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Helpful video for measuring and product information. Good service & delivery. Very happy with my order!

Replacement foam cushion for living room chair.

Margaret E. | 80234

Jul 2020

Very happy with my new cushions!

I ordered new cushions in a couch and loveseat as they were old and too soft. The new ones are perfect. I love the furniture now.

Sharon | Incline Village Nv

Jul 2020

Simple-Easy Online Ordering

Online ordering the couch cushion foam was very easy. The online help videos were great and the chat with an agent feature worked superb. Unfortunately, the received products were not well done. Two cushions had foam half and inch thinner than I ordered and one cushion was cut about one inch short on all sides. I contacted the company and they assured me future orders would be right.

Dk | Missouri

Jul 2020

Customer Service

Terrible communications with customer. Never could find out when my purchase would be finished. Finally decided to cancel the order. After cancelling suddenly I get a call (finally) that the mattress was ready for shipment. It took over 3 months for the order to be completed.

Bill R | 21601

Jul 2020

Extra-firm indeed EXTRA-firm

My fault. I ordered extra-firm. Overkill, since my present sofa was much too soft. In any event, I couldn't handle it for more than twenty minutes. Put it out with the trash. On that basis, I would not give a (starred) rating, but this (mechanical) site insists on one.

John S | Kennett Square, Pa 19348

Jul 2020

So happy with my order!

I am making cushions for a vintage rod iron Sofia! The foam was cut perfectly and is just what I wanted!

Kt | South Portland, Maine

Jul 2020

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