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Great product

I am currently using this as a replacement for the standard EVA foam cosplayers use. I needed something stiffer but still easily cut. This product is exactly what I've been needing. The shipment came in on time, a few minor pockets on some sheets, to be expected. Overall I may always decide to use this material in the future.

Krueger_cosplays | Pearland, Tx

Sep 2019

Perfect fit

Working with Foam Order ro replace one of our cushions was quite easy. Between the information on their website, a YouTube Video and corresponding with customer service we were able to verify our measurements were correct and that we were ordering the right foam for our application.

Tom B. | Pittsburgh, Pa

Sep 2019

High Quality, Quick Delivery

It was easy to order and I liked the choice of materials and firmnesses. The cushions arrived sooner than I expected and were packaged very professionally. Our furniture now has a new lease on life, and we'll be refurbishing some other pieces now soon.

Tg | Arizona

Sep 2019

Just right!

I ordered these to put in the RV and they fit perfectly. The only thing I would do different is add an extra inch to the padding...I think I went with 4. But they're as advertised!

Miranda C | Alaska

Sep 2019


Loved the cushion we ordered. Very well made. The price did add up, with all the extras, but it was worth it.

Im | Three Rivers, Michigan

Sep 2019

Great cushion replacement !

Cushion replacement for living room sofa. The measurement and firmness of the cushion replacement order was perfect!

Mc | Dmv

Sep 2019

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