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Very Helpful Customer Service

A recent order came in incorrect. I reached out to customer service and they were very helpful and submitted the corrected order the same day. The materials and customer service is great from FoamOrder. The lead time can be annoying, however. I always call ahead to check stock as they recommend, and even though all the materials are in stock it always takes over a week to arrive even though I'm located only 10 miles from their warehouse. So order well in advance.

Russ | Berkeley

May 2019

chair seat cushions

The delivery time and packaging were great. Given the machining methods available today I thought the length and width dimensions could have been closer. The thickness also varied, not much but a little. They were softer than I expected but that may have been my fault for not understanding the standard used for gauging firmness.

Wayne J | Yankton Sd

May 2019

Seat cushions

I bought a new patio set last year and did not like the cushions in the seats. I decided to replace them myself because the material was in excellent shape. I called to get recommendations. They staff was very helpful by the way, and I absolutely love my new cushions. They were everything the staff that helped me promised!

Kjr | Wooster,ohio

May 2019

Product results

I expected the Dacron liner to be a little thicker.

Bruce P | Cleveland, Ohio

May 2019

Just as ordered.!

We replaced the cushions on our FlexSteel sofa and it looks/sits great, just as we had hoped!

Dan L | Lima, Oh

May 2019

Foam Order

I have a difficult time finding this high density foam with the dimensions that I needed. Della was a big help over the phone.

Paul N | San Pedro California

May 2019

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