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Perfectly cut. Customer service could be better.

I ordered this foam after thoroughly reading the FO website. It came quickly and was PERFECTLY cut. Somebody even called to clarify my special instructions. My only wish is that they would have called me back as promised about a question that I had about some upholstery. Made some cushions for my vintage trailer. I wanted FO to make them but had to move forward with this project.

Brian M. | Pacifica, Ca

Apr 2021


Expensive, but well worth it. Chair looks better and is more comfortable. Thank you

Michael B | Louisville Ky

Apr 2021

Custom Cut Outdoor Foam – Excellent!

Replacing my outdoor cushion foam was easier then I thought. The measuring instructional video was all I needed. Foam arrived on time and fit perfectly. A much more economical option than replacing my entire set of cushions, especially since the covers were still in very good shape.

Jim | Lancaster, Pa

Apr 2021

just perfect

The custom foam pieces I ordered came on time and were exactly as described online. They worked perfectly for the cushions I was making.

Susan | Spicewood, Texas

Apr 2021

Surprisely everything fit!

It worked perfectly. I was skeptical about sending measurements online, but the inserts fit beautifully and we have a brand new sofa and love seat!

Theresa C | East Hampton, Ny

Apr 2021

Very Pleased

After receiving excellent information on the phone I was able to choose a foam that served my needs perfectly. It was cut just as ordered and arrived in a timely fashion. This the second time I have purchased foam from Foamorder and I have been pleased both times.

Johnn | 02852

Apr 2021

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