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Sent wrong Product

They sent the wrong product, however they were quick to address the problem.

Micah B | San Marcos Ca

Dec 2018

3mm Neoprene, fabric back and front

The product performs as expected, however, the shipping cost was exorbitant. The shipping was more than 50% of the product price. Also, the order took 7 business days to process, although it was in stock.

Stuart A | Greater Cincinnati

Oct 2018

excellent for gaming table

I ordered this for my gaming table. It’s a 5 mm i bought (not a 3 mm). Just enough firmnest for standies and miniatures to stay straight, just enough softness to pick up cards and muffle dice sound. The nylon exterior sheets provides the righ texture so cards dont slide too much when dealt and neither stick to bare neoprene when it’s time to gather them. Easy to cut with a sharp knife.

Max | Quebec, Canada

Aug 2018

Honesty is alive in the world of foam!

An honest product description and a great value. I’d gladly do business with them in the future

Jimmy | Orange County, Ca

Jul 2018

great material

I use the product for upper extremity harness's for prosthetics.

Jim | San Jose ,ca

Jun 2018

Great company and product

We build custom shock covers for race cars, this product holds up great. We have not had any issues with them even in the extreme enviroment they are exposed to. We purchase this neoprene by the rolls and if the company is ever short on my orders the issue is handled very quickly with a phone call or e-mail.

Terri | Shreveport, La

May 2018

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