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Finally, some relief from a very bad back

I had ordered several mattresses from various companies on the internet over the past several years, and finally, I got a good reference from my sister who had just received one of your mattresses. I thought I had found better deals with the mattresses I was using, but it didn't take long before I realized the "memory foam mattresses all had a memory for the dip in the middle. It was impossible for me to get any comfort, even with expensive mattress toppers. I hadn't had a full night's sleep in almost ten years! When my sister told me about FOAMORDER, I gambled and placed an order for one of your dense foam mattresses. To my great relief (literally), your mattress arrived very quickly, and for the first time since some agonizing spinal fusion surgery, I slept all night long without having to reach for pain pills in the middle of the night. I want to thank you for having the real deal when it comes to dense foam mattresses.

Tom S. | Arcata, Ca

Aug 2021

Custom made for my 3878 Bayliner RV

My wife loves it, need I say More.

James E | Martinez Cal.

Feb 2021

Purchased a piece of EverFlex foam and it seems to be a high-quality foam as advertised

I ordered a piece of Everflex foam to replace a high-density base layer I've been sleeping on for over 20 years (I have three other latex layers above this piece). I requested specific dimensions that would fit my full-size chest bed. The piece that arrived was exactly the length and width I'd ordered but a bit thinner (I ordered 3.5" thickness and it was closer to 3.25"). Nonetheless it's working out just fine. One note is that it took nearly 12 hours for the foam to expand to normal size after being squeezed into the shipping box. The foam smell was quite potent when I unboxed the foam but dissipated within 24 hours and was gone within a day or two. So overall I'm glad that I ordered this foam and am satisfied with the quality.

Kathryn P. | Hercules, Ca

Jan 2021

Delivery Issues

Product is good but this time, it had some serious delivery issues.

Anurag M | San Jose, Ca

Oct 2020

Most comfortable mattress ive ever owned

Great experience with this company. Excellent informative website, and very good product. For decades i have been plagued with back problems from too soft expensive mattresses. Within a week of sleeping on my new extra hard foam mattress, the pain was gone. Additionally there was a mistake in shipping and a mattress cover was left out of my box. They immediately resolved the problem and sent it out separately. Great customer service.

John G | Ri

Aug 2020

Product and service met all expectations

I researched long and hard for these cushions and i am glad I went with Foam Order in the end. Their prices are truly competitive, their customer service was helpful and prompt and most importantly the product was exactly what they said it would be. They know their job well. From a technical perspective, I find EconoFlex C33 medium in an 8 inches thickness a little too firm but the kids had no problem sleeping on it.

Sabine H | Corte Madera, Ca

Jul 2020

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