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Revitalized my old leather furniture

Reconditioned all of my leather couch cushions with a firmer foam. Happy customer. I called them to discuss choosing the right foam and they were very helpful. They also had great videos on their website to guide you along.

Dale B | Madisonville, Louisiana

Jul 2019

Mission Accomplished

The foam was used to supplement the existing foam in the bottom sofa cushions. Although it was a bit of a struggle to push the foam smoothly inside (should have ordered half inch thickness as opposed to the one inch), the cushions look and feel like new couch cushions. The sagging and creases have disappeared. I am very pleased with the results.

Judy F | Queens. Ny

May 2019

Good foam

Seems like decent quality, only time will tell. It was cut 1/2 inch short in one dimension that I ordered, didn't mess up my project. When installing it inside the cover, the foam ripped in a place. Not sure if that is normal or a sign of weak foam.

Aaroncompnetsys | Cincinnati, Ohio

May 2019

Exactly as expected

The foam was for a pair of MCM couches I'm reupholstering and was exactly what I expected. Shipped in a timely manner within projected time frame.

Km | Fort Collins, Co

Apr 2019

So Close to 5 Star...

Quality of products ordered was outstanding, and live chat support for questions we had when we started our project was excellent. The only fault found was with the sluggish processing/shipping time. We had a generic two week time frame listed on the order status web page, but our order took closer to 6 weeks to reach us. That seemed slow since we ordered regular stock items and nothing custom. This was the only thing that kept the rating at 4 stars instead of 5. We would definitely refer others, as well as use again.

Julie A. | Cheyenne, Wy

Jan 2019

Custom cut cushions excellent

I ordered replacement cushions for two old chairs. The cushions arrived on time and were cut perfectly to the requested size. I also appreciate that all four cushions arrived in one rather small box and then poofed up to their actual size within a few hours. I will be a returning customer!

Alarson | Madison, Wi

Dec 2018

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