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Window seat cushion

I love my new window seat cushion. I have waited 12 years to get a window seat cushion. After finding your website, it was so easy to order and buy my material. Thanks Foam Order folks. I love my window seat cushion. So does my cat!!

Karen | Kingsport Tn

Sep 2018

Great quality

Ordered a cushion for a large window seat. Cushion fit snugly inside fabric enclosure and everything looks high quality.

Nat | Indiana

Sep 2018

Just what I needed

I ordered these foam cushions for my dining room chairs. I needed them to be thicker than I could find locally and the chair seats were not square so I was going to have to try to cut them. They were cut perfectly to my measurements and shipped to me in about a week at a price i was expecting to pay for the non-custom cushions. Thank you so much!

Helen P. | Denham Springs, La

Sep 2018

The foam is very comfy...but...

I got a memory foam mattress pad for a very firm mattress. Now my bed is super comfortable. Perfect! Some issues I had/have: 1) I was told I could not pick the pad up at the Richmond warehouse because I couldn't fold or bend it, and it wouldn't fit in my car, so I opted for delivery (and paid extra) - it was delivered in a box, where it was rolled up. Kind of didn't make sense to me. 2) the pad is slightly bigger than my queen-size mattress, so it hangs over the mattress a little. I had to get new sheets with extra deep pockets, and I got a big fluffy comforter so that it hid the weirdly shaped mattress pad. Overall, I'm happy because my bed is very comfortable now. I think I probably would have been happier if I'd just gotten a better mattress from the start.

Rick K. | Richmond

Sep 2018

Amazing product !

The custom cut foam was exactly what I needed and did an amazing job ! I was extremely satisfied , it’s like I have a brand new couch , better than new !!! Thank you so so much !

Vinny C | Brooklyn Ny

Sep 2018

Closed Cell Foam EVA - Hobbies & Crafting!

Closed cell EVA foam is something I use frequently for making costumes and light weight flexible structural art. When utilized as art material it shapes well, bonds easily, and forms good structures. Pros: Durable, resists harsh winters and summer weather. Vital cosplay material. Cons: Over time it does get a little worn.

Jasmine A. | Rock Island, Illinois

Sep 2018

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