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We got this foam mattress for a trundle bed for our grandchild. Very comfortable and I love the cotton cover!

Nancy S | Kitty Hawk, Nc

Mar 2022

Easy to order and comfy!

Website ordering was intuitive and simple. It came in a few weeks just as described and correctly sized. Just the right firmness for us. We replaced an old 3" foam mattress the came from the boat builder with a new EverFlex V44 Very Firm pad and Dacron Wrap. We cut it about 4 1/2" thick so it's a little thicker than the OEM, but still fits into the space. Using the old mattress we could feel the plywood bed frame. The new EverFlex insulates us from that and is almost as comfortable as our land-lover bed. Note, these mattresses come vacuum packed in a heavy plastic bag. Once you open that bag the mattress will begin to expand and not stop until full size. Expecting that we opened ours up in the sleeping quarters. Had we opened up outside, I'd still be wrestling to squeeze it into the cabin and perhaps not as fond of product. The cotton cover seems to be of durable quality. It does seem to be a bit loose fitting, but I just tucked the extra material down the edges. And what's with organic cotton? Who is eating this stuff? And does it matter once it's blended with non organic polyester (petroleum based synthetic fiber)? The good thing is that this blend is usually durable for recreational use as well as resistant to the dampness common to boats and campers. I'll book mark this site for next time we need boat cushions or a bed.

Miguel B | Cleveland Ohio

Mar 2022

Beautiful night sleep ☺️☺️

If you prefer a hard mattress, this the one for you. Received it yesterday and had a great night sleep.

Ahmed B. | Houston, Texas.

Mar 2022

Fabulous custom sized mattress!

We have an odd sized bed between single and double size. Linens were difficult to find so I needed a size closer to double, but just an inch different on both length and width. I am very happy with the finished mattress!

Ann R. | San Anselmo, Ca

Feb 2022

Good for bad back

We ordered a Very Firm mattress for my husband's bad back. He is very happy with the firmness and quality of sleep.

None | Ak

Jan 2022

Finally, some relief from a very bad back

I had ordered several mattresses from various companies on the internet over the past several years, and finally, I got a good reference from my sister who had just received one of your mattresses. I thought I had found better deals with the mattresses I was using, but it didn't take long before I realized the "memory foam mattresses all had a memory for the dip in the middle. It was impossible for me to get any comfort, even with expensive mattress toppers. I hadn't had a full night's sleep in almost ten years! When my sister told me about FOAMORDER, I gambled and placed an order for one of your dense foam mattresses. To my great relief (literally), your mattress arrived very quickly, and for the first time since some agonizing spinal fusion surgery, I slept all night long without having to reach for pain pills in the middle of the night. I want to thank you for having the real deal when it comes to dense foam mattresses.

Tom S. | Arcata, Ca

Aug 2021

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