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The better you know foam, the more you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of high-quality cushions and mattresses. Our Foam Learning Center is where you can discover information about the foam, fabrics and other materials that go into your furniture. These guides and how-to’s cover numerous topics related to selecting high-quality foam and caring for it. We also have solutions for making your own cushions and covers. By providing these articles free of charge, we aim to help everyone make smarter choices for their comfort, their health and the environment.

We’ve divided the Learning Center into three departments to help you find the information you need. Our “Foam Improvement” section has articles about using foam to maximize comfort. This could mean going over how often to replace your mattress or outfitting RVs and sprinter vans for going on the road. The “DIY & How-To” section is for people interested in making their own cushions, hot tub covers and other items. There’s also advice on how to clean certain types of upholstery. In “Foam Utility”, we discuss the applications for different foam types — and in some cases, the potential dangers.

The experts on staff are always adding new articles and guides to the Learning Center. Oftentimes, they come in response to questions we regularly get from customers. If you want to follow up on any of the articles here or if you have a request for a future article, contact Monday-Friday. Browse these free articles any time and purchase the foam you need from our online store.

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