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Smaller than expected

I read previously to ordering, "Note that due to manufacturing variances, sheets can be as small as 50 in wide and 80 in long.", and it ended up being 49" wide, which is too small for my use.

Michael T. | Usa

Sep 2021

Questionable phone response and stock inventory.

Left several phone messages regarding product inquiries but only the initial call was returned. Not impressed with time it took to restock inventory either. Eventual purchase of neoprene product itself served its purpose and seems satisfactory.

. | .

May 2021

Back side not so sticky

I got a full sheet of foam and it came within the scheduled window of time, thank you for that. The sheet is in great shape and looks amazing, thank you for that. I got the back side of my sheet with adhesive already on it so make the job I was using it for go much easier. It will be the palling surface of my new card table. I cut a template then used it to cut the foam. Everything is going great I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Then two days after it’s set the foam has started to give way to its elasticity and the backing just doesn’t have the staying power to hold up. Wish it was more sticky than it is. Now I will have to figure out a way to now pull it back into place and get it to stick. The feel of the foam with the nylon fabric is perfect. Just wish the back side was able to hold up.

Don | Carmel, In

Apr 2021

Solid product; great customer service

Needed a neoprene sheet for our new game table but wasn't sure of dimensions. Customer service did a great job assisting me pick the right size. Table turned out great. Love the color!

Nico F. | Florida

Mar 2021

Great Product

Got a sheet of beige nylon-backed neoprene. Product arrived in great condition and in a timely manner. They did not have the color I wanted in stock, but what I did get was a stellar product to cover our board-gaming table. Will definitely buy more in the future.

S Neuburger | San Antonio, Tx

Feb 2021

Exactly what I needed

I bought a 4 mm black foam with nylon as a Christmas gift. We play a lot (let me say that again- a lot) of games. Since we don’t have a dedicated game table we use this as a topper on our dining room table. This has made a fantastic gaming surface. Easy to pick up cards, great for rolling dice, great for seeing was a great purchase. My only complaint is that it took it a long time to ship but it did get here in time and this year all shipping was slow.

Bbarreda | Fullerton

Jan 2021

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