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Custom Boat Cushions

Custom circular boat cushions at a table on a large boat

Select Your Custom Boat Cushion Shape

Don’t see the shape you need? No problem. Just choose “Pattern Shape” to make your own pattern and send it to us to cut to your exact pattern specifications.

Frequently Asked Boat Cushion Questions

Can I order a hinged boat cushion?

You sure can! At FoamOrder, we’ve been helping boat owners create and replace custom cushions for over 20 years. Just let us know how you’d like your hinge and we’ll make sure we get it right. Boat cushions with a hinge make it easy to access storage under v berths. Contact our customer service team with help if needed.

Boat cushion cover with a simple fabric hinge

Simple Fabric Hinge

Quilted top hinge on a boat cushion
Boat cushion with a quilted top hinge folded in half

Quilted Top Hinge

How do I make a custom pattern for my boat cushions?

Most boat cushions will match one of the shapes above and will not require a pattern. However, if your boat requires cushions in a non-standard shape, here are the steps to creating a pattern:

To begin, take a minute and review how your existing boat cushions look. This is your chance to correct any gaps and make improvements. Next, using paper, plastic, or fabric to make the pattern, simply cut your pattern to the exact sized desired. The more precise the pattern you provide will result in a more exact fitting boat cushion. Please mark on your pattern “This side up” and which side(s) should be used for zipper placement and stripe direction. Keep in mind that most large v-berths work best with a zipper wrapping around three sides. Always mark the pattern for zipper placement on the hull side. Finally, if your boat cushions require a bevel, it works best if you provide a pattern for both the top and the bottom of the cushion. Or, you can write on the pattern the different size of the bevel in each area.

For a price quote, use the pattern shape and enter in the largest dimensions (thickness, length, and width) from your old boat cushions. As always, our experts in customer service are standing by to answer any questions or help you through the ordering process.

Beveled Boat Cushion

Do You Make Boat Cockpit Cushions?

We have over 20 years of experience making custom cockpit cushions for any boat. Just give us the dimensions of your boat cockpit cushions and we’ll cut them to your exact specifications. You can look them up online or in your boat’s manual, or trace a pattern for us. Boat cockpit cushions can be made from three types of foam: traditional polyurethane indoor foam, dry-fast (reticulated) outdoor foam, or Flotex closed cell flotation foam. By clicking a shape above and then entering dimensions, you’ll receive a quote.

Can you make boat cushions with beveled edges?

We can add a bevel to your boat cushions to match the contour of your boat. Simply enter the dimensions of the top (larger dimensions) after choosing one of the shapes above and add a comment in the shopping cart specifying the bevel instructions. If your beveled boat cushions are a bit more complicated and require a pattern, read the beveled pattern procedures in the “How do I make a custom pattern...” FAQ above.

Boat Cushion and Mattress Maintenance

Boat interiors are frequently moist. This moisture gets trapped between your cushions or mattress and the boards below. To help avoid problems with mold or mildew, air your mattresses or cushions outside in the sun every couple of days but don’t remove the covers. When you are not using your boat, store your mattresses or cushions vertically in the aisle. For added protection, you can sprinkle anti-fungal powder (found in most drug stores) on the platforms below your mattress or cushions, as well as on the bottom side of the cushions.

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5/5 stars5/5 stars
An excellent, comfortable boat mattress
“An excellent, comfortable mattress cut to custom specifications for my sailboat cabin. I received thoughtful and helpful advice from the customer service staff when ordering my mattress and extensive, perhaps one too many calls/emails follow-up.”
Glyn V.
New York
April 2023
5/5 stars5/5 stars
Perfect fit, very comfy
“Changed up the aft berth in my boat, the new foam cushion is super comfortable and fit the space perfectly!”
Josh M
Houston TX
October 2022
5/5 stars5/5 stars
Great Service and Superior Craftsmanship
“I spoke with Steve at Foam Order many times prior to placing my order. Steve was super helpful and understood my questions pertaining to our sailboat and trying to recreate replacement cushions. The website was similarly very helpful, lots of good tips.”
Julia N
Peaks Island, Maine
April 2022

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