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Most comfortable mattress ive ever owned

Great experience with this company. Excellent informative website, and very good product. For decades i have been plagued with back problems from too soft expensive mattresses. Within a week of sleeping on my new extra hard foam mattress, the pain was gone. Additionally there was a mistake in shipping and a mattress cover was left out of my box. They immediately resolved the problem and sent it out separately. Great customer service.

John G | Ri

Aug 2020

Cushion cover

I was disappointed that the cover only has padding on one side, and it was the wrong side.

Margie | Los Angeles

Aug 2020

How perfect is that?!

So very happy with this topper. The latex is the perfect density. I choice the 2" medium. I sleep on my stomach, so I don't do well with an overly soft surface. However, I also have fibromyalgia (35 years of it) and need the cushioning for the dreaded "trigger points" in my shoulders and upper back. This filled the bill! The cover is absolutely wonderful, (I got the certified Organic Cotton one, and had it prewashed (a must) before they made it, and it fits perfectly. It even adds a layer of comfort on top, as it allow the latex to perform and yet have a layer of cotton softness. It is well worth the cost. It fits perfectly, and the foam comes with the cover installed so cuts the work of having to put it on, and also assures you that it fits! With the cover installed, you can handle the topper positioning, etc. and prevent accidently tearing the foam...another great idea. Now about the vanilla smell. 1. very slight, but I could smell it. 2. I held back my enthusiasm to put it on my bed and rightfully so, as I took the advice to air out the topper (still in the cover) for 1 week. I draped it over a guest bed in a room with plenty of good air circulation and turned it every day for about 4 days, and then left it alone with sleeping side up with a floor fan aimed at it for the last three days. THE VANILLA SMELL WAS GONE. I am so happy! I have a special feather bed cover that I customized for a full size topper, and it fit perfect. This new topper lays directly on another 3 inch topper which is firmer, and can take a fitted full sheet. I use a flat sheet on my foamorder topper as it makes it perform the way I need it to. That way I can play with sheeting, which makes it all the more fun.

Maryann K. | East Greenwich, Ri

Jul 2020

Helps relieve pain!

I have Reflex Sympathetically Dystrophy AKA Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in my upper extremities, especially my hands, which can have extreme burning and pain on touch. I also have chronic neck pain. This is my second order of twin size quality memory foam mattress pad from FOAM ORDER that has been a lifesaver! We cut it up to make arm pillows for sleeping that I can lay flat to create just the right amount of softness or fold in half so my hands are more elevated. It's so soft and has the perfect density. I cover them with quality soft pillow cases. Definitely helps to relieve pain. Most of the time I cannot put my arms directly on the bed to sleep without them. We also cut a section to fold in half for a head pillow for sleeping - I roll up the end under my neck and it helps with neck pain and keeps my neck in a better position. I've tried countless expensive pillows, none which helped and seem to aggravate my neck. I also use about 6 by 8 inches covered for a little lumbar support. I tried many other foams from stores that never worked the same as this memory foam mattress pad. Thank you so much FOAM ORDER!!! I also recommended your company to my daughter and she has ordered a couple of mattress toppers from you. :)

Nora C. | Santa Clarita, Ca

Jul 2020

Extremely pleased!

Item was excellent. My granddaughter is sleeping well on the custom mattress for her bassinet I made her. Thank you! Will be contacting you again for more products.

John | Modesto Ca

Jun 2020


This is an amazing inn comfortable and beautiful. Custom mattress. I was blown away by the quality. Many thanks to the salesmen, who suggested I go this route. I did not realize being cramp in a truck cabin at 350 plus pounds could be so comfortable. I most definitely will order again. However I have feeling, this one will last quite a while!!!

H.r | Seattle

May 2020

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