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Low quality foam

I bought foam that they recommended for covering the seats in one of my boats. It tore when I cut it with a sharp razor. It tore when I was putting it down with contact cement. It was just low quality foam. When I called customer service and complained they refused to do anything about it. I will tell everyone that I know not to buy foam from this company.

Gordon | N.c.

Jan 2021

User Friendly Experience

I used this website for replacement couch cushions. Website was very easy to use and gave great tutorials on how to purchase the correct items. Much higher quality and lower prices than competitors.

Andrew B | Indianapolis, In

Jan 2021


My brother & sister-in-law have long used an older 7ft long backpacking sleeping pad for cushioning in their kitchen, due to health/ pain problems both have. It was decades old & falling apart. We ordered this to replace their existing pad. They say that it's working great. For folks with foot pain or needing to stand for long periods on hard surfaces (like, while working in a kitchen), this was a good solution.

Becky D | Goleta, Ca

Jan 2021

Worst Customer I have ever experienced.

I ordered a custom seat cushion and cover to be made by FoamOrder. I did not realize the cushion itself had not been ordered with the cover so I attempted to contact customer service to order the insert. After two months of repeated requests both via email and phone with no return response I ordered an entire sheet of foam to cut the insert myself. After 3 weeks with no contact to pick up the sheet of foam, I drove to their warehouse to pick it up. After an hour they finally came up with the product. I had a similar experience with them last year but thought it was fluke and decided to give them another try. I would go anywhere else but here, they have the worst customer service I have ever encountered.

Anne, A. | Napa, Ca

Jan 2021

order recieved and everything fits as planned

i appreciate the helpful information on the website in making decisions regarding replacement of warn out cushions. I was able to use my old foam and replace the feather wrap and get a really nice plump fresh look.

Karen B | Philo Ca

Jan 2021

DIY Leather sofa / Chair made easier

ordered on line , confirmed and asked questions on the phone , foam arrived in a timely fashion [ during covid 19 recent unpleasantness ] product arrived as described , was impressed and relived by ease of instillation- without anxiety

Brian K | Bremerton, Washington

Jan 2021

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