fabric, at this yardage is extremely heavy. That is the primary reason i purchased the whole roll instead of the exact yardage I needed. I figured it would be easier to handle on the roll. So now.I have a huge box of folded fabric and no way to easily use it. I was going to purchase this a few months ago. I spoke to customer service and he told me what to expect. On the website it states if a clearance item is no longer available, the company will contact you. I was not contacted. The only communication I received was a link to leave a review.

Lois D | Lovelock, Nv

Jan 2022

Couch doesn’t suck anymore

Replaced the foam in my couch. More work than I expected but I’m happy with the results. Way cheaper than having someone else do it. Glue wasn’t as sticky as I expected but it seems to work ok. Was disappointed with the hours in the Marin store but I made it work.

Rn | Sf

Sep 2021

Window seat cushion

This foam is amazing. I used it to make a window seat cushion for my new home. The foam has great support and firmness, wish some of my other furniture sat like this. My cushion is 83" long so I had to add a small piece to the end of the slab, the foam tac spray works very well.

Judy U. | Wilmington Nc

Jul 2021

Made my couch look brand new.

My wife wanted to get rid of our 25 year old leather couch. It was slouching down. She & our 70# bulldog sunk into the cushions and the back slumped down. The new seat cushions gave her the support she needed and the pillow stuffing we added to the back did the trick. It’s like a brand new couch for $4500 less than a new one would cost.

Jeff H | Starkville, Mississippi

Jul 2021

We will see in 24 months what the star count really is.

The test is time. Ask for a REAL review in 24 months. Order time was long, but with material shortages, freight issues, pandemic issues all is good. Custom cuts were spot on. Cheers. -R Will not recommend until I know how it really ages, hence answer below.

Ronaldo B | 66046

Jul 2021

Worst Acoustic Foam you can buy

This acoustic foam is a joke for $60. Looks like used packing material. Not suitable for professional use. Laughable joke material.

Erik J. | Phoenix, Az

Jun 2021

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