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Packing Foam

Grey sponge foam rolled up tightly

Packing Foam Comparison

Y37ch FoamRebond Foam
Dark Gray
DENSITY/ILD1.2 lbs/ft³, 35 ILD8.0 lbs/ft³, 90 ILD
DESCRIP­TION AND USEStandard, inexpensive packing foam in medium firmness.Made from compressed recycled foam. Very firm and very resistant to compression, ideal for protecting very heavy items (100+ lbs).

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Pro-Tack Foam Adhesive

Spray foam glue
Spray foam glue

Magic foam adhesive! This spray glue can repair rips in foam, and attach surfaces together. It will permanently bond foam to fabric, dacron, paper, and wood surfaces. Dries in seconds. (Note: Pro-Tack should not be used on polystyrene.)

PRO-TACK wide web spray adhesive is one of the highest performance aerosol adhesives available. For both temporary and permanent bonding, this high solids product is ideal for uneven or porous surfaces and weight materials. Waterproof, flexible, transparent and non-staining, use PRO-TACK for your toughest adhesive applications with materials such as leather, cardboard, most plastics, and cloth. Formulated with the environment in mind, PRO-TACK contains NO CHLORINATED SOLVENTS OR OZONE DEPLETERS. Cleans easily with Mineral Spirits. Not intended for use on vinyl.

Frequently Asked Packing Foam Questions

Do you have less expensive options?

Check out our clearance section for sheets of discounted packing or other types of foam that we have in stock. These are simply extra, pre-cut pieces we have priced to move.

What are Your Packing Foam Policies?

Packing foam is guaranteed to be cut to ±1/4" (6.4 mm). Packing foam is not cancellable or returnable once production begins. Carefully read warnings about our packing foam during the checkout process and decide carefully. It is provided without warranty and we do not guarantee our packing foam to perform as it is intended.

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Exactly what I needed.
“This is exactly what I needed and making a custom carrying case for some very expensive stuff. And was not disappointed at all. Overall experience was excellent and had recommended to a few people already because they wanna make the same thing I did. Will absolutely be ordering from them again when I make my next case. 9.5 out of 10.”
Fort, Campbell, Tennessee/Kentucky
January 2024
5/5 stars5/5 stars
Awesome Foam and great Company
“First time ordering from FoamOrder. It was easy and got the product fast. Just what I was looking for. I use it for various purposes. I will order again from them.”
February 2023
5/5 stars5/5 stars
Great job!!!
“Everything I asked for, and more, was my experience!”
April 2022

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