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Exactly what I needed

I bought a 4 mm black foam with nylon as a Christmas gift. We play a lot (let me say that again- a lot) of games. Since we don’t have a dedicated game table we use this as a topper on our dining room table. This has made a fantastic gaming surface. Easy to pick up cards, great for rolling dice, great for seeing was a great purchase. My only complaint is that it took it a long time to ship but it did get here in time and this year all shipping was slow.

Bbarreda | Fullerton

Jan 2021

Perfect for gaming.

We bought a sheet to cover our table for gaming. It's perfect.

Chuck L. | Moon

Jan 2021

Good material, but ragged edges

Bought this as a surface for a gaming table. Edges were ragged, with lots of overhanging nylon. Needed a lot of trimming which then left me with a smaller sheet than expected.

Lm | Massachusetts

Dec 2020


Love it! I cut the foam to use as a board gaming surface on my dining room table, and it is FANTASTIC. The price was fair, and delivery was speedy. Would definitely order again.

Ccr | Moncton, Nb, Canada

Nov 2020

Great product just what I needed

Using on a custom made board game table, navy blue works great with my nautical/pirate theme.

Thomas P. | Denver Co

Nov 2020

Product is exactly what I wanted

I live in Ontario Canada and wanted to build a custom board game table with a 4' x 6' neoprene top play surface. I couldn't find what I wanted anywhere except from foam order. The product is perfect, looks and feels great. It was delivered in a timely manner considering I live across the continent. My only complaint was the cost to get it here. By the time all the shipping, duty, brokerage and exchange fees were paid a $49.99 sheet of neoprene ended up costing me nearly $200. But even though it was more than I was hoping to spend it still finished off the table perfectly.

Michael P | Peterborough Ontario, Canada

Oct 2020

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