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Cushions are for bench seating in daytime and sleeping at night in a camper conversion. The custom covers are expertly sewn and fit like a glove. Customer service is excellent.

Susan D | Brookline Ma

Jun 2024

Great outcome from a first-time foam order customer

I replaced the cushion filling for a sofa, chair, and rocker from Summer Classics. I used 6" foam and once I saw how sturdy it was, I might have wished to use 4" or 5" with a thick batting pad on both sides. They are pretty firm, but that's a huge improvement from the mushy, collapsed, worn out old cushions. They will settle down and we will get used to them. The foam carving knife is great; do buy some spray silicone (Slip & Slide) to keep it from getting sticky in the foam. The adhesive spray worked well for attaching the batting. One place in Foam Order's info suggested the silicone spray to help the cushion filling packets slide in, particularly when a pretty tight fit. Best idea ever!!!

Liz F | Santa Rosa, Ca

Jun 2024

Good service and quality products

Special ordered foam for sofa. Foam was precisely cut to supplied template. It is a quality product and there are several foam densities to choose from. I selected the V44. It is dense which I like, but most would prefer softer.

Adb | Pennsylvania

Jun 2024

Couch cushion

Your process enabled me to find the replacement I need without having to go and buy a new couch. While my choice was not inexpensive, it is comfortable and should last me several years.

Dave R. | New Hampshire

Jun 2024

perfect size and firmness

for middle couch cushion

Sara B | Boulder, Co

Jun 2024

Great product, Very very happy

I replaced my old saggy sofa seat foam with foamorder firm foam and I'm very happy with the product, foam is cut in exact size and it's so comfortable it's my favorite seat now.

Ib | 94087

Jun 2024

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