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Complete Satisfaction

Great job of custom cutting foam to exact pattern at reasonable price.

Andrea R | Marin County

Nov 2018


Used product to bring back the life to my couch!

Mrw | New York

Nov 2018

Great replacement cushions

We ordered 5 replacement sofa cushions. They were quickly shipped and the cushions are great.

Mike | Glen Mills, Pa

Nov 2018

Made a great dog bed! Soft yet supportive.

I was looking for foam without fire retardants to use for a dog bed. I bought this and cut in half and put the flat sides together to make a 6-inch high, 38" x 37.5" orthopedic dog bed. I used a sheet as a cover. I want to get more to replace the foam in the existing dog beds. I let the foam air out for a week to off-gas, but I can tell you I never did detect any odor. The foam was shipped rolled up and had three layers of plastic wrapping. It arrived dry and in excellent condition. I live in a rainy area so this was very much needed in order to arrive dry. They did such a thorough job of wrapping it that it took me awhile to unwrap; would have made a funny video. Maybe next time I'll record this. I would definitely order again.

Judy | Louisiana

Nov 2018

Made sofa so much better!

I bought replacement cushions for a year old love seat that never was great due to the cushions not being firm enough. Furniture company did nothing so I had to fix the issue, these cushions were exactly what was needed!

Laura T | Supply, Nc

Nov 2018

Good fit and process but ...

Replaced two wing chair seat cushions. They fit perfectly. The sales/measaurement process was good to ensure a good fit. My only disappointment is that, given the guarantee on the foam that I purchased, I expected them to be firmer than what I received. I've replaced cushions on chairs before and so based on that experience I thought that I was ordering a pretty firm cushion. Perhaps there is a better way to set the right expectations for consumers.

Jim D. | Pittsburgh Pa

Nov 2018

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