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order recieved and everything fits as planned

i appreciate the helpful information on the website in making decisions regarding replacement of warn out cushions. I was able to use my old foam and replace the feather wrap and get a really nice plump fresh look.

Karen B | Philo Ca

Jan 2021

EverFlex V44 Firm foam

Excellent quality material.

Dean C | Valencia, Ca 91354

Jan 2021

Superior quality, we're delighted

My husband wanted to try replacing our couch cushions rather than buying new furniture. I wasn't thrilled with the idea but finally conceded. Measurement directions were clear and, surprisingly to me, the results were fantastic. Sitting on our couch now is noticeably more comfortable. It's like a new couch for 20% of the cost. Would absolutely recommend.

Mirk | Miami

Dec 2020

Love the quality. No chemical smell. Just wish the cushions were more affordable.

I've been replacing my cushions one by one only because they are so expensive. But the quality is fantastic and worth it to not have the harmful voc's that come with other types of cushions. One day I'll have my entire sofa's cushions replaced.

S. | Sarasota, Fl

Nov 2020

Very Pleased With This Company

I was about to give up on my cushions on the couch. The couch was pretty pricey and I hated to change it. The pillows were originally overstuffed with course feathers (stuck in my back) and very heavy. I then opted to get plain foam in them--big mistake. I was happy to discover this company which gave me total options as to replacing the pillow insert for my cushions. I ordered one for a test and it came out perfect. The fit was right on and the density pretty much what I wanted. I have ordered two more for the other cushions. Also, I called with questions at the beginning and the staff were so kind and helpful. Really impressed with them! Nice to have a place with so many options.

Beverly H | Colleyville, Texas

Oct 2020

Too stiff he

The cushion was supposed to be filled with foam and down...not sure what happened to the down because when you sit on the cushion it feels very hard. I don’t mind being charged for what I asked for.

Binda | Berlin, Maryland

Sep 2020

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