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Revitalized my old leather furniture

Reconditioned all of my leather couch cushions with a firmer foam. Happy customer. I called them to discuss choosing the right foam and they were very helpful. They also had great videos on their website to guide you along.

Dale B | Madisonville, Louisiana

Jul 2019

Shredded memory foam success!

We purchase a new sectional couch but after a short time the pillows became flat. I purchased the memory foam and stuffed the pillows with it and they came our perfectly. No longer flat because they spring right back. Husband is very happy with them.

Kathy | Cumming, Ga

Mar 2019

The 2 sheeets of foam that I ordered for my spa are perfect

Love the spa pad. The 1" EVA foam provides the insulation and softness perfect for sitting in the spa. As you can see its a little dirty and it could have been lined up a little better, but for me it's just great... Thanks, I love it

Ron Gurich | Novato, Ca

Feb 2019

So Close to 5 Star...

Quality of products ordered was outstanding, and live chat support for questions we had when we started our project was excellent. The only fault found was with the sluggish processing/shipping time. We had a generic two week time frame listed on the order status web page, but our order took closer to 6 weeks to reach us. That seemed slow since we ordered regular stock items and nothing custom. This was the only thing that kept the rating at 4 stars instead of 5. We would definitely refer others, as well as use again.

Julie A. | Cheyenne, Wy

Jan 2019

Good product, but slow production

I ordered what seemed to be standard sized foam products, one closed cell yoga mat and a standard length of hi-density polyurethane upholstery foam. I specifically ordered the standard sizes they showed on their site because I needed it quickly. So I was very disappointed to find out upon checking (when it didn't arrive within the time frame I was expecting it, based on the info I read when ordering) that not only wouldn't it be arriving soon, it wouldn't even be out of production until well after I needed it! I let the order stand as I still think it's good product and superior to that available at the local fabric store, but feel that there was not a clear representation of the timeline when I ordered. So beware. Also, the shipping charge of $30 for $55 worth of foam was ridiculous. The box wasn't that big, and certainly didn't weigh very much. Felt ripped off on that account.

Sean H. | Bellingham, Wa

Jan 2019

Upgraded dining room chairs!

I used 2.5 inch v54 foam to upgrade my dining room chairs. The original foam was too thin so i bought foam a lot thicker. At 250 lbs I needed something thicker. The v54 foam works great and I could have gone to 2 inches most likely. It cost me more in fabric because I couldn't get two seats per standard width of upholstery... especially since I used the thick dacron. But it looks and feels great. I had family over for the holidays and they all remarked how great it was. Success! The glue came out in a web (as it is supposed to) and it really worked great and quick for fixing the dacron to the foam. Overall, very pleased and I'd definitely do it again... except I won't need to!

Wmys | Carrollton, Tx

Jan 2019

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