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Custom Mattress

Custom mattress

Our Custom Size Mattress Line

All FoamOrder mattresses are healthy, comfortable and durable. Our custom bed mattress product line includes applications in the following materials:

Memory FoamOrder

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are supportive, durable and very comfortable, and many customers report experiencing pain relief and better sleep after purchasing them. Our memory foam is layered over a firmer support foam, meaning it lasts longer than other materials and won’t sag over time - we guarantee it! When you custom build a mattress, you’ll be able to choose a base foam and the thickness and firmness of your memory foam layer. For example, for a more affordable option, you can use two inches of memory foam on top of your base; for deluxe comfort, use three to four inches of foam.

Natural Latex

100% Natural Latex

Our all-natural latex mattresses are breathable, environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. FoamOrder’s customizable Latex Mattress is the only organic mattress on the market that offers adjustable zones for perfect support. When building a custom latex mattress, you can choose between five levels of firmness. We recommend layering your latex for the most comfortable results. For customers looking for a medium firm custom mattress that gradually increases in support, consider combining three-inch layers of soft, medium and firm latex.

High Density Foam

High Density Foam

Custom high density foam is a great option for those looking for inexpensive mattresses. High density foam mattresses are ideal for RV mattresses and trucks because they are lightweight and low cost, and we can easily cut them into unique shapes and sizes to fit your needs. We do not recommend high density foam for mattresses that will be heavily used, as the polyurethane will begin to break down over time. Our foam is available in five levels of firmness, from soft to hard. For optimal comfort, we recommend layering two to four inches of soft foam on top of three to four inches of firm foam.

Select the primary shape for your Custom Mattress

We can create mattresses in virtually any shape. Choose a rectangle or design your own pattern shape for mattresses requiring rounded edges. We walk you through the steps for measuring, designing and mailing in a custom pattern once you’ve selected an option. We recommend you order your mattress an inch shorter in length and width than your desired dimensions to account for bedding.

Why Purchase Our Foam Mattresses?

You’ll hopefully use your mattress for many years and rely on it to provide you with a great night’s sleep, so you should take purchasing a new one as seriously as we do. We believe we have some of the highest quality options available because all of our mattresses are healthy, customizable and durable. We guarantee our customers will be satisfied and are ready to give advice, ensuring your product meets your expectations.

Here are just a few reasons why we believe you’ll get the best sleep by ordering a custom mattress from FoamOrder:

Customer Service
Customer Service

We prioritize helping our customers make informed decisions about their purchases, and our friendly staff members are excited to help you size and choose your mattress. We also offer one of the best warranties in the marketplace because we’re confident you’ll love your product. Our memory foam, latex and high density foam custom mattresses each come with a 15-year limited warranty.

High Quality Materials

All materials used to create our custom mattresses are non-toxic and do not add harmful chemicals, like flame retardants. Our memory foam and high density foams are both CertiPur certified, meaning they’re healthy for both your family and the environment, and our latex foam is certified 100% natural. All of our materials are also durable and have long lifespans – our organic mattresses can last up to 25 years.


FoamOrder offers more ways to customize mattresses than most of our competitors because we believe there is no product that universally fits every person’s needs. Once you decide on the right mattress type, you can create layers of different materials and firmness, and innovate new shapes and sizes. Don’t see what you need listed on our site? Give us a call and we’ll work with you to put your plans into action.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About FoamOrder

5/5 stars5/5 stars
Popup camper foam worked out great
“We bought two pieces, one EverFlex V34, the other V44 to replace one ILD 40 foam mattress that we let get mildew on (oops!). Now we have customized the two sides of our bed and are both very happy”
Steve F
Everett WA
April 2024
4/5 stars4/5 stars
Great Service; Great Product
“Pre-sale support was excellent. I spoke with the same person each time, and they were very patient, answering all my questions, and making sure I ordered exactly what was needed. The custom configuration tool on the website is difficult to use, but fortunately, the CSR was able to create the cart on my behalf. Delivery was on-time, and as-promised. One minor point that could be improved: the shipment included the foam remnants from the cutting process, which was a nice touch. However, the remnants weren't labeled as not being required or part of the mattress. By the time I discovered that fact, I had already freed them from their compressed shipping shrink wrap. Now I have two very large pieces of foam that are too nice to throw away, and bulky/difficult to store. If they had been labeled, I would have left them wrapped, which would have made them easy to store until needed.”
Greg. P.
Cleveland, OH
July 2023
5/5 stars5/5 stars
“My second foam order, dinette cushions, because my first order, a mattress, was so perfect! Again I got good advice from your sales person and the cushions are perfect fit, the correct firmness! Yea!”
Penny R
May 2023

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