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Love the quality. No chemical smell. Just wish the cushions were more affordable.

I've been replacing my cushions one by one only because they are so expensive. But the quality is fantastic and worth it to not have the harmful voc's that come with other types of cushions. One day I'll have my entire sofa's cushions replaced.

S. | Sarasota, Fl

Nov 2020

Happy With Our Foam Order

It was easy to order and the foam arrived after a few days. The measurements were exact and so it was easy to switch it out with our old foam.

Tom | Long Beach

Nov 2020

My favorite chair is like new.

My favorite chair is like new. I was considering replacing it but the upholstery was in great shape. Ordered and got new cushion. Very pleased

Nancy B | Troy, Alabama

Nov 2020

Great bench cushion

I love my new bench cushion. It looks great and it is nice and firm. Good quality.

Tina | Campbell, Ca

Nov 2020

My Beloved Sofa Is New Again

Delighted I don't have to replace my sofa. The structure is fine, but the seat cushions lost their cush. I was a little concerned about getting measurements right – the cushions have ears that wrap in front of the arms. I carefully followed the instructions for ordering. The filler foam arrived perfect. Couldn't be happier.

Mike D | Atlanta

Nov 2020

Custom cut foam was a perfect fit!!

I purchased my custom cut foam piece to replace a couch cushion insert after a doggy accident. I measured the original cushion, placed my order and hoped for the best. I am so impressed that the replacement piece fits so perfectly AND it's great quality!! Thank you! I would definitely order again!

Tami K | Milwaukee, Wi

Nov 2020

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