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Couch doesn’t suck anymore

Replaced the foam in my couch. More work than I expected but I’m happy with the results. Way cheaper than having someone else do it. Glue wasn’t as sticky as I expected but it seems to work ok. Was disappointed with the hours in the Marin store but I made it work.

Rn | Sf

Sep 2021

Window seat cushion

This foam is amazing. I used it to make a window seat cushion for my new home. The foam has great support and firmness, wish some of my other furniture sat like this. My cushion is 83" long so I had to add a small piece to the end of the slab, the foam tac spray works very well.

Judy U. | Wilmington Nc

Jul 2021


refurbished upholstery and the pieces fit perfectly

Harry Homeowner | Kentucky

May 2021

Re upholstery foam

I am attempting to reupholster an old couch and the foam order website was really helpful in detailing which foams are used for different uses as well as informing me on what width I needed. Will definitely be my go to for future foam needs...

Kelly | San Jose

Feb 2021

Worst Customer I have ever experienced.

I ordered a custom seat cushion and cover to be made by FoamOrder. I did not realize the cushion itself had not been ordered with the cover so I attempted to contact customer service to order the insert. After two months of repeated requests both via email and phone with no return response I ordered an entire sheet of foam to cut the insert myself. After 3 weeks with no contact to pick up the sheet of foam, I drove to their warehouse to pick it up. After an hour they finally came up with the product. I had a similar experience with them last year but thought it was fluke and decided to give them another try. I would go anywhere else but here, they have the worst customer service I have ever encountered.

Anne, A. | Napa, Ca

Jan 2021


I mean, it's foam, but the width varied almost an inch from each end, it started at 24 on one end, then was down to almost 23 at the other. Then cut ends are also VERY aggresive, almost sharp. I had to trim them off. Customer service was exceptionally slow, even dealing with COVID. It took over a week to get a response.

Koleather | Salt Lake City, Ut

Oct 2020

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