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Excellent latex foam

Very professional from start to finish. Glad that I was advised to switch to organic latex. Company was very flexible in handling my custom made cut to an Asian King size bed. Price is very reasonable for the quality of the latex foam and organic cotton cover.

Ld | 89012

Jan 2020

Fit is perfect

Fit is perfect and much more comfortable

Kathy G | Oak Ridge, Nc

Jan 2020

Great quality items!

I bought my dogs a custom bed so I purchased a foam bed. However I made the mistake to not cover it and it was almost destroyed. The customer service person helped me find the best fit and now they love it! They have not destroyed it. They treat it as a mattress.

Veronica M | Midland, Tx

Jan 2020

Great customer service and product

We are so pleased with our cushion, and customer service correspondence. 5 stars!

Michelle | Bedford, Nh

Jan 2020

It is rare these days to see service at this level of care!

I ordered a large (66 inch wide) custom foam cushion, dacron book-wrapped, as a window seat. Foamorder’s work was perfect in fit to the exact measurements and in quality of the construction and finish. I can’t emphasize enough the excellence of their product and workmanship. It is rare these days to see service at this level of care! I sewed two cover(s) for the window seat because two granddaughters attended two different colleges, and honoring each was a must! Photo “VaTech” shows the first cover, for Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Photo “Covering” shows the James Madison University cover being pulled over the cushion. Photo “JMU” shows the cushion with the James Madison University cover in place. Now, depending on which granddaughter is visiting at home, their Mom can have the appropriate seat cushion cover on display! I’ve placed another order for a cushion for a second window seat, and know the product will be exactly what I want.

M.a. | Annandale, Va

Jan 2020

Great new cushions inserts

Great new cushion insert and fast turnaround and customer support.

Kevin D | West Islip, Ny

Jan 2020

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