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I use this for a cover on my product as well as for camo in using the product, it also is an insulating factor for battery life. So it is just more than eye appeal for my product. I have been using this company for many years to supply my covers, however I do wish they would carry more designs of camo to help increase my designs.

Thomas Whiting | Magna, Ut

Aug 2019

Awesome product

Bought this to make a tabletop game mat. Cuts easy with a pair of Fiskars. The results speak for themselves.

Don M | Baltimore, Md

Aug 2019

Very Helpful Customer Service

A recent order came in incorrect. I reached out to customer service and they were very helpful and submitted the corrected order the same day. The materials and customer service is great from FoamOrder. The lead time can be annoying, however. I always call ahead to check stock as they recommend, and even though all the materials are in stock it always takes over a week to arrive even though I'm located only 10 miles from their warehouse. So order well in advance.

Russ | Berkeley

May 2019

Terrible delivery and customers service

I wouldn't ever use this company again, it took days of calling and recalling to get them to deliver the two pieces of black neoprene. I was told over and over that they would call back and they never did. Finally after a few weeks after the proposed delivery date the last roll of material showed up (and I called in as suggested to confirm in-stock status of materials when ordering) They never did what they said on the phone, no call back, no delivery when indocated no follow thru. In the days of AMAZON these guys wont last for mail order.

Ag | Stockton

May 2019

Always helpful

We purchase neoprene sheeting to use as protective padding in our dog leads. Product has always been consistent in color, size and quality.

Robb | Walled Lake Mi

Apr 2019

Amazing quality and sales rep!

Huge thanks to sales rep. Della for helping us find the neoprene we need in a timely fashion. Great vendor and product quality!

Ying | Los Angeles, Ca

Apr 2019

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