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21 Reviews

Good experience!

I've purchased a number of products from the Foam Store in San Rafael and it's always a good experience.

Jessica | San Rafael

Feb 2019

Great product!

Makes our firm bed comfortable. The convoluted latex foam supports without being too soft or too firm. We have 2 others for our twin beds and they've lasted for years without breaking down. The cover helps.

Mikela | Santa Cruz, Ca

Jan 2019

Guest loved it!

I've bought several mattress pads from the Foam Store. This was soft latex- too soft for me, but my guest loved it as a top layer. I'll trade the second soft one I bought for medium for my own bed, which Steve, who's extremely knowledgeable, recommended. Being chemically sensitive, I love that the odor (just aired it out for a couple of days) doesn't make me sick. The 40/60 organic cover is really soft and comfortable.

Roz T | Sebastopol, Ca

Jan 2019

Perfect fit

We ordered two custom-made foam mattresses for a pair of antique beds. They arrived when promised and fit the beds perfectly. They get high comfort marks from our guests!

Bh S. | Frederick, Md

Jan 2019

The Best

I had this bed custome made to fit my hide-a-bed couch. The original mattress was the worst. I leave the bed open anyway. This made a huge difference. I sleep great. This was my second custom made bed. My other bed is in my camper. I love these beds.

A. Dorsey | Atlanta Ga.

Jan 2019

Great mattress, but takes a bit to time to be useable

The ordering process worked well, the folks at FoamOrder were very helpful especially about the custom shape, and delivery was on the stated schedule. And the mattress is very comfortable. The only issue is that the new mattress was outgassing a rather strong smell when it arrived. It took about two weeks for this to be sufficiently reduced, during which time we had to put the mattress in a well ventilated room. So you need to keep that additional lead time in mind when anticipating when you can actually sleep on it.

Dan P | New York City

Dec 2018

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