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It all worked great!!

I needed softer filling in my couch - with the great help of your team everything was great and solved my problem - thank you so much!!

Jo Ann S. | Cape Canaveral, Fl.

Jul 2021

Window seat cushion

This foam is amazing. I used it to make a window seat cushion for my new home. The foam has great support and firmness, wish some of my other furniture sat like this. My cushion is 83" long so I had to add a small piece to the end of the slab, the foam tac spray works very well.

Judy U. | Wilmington Nc

Jul 2021

Love the foam. Slow delivery.

It took a few weeks to receive this 1" thick foam sheet (~80x40). But it arrived in great shape, is exactly what we ordered, and makes camping delightful!

Papa G. | 45068

Jul 2021


Do NOT buy from this company! Awful experience. Paid a decent amount of money and waited for over a month for something called 'foam" that felt like a plywood sheet and smelled like a chemical factory. They were supposed to be couch replacement cushions, rock hard and still smell after a whole week went by. Even if I wanted to use them in spite of the smell, look, and feel, they don't even fit in my cushion covers, as they were not cut to size specifications. They refused to issue even a partial refund, citing "company policy". Well, either provide quality product and service, or give your customers your money back, and that should be your policy!

Natasha W. | Columbus, Oh

Jul 2021

Made my couch look brand new.

My wife wanted to get rid of our 25 year old leather couch. It was slouching down. She & our 70# bulldog sunk into the cushions and the back slumped down. The new seat cushions gave her the support she needed and the pillow stuffing we added to the back did the trick. It’s like a brand new couch for $4500 less than a new one would cost.

Jeff H | Starkville, Mississippi

Jul 2021

Very satisfied

We used these to help support old couch seat cushions.

Pap Lou | Port St Lucie Fl

Jul 2021

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