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Excellent Product

The foam order came in reasonable time. We were very pleased with the cushions. They fit perfectly and once we put them inside the upholstered seat cover my couch looks and feels brand new! Thank you!

Judy B. | Cedar Rapids, Ia

Mar 2019

Couch foam pad

I bought these to replace the foams in my old couch. The old foams had collapsed so when my guests sat on them they sunk down and made them felt like their weight caused the chair cushions to go flat :-). The foams came just as described and fit perfectly.

Td | Austin, Tx

Mar 2019


The cushion turned out great. Didn't take near as long as they said it would. Got my order faster than I thought I would. I'm using it on a hide -a- bed. It is a bit thick and I do sit up higher than I was before, but that's ok. The new cushion is so much better. If I ever need to in the future I would order from this company again. Do recommend.

Helen O. | Tacoma, Wa.

Mar 2019

Couch cushion

Ordered the foam as a replacement for a couch cushion we have that got a permanent dent in it. Foam appears to be a good quality and the firmness is great but we have had it about a month and it’s starting to get a dent too. I was hoping it would have been stronger since it said it was a 15 year foam. It’s a lot better than what we had though and we are able to use the cushion again.

Kara G | Horsham, Pa

Mar 2019

Awesome All Around!

Customer service was excellent. Foam pieces were cut to perfection and was totally surprised that L shape wasn’t glued! Foam pieces fit like a gloves and couldn’t been any happier. Thank you!

Thehayeks | Mission Viejo, Ca

Mar 2019

Glorious relief for torn rotator cuffs and bad back!

Whereas I was a bit hasty in purchasing the organic cotton cover for my topper, I'm crossing my fingers it won't shrink when washed. :( However I can't say enough good things about the latex mattress topper itself. Truly it has been a God-send for I'm handicapped and sleep on a home hospital bed. The bed came with their top mattress but even so my two torn rotator cuffs and bad back found no comfort-at all. The topper has afforded me true relief and the best sleep I've had in over 3 yrs. Word to those with hospital beds; you NEED this 2.9 Twin XL topper. Just wish I could've afforded to have the 42" wide custom made. But even with the regular width Twin XL, it wasn't all that much too short in width. Thanks FoamOrder for your fast delivery!

Cissy | Rockwall, Tx

Mar 2019

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