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About Us

FoamOrder.com, a custom cushion and foam products manufacturing company, provides consumers with both traditional polyurethane and safe and all natural, organic, alternatives to traditional cushions and mattresses, as well as a wide range of consumer and industrial foam products.

FoamOrder.com provides its indoor and outdoor cushion products and services direct to homeowners through its manufacturing facility in northern California and via its website, www.foamorder.com. The website provides ecommerce capabilities that allow for immediate quotes and detailed specifics for visitors to learn, compare, and purchase the products that best suit their needs.

In addition to our direct-to-consumer ecommerce business, we also provide custom indoor and outdoor cushion solutions to large customers in the hospitality industry, including The Four Seasons, Marriott, The Ritz-Carlton, and many other leading hotel and resort customers.

FoamOrder.com provides welcoming, friendly customer service representatives to handle inquiries on new and existing orders. We are a family-run company with original roots in the upholstery business. The company started as David Rostov Upholstery Supplies, Inc. in 1950. With more than a half-century of family experience in the industry, FoamOrder.com has grown to become THE premier resource for businesses and consumers to find the best selection of custom foam products available in the marketplace.

In support of a healthy environment, the company is committed to green technology advancements. This is demonstrated by our handling of products—all shipments are compressed to take up the least amount of truck space necessary. In addition to offering a full range of organic foam solutions, the company does not sell any Styrofoam or related products; and customers are able to purchase completely recyclable product lines.

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Headquarters/Manufacturing: 3455 Collins Ave, Richmond CA 94806
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