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Not Cut to Correct Size

Foam appears to be good quality. Ordered 3 seat and 3 back cushions for a sofa. However, none of the cushions were cut to correct size. And, unfortunately they were not all cut to the same incorrect size, but varied with each individual cushion. Most pronounced with depth of seat cushions. See photo taken 14 days after cushions removed from shrink wrap. Depth should have been 22.5 inches on the seat cushions (they were cut between 22 inches and 23.5 inches). Width of all seat and back cushions was supposed to be 23 inches, but they were cut between 22 and 22.5 inches. I had to recut the cushions myself to get them to be congruent and then added extra Dacron wrap in attempt to make up for the width being short. Overall, extremely disappointed.

Po | Lincoln, Ne

Sep 2023

Game changer!

I purchased a new sectional less than a year ago and the cushions are just so uncomfortable that I searched for a remedy. And, voila!, found Foam Order. They worked with me to make sure I ordered the proper size and it has changed everything

Hope P. | Longview, Tx

Aug 2023

Horrible accuracy

I’ve bought 4 sheets, not a single dimension right on all of them. They claim the sizes will be not more than 1/4”. If it is more, they don't take any responsibility for mistake. The biggest problem is thickness, of it not what you need, it does not fit in the box: ordered 1 1/4 got 1 9/16. You can deal with bed linear dimensions, wavy cuts, imprints by getting bigger size and cutting what you need, but there is nothing you can do about thickness. Terrible quality.

Kgalenko | Wayland, Ma

Aug 2023

Your site was confusing when ordering.

I thought I was getting a fabric cover and received only a Dacron wrap. Cost to high for what I received.

Carol Hartmann | Twinsburg, Ohio

Aug 2023

Keep coming back.

Ordered upholstery foam several times and always 100% satisfied. One order I sent chair covers and they made foam with batting wrap and mailed completed cushions back. They were best cushions I’ve ever had.

Holly J | Wa State

Aug 2023

Saggy sofa no more

I’m very happy with the quality of the replacement cushions I ordered. My sofa looks like new and its very comfortable.

Elisabeth W | Wf, Texas

Aug 2023

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