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Frequently Asked Replacement Cushion Questions

How do I Measure Properly for Replacement Cushions?

  • Measure Between Seams: If possible, measure dimensions between the seams or between the cording of the case, with the foam inside.
  • Imagine A Seam If One Doesn’t Exist: If there are no seams and you need to eyeball your measurement, you’ll have to imagine the seam. The rounded sides are often caused by Dacron/polyester batting, so you don’t want to measure all the way to the edge. Instead, measure to just before the curvature of the fabric.

How thick should my replacement cushions be?

Most importantly, if you are ordering replacement cushions to fill existing cushion covers, the new foam should be the same dimensions and thickness of the original cushion. Use the existing cover to measure for proper thickness. When ordering softer foams (conventional EverFlex™ V34, V24 or EconoFlex™ C25, C33 foams), if your cushion is over 40 inches long, up to 120 inches long, order them 1/2 inch to 1 inch (1.3–2.6 cm) longer than you want. This will help them fill out the case nicely, since they are medium-softish and will compress during shipping. Keep in mind that soft foam is very flexible, so you don’t need to be overly worried about the foam being 1/4 to 1/2 inch too long or short.

Should I order dacron (polyester) batting for my replacement cushions?

We highly recommend adding Dacron batting to most replacement cushions. Dacron is a soft polyester filler that gives most seat cushions their common rounded look, and a bit of extra comfort. Most importantly, when ordering replacement indoor cushions, you want to replicate the construction of the cushions you are replacing. So, if they have two layers of dacron, re-order two layer of dacron. If the original cushions did not have any dacron, it is ok to add dacron, it won’t harm the new cushions from being able to fit into your existing cushion covers. For an over-stuffed look and feel, you can order double Dacron, or a down or polyester envelope for your cushion.

Order Thin: When ordering firm foam (conventional EverFlex™ V54 foam or EverFlex™ Rebond), order them 1/4 inch thinner than you want, and order the Dacron or double Dacron (suggested addition). These foams are firm and difficult to get into a case. The Dacron will fill out the cases nicely.

Get Help: If you need more help, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team, we’re always happy to help!

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November 2022
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“We ordered custom cut foam to replace the existing foam in our living room sofa, loveseat and chair. Assistance and advice from a FoamOrder employee gave us confidence in placing order. The order was delivered in a reasonable time and we really enjoy the comfort of our newly refreshed furniture.”
Lori C
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November 2022
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“My 30+ year old library sofa had seen better days, but because I’ve had it since college and because it’s buffalo leather I thought I’d give a go at stuffing it up back to its glory days. After measuring about 5 times and crossing my fingers, I placed my order and I simply couldn’t be happier! It’s as firm and comfortable as it was when new, and my afternoon nap thanks you!”
Vinnie M
Boston MA
November 2022

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