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Finally a luxurious night's sleep on spare room bed

I used to dread sleeping over at my parents' house on an old very hard mattress/boxspring bed and now I look forward to opportunities to sleep there. This 2.9" thick mattress pad supports and envelopes my body (155 lbs at 5'6") in luxurious comfort. I'm a side sleeper but it feels good on my back as well as on my side. Absolutely no lingering smell to the pad, an important feature for me. I was able to put the mattress cover on by myself because I have been taught a technique by an upholsterer, but I would suggest that one gets some advice before attempting to do so as the pad is natural latex and can be ripped/damaged in the process if not done correctly.

Alexandrab | San Francisco

Nov 2021

Highly recommend

I ordered 3 custom cut replacement cushions for my couch. The process was easy and the cushions fit perfectly. This will give me several more years life out of my sofa.

Lorita M. | Ohio

Nov 2021

Reliable, Fast , and they got it Right.

All was good. This is my third experience with Foam Order. Firm Cushions for Recliners and Sofas. Got exactly what I ordered. Will be back for more.

Walter J S | Loganville Georgia

Nov 2021

New life for our couch

My husband loves these new cushions. He can actually get up from the couch much better than our previous (25-year-old foam) cushions would allow. We appreciate the new comfort and (bottom) feel.

Becky C. | Ohio

Nov 2021

Custom T-cushion with discount gray fabric cover

This cushion is a window seat in my son's room. It works perfectly. I can take the cover off to wash it. The cushion was repeatedly delayed, but the company always communicated well.

Brandi Y. | Idaho

Nov 2021

Exactly what I ordered

We sent the measurements. It was perfect

Natalie D | West Islip Ny

Nov 2021

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