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Custom cut memory foam

The process in ordering the foam was very smooth and easy. The foam arrived quick. My leather chair looks good as new.

Dan | Palm Beach,florida

Sep 2021

Easy to order, arrived quickly, worked great

Because of the pandemic, I have sat the hell out of my couch cushions and they had become pretty flat. Not wanting to buy a new couch I decided to buy new cushions inserts instead. Following the instructions on the website, I measured the size of the covers and decided upon the firmness of the inserts. I was nervous that I'd screw it up, but they arrived about two weeks later, and they fit perfectly. It's like a whole new couch! Thank you!

Laurief | New York, Ny

Sep 2021

Exactly what I ordered

Fit is perfect AND they salvage the sofa/chaise for more years of use. Thanx

Pat S | 21919

Sep 2021

More firm than I hoped for

I thought I followed the recommendations for back couch cushions. I ended up with really firm cushions that aren’t cozy at all.

Kelly | Virginia

Sep 2021

Perfect Cut

I ordered a piece of foam to make a cushion for a window seat for my granddaughter. After buying a piece of foam at the local craft store and failing miserably at cutting it myself, I was very pleased to find a place for custom orders without a huge price tag. The foam in my order was of much nicer quality than that of the craft store. It arrived in bullet proof packaging, It was cut perfectly and in a reasonable amount of time. I just took it to her house and it fit perfectly. She loves it!

Beth L | Bealeton, Va

Sep 2021

Great product but no crown effect

The foam is nice and firm and was a great fit to replace two sunken cushions. The double wrap didn't really give a "crown" effect like the other cushions. Overall it meets expectations compared to what I had

Bc | Belgium

Sep 2021

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