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Great foam. Slow shipping

Great foam. Easy to replace. Slow shipping!

Jason | Colfax, Nc

Feb 2020


The Down envelopes that I ordered were even better than I expected and I will certainly order again. Thank you providing such an excellent product.

Jonathan W | St. Louis Mo

Feb 2020

Very happy

Very happy with this purchase. Great quality and reasonable price.

Alison C | Arizona

Oct 2019


We needed to replace all 6 of the cushions on our couch. We replaced three down back pillow inserts with polyester and replaced the three seat cushions. Steve was extraordinarily helpful when I was ordering and then confirmed the order after he had received it. The entire job took less than 2 weeks. The quality of the work was excellent! Given that I was doing this on-line, I was nervous, but Foam Order came through beautifully. Watch their videos about how to measure accurately and talk to them on the phone about any questions you have. Highly recommend!

Vivien B | Illinois

Oct 2019

Envelopes made our couch look brand new!!

Our original down envelopes busted & we had to trash them. I procrastinated on ordering new ones because I was afraid my measurements wouldn’t be perfect. After waiting 2 years, I impulsively ordered new ones & I can’t believe that we let our couch look so saggy for such a long time! The envelopes are a perfect fit & completely restored our couch. The before & after pic speaks for itself! Thank you!

Kristi R | Roswell, Ga

Jun 2019

Foam and down cushion

I had my chair cushion replaced with foam filler and down. I am so happy with the results. My family now sits in the chair and doesn’t complain about sinking. I highly recommend Foamorder. I also loved having the ability to check the status of the order on line. If you ever need to replace your cushions this is the place to go.

Cyndi | Mill Valley

Jun 2019

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