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Made a great dog bed! Soft yet supportive.

I was looking for foam without fire retardants to use for a dog bed. I bought this and cut in half and put the flat sides together to make a 6-inch high, 38" x 37.5" orthopedic dog bed. I used a sheet as a cover. I want to get more to replace the foam in the existing dog beds. I let the foam air out for a week to off-gas, but I can tell you I never did detect any odor. The foam was shipped rolled up and had three layers of plastic wrapping. It arrived dry and in excellent condition. I live in a rainy area so this was very much needed in order to arrive dry. They did such a thorough job of wrapping it that it took me awhile to unwrap; would have made a funny video. Maybe next time I'll record this. I would definitely order again.

Judy | Louisiana

Nov 2018

My 1 Inch 5.3 lb memory foam topper is PERFECT!

I bought a very hard memory foam mattress from another company. I actually really like the mattress but it is just a little bit too hard so I picked up this 1 inch topper to soften it up just a touch. This really is a 5.3 lb density topper. It's heavy and extremely high quality. It also gave the perfect amount of softness without sinking in. I highly recommend

Robert | Salt Lake City

Nov 2018

Exceeded My Expectations

Ordered a foam cushion for my leather couch. Great quality cover. Would definitely shop here again.

Michael Burke | Sunrise, Florida

Oct 2018

Quality foam pad and cover

I purchased the twin 3" natural latex pad with 40/60 cover on my 6 year old son's bed. I had previously purchased a polyurethane mattress pad for my son's bed, but he still complained that his bed was too hard. Your product, with your employee Gary's guidance on the level of firmness appropriate for a 50 lb boy, has been well received and my son is now comfortable sleeping on his bed! Thank you for your guidance and product!

Teresa L | Pittsburgh, Pa

Oct 2018

5.3 lbs. rating?

First off I want to thank the support team for all their returned replies. I'm kinda up in the air though on rather or not to recommend this Queen 2" topper. The pros on it are it has a slow response time on bouncing back into shape. Unlike other foams. The off gassing was really at a minimum of about 48 hours. A plus for sure. Now for the cons. The pad arrived a bit (what I would call, uncured) and was a little sticky and very soft to the touch. After putting a fan on it for 12 hours the stickiness went away. When arrived it was slightly damaged and a bit dirty in places. The size of my mattress is the standard queen size og 80" x 60" The pad turned out to be 81 1/2" x 61". After trying to put the (king size) fitted sheet over it the pad teared about an inch in two places at the end because of the 1 1/2" overlap. So to prevent it from tearing more I decided to cut off the extra length. Now as far as the firmness goes. I have owned a 3lb density, 4 lbs. density and a true 5 lbs. density in the past. Although I was assured by customer support this was indeed a 5.3 lbs. rating but they would not commit to any IDL rating on it, I am not 100 % in agreement. Facts being my older 7 year old 5 lbs. density, same size weighed in at 33 pounds and was firmer. You can still buy on eBay from a company that their's is 13 ILD rating and weighs 33 pounds. This one weighed in at 27.5 pounds and almost 30% softer. Just doing the math on lbs. per square foot @ 5.3 should tell one that 27 pounds is far too light. So in all fairness I must choose a yes or no on recommending this pad to others. I would say it's all up to one's preference. Do you like a softer, bottom out foam topper (BTW: I only weigh 165 pounds.) or do you prefer a more firmer feel? Myself I'll take one that gives to my natural curves rather then bottoming out. Also if your not in any hurry to receive it then that is ok. Myself I'm not that patient. Took just shy of two weeks to get it.

Bob T | Des Moines, Iowa

Oct 2018

Great feel

thanks, just as expected. Paul

Snakes | Pocatello Idaho

Oct 2018

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