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Always helpful

We purchase neoprene sheeting to use as protective padding in our dog leads. Product has always been consistent in color, size and quality.

Robb | Walled Lake Mi

Apr 2019

Amazing quality and sales rep!

Huge thanks to sales rep. Della for helping us find the neoprene we need in a timely fashion. Great vendor and product quality!

Ying | Los Angeles, Ca

Apr 2019

Great product shipped fast

I used this for a gaming table it looks amazing and was very easy to work with I have only one complaint it has a depression that I cant seem to work out other than that its great

Andrew | Rochester Ny

Mar 2019

Good Product - Terrible timeline

I ordered this product on Jan 17 and received in on Mar 4. That is 46 days. I essentially lost a client because of the timeline. Game table turned out nice.

Shane S | Winnipeg, Canada

Mar 2019

Great game table lining

I use this as a mat over the surface of my custom game table. I left the sheet flat on the floor for a few days to settle, then measured carefully with a straight edge and a square. I used chalk to mark my cutting lines, then some good scissors to cut down the line. I'd heard that there's some shrinkage normally, so I left an extra 1/4 inch along each dimension. When I put the sheet into the game table it was a little wavy at first due to the extra size, but it quickly settled out flat within 30 minutes. It's absolutely wonderful for playing board games on!

Chris | Austin, Tx

Mar 2019

Sent wrong Product

They sent the wrong product, however they were quick to address the problem.

Micah B | San Marcos Ca

Dec 2018

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