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Helps relieve pain!

I have Reflex Sympathetically Dystrophy AKA Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in my upper extremities, especially my hands, which can have extreme burning and pain on touch. I also have chronic neck pain. This is my second order of twin size quality memory foam mattress pad from FOAM ORDER that has been a lifesaver! We cut it up to make arm pillows for sleeping that I can lay flat to create just the right amount of softness or fold in half so my hands are more elevated. It's so soft and has the perfect density. I cover them with quality soft pillow cases. Definitely helps to relieve pain. Most of the time I cannot put my arms directly on the bed to sleep without them. We also cut a section to fold in half for a head pillow for sleeping - I roll up the end under my neck and it helps with neck pain and keeps my neck in a better position. I've tried countless expensive pillows, none which helped and seem to aggravate my neck. I also use about 6 by 8 inches covered for a little lumbar support. I tried many other foams from stores that never worked the same as this memory foam mattress pad. Thank you so much FOAM ORDER!!! I also recommended your company to my daughter and she has ordered a couple of mattress toppers from you. :)

Nora C. | Santa Clarita, Ca

Jul 2020

Extremely pleased!

Item was excellent. My granddaughter is sleeping well on the custom mattress for her bassinet I made her. Thank you! Will be contacting you again for more products.

John | Modesto Ca

Jun 2020


This is an amazing inn comfortable and beautiful. Custom mattress. I was blown away by the quality. Many thanks to the salesmen, who suggested I go this route. I did not realize being cramp in a truck cabin at 350 plus pounds could be so comfortable. I most definitely will order again. However I have feeling, this one will last quite a while!!!

H.r | Seattle

May 2020

4"/10mm Latex Medium Density Bed Topper

I purchased a spring bed with medium stiff springs and a Euro top, but I found the springs still created pressure points on my hips. The bed manufacturer assisted with an additional piece of foam and a "Super Pillow Top." But the springs still dug into my hips. I need a strong enough spring resistance to keep my spine straight to avoid lower back pain. Now, I have been using my Foamorder 4" Natural Latex Medium Density Bed Topper with a 60/40 cover for several weeks. I find that I can stay in the bed 8 hours without discomfort. Whereas previously, 6 hours was a painful maximum. In sum, it appears to be doing the job that I intend it to do. I'm no particular fan of a bed where the surface is high off the floor. I compensated by ditching the 5" box springs after a week of testing and I replaced the box spring unit with mattress support slats that I used zip-ties to hold in place. So, I rate this purchase with 4 stars. I probably should have used 5, but that can appear rushed and disingenuous. I was pleased with the order turn around time. I think that it took around 2 weeks for delivery. Of course, the box was a bit heavy. So, exercise caution when handling and get help if you have back issues.

Russ G. | Atlanta, Ga

Mar 2020

Best Bed Ever

We love our new beds, their firmness and perfect fit!

Cheri B. | Miami

Mar 2020

Very Comfortable Bed Foam

The memory foam on top of a firm regular foam is the most comfortable bed I have ever owned. Thank you !

Steven S | Sf

Mar 2020

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