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Need to throw it away

Not at all what I thought I was ordering.

Larry | Bellevue, Wa

May 2022

EverFlex V44 Firm Foam

Very happy with the quality of the foam.

Barb L | Ny

May 2022

The receiving products were confused me for awhile but never the less the product id good and satified

the foam is very great

Lewis P | District Heights , Maryland

Mar 2022

Foam for making cushions

Best quality foam I have ever purchased! Using it for making two cushions!

Helen S | Atkinson, New Hampshire

Jan 2022

Couch doesn’t suck anymore

Replaced the foam in my couch. More work than I expected but I’m happy with the results. Way cheaper than having someone else do it. Glue wasn’t as sticky as I expected but it seems to work ok. Was disappointed with the hours in the Marin store but I made it work.

Rn | Sf

Sep 2021

Window seat cushion

This foam is amazing. I used it to make a window seat cushion for my new home. The foam has great support and firmness, wish some of my other furniture sat like this. My cushion is 83" long so I had to add a small piece to the end of the slab, the foam tac spray works very well.

Judy U. | Wilmington Nc

Jul 2021

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