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Custom Indoor Down Cushions and Envelopes

Down Cushions

Down cushion products will cradle you in a cloud of comfort. Wrap a down envelope around a premium piece of traditional polyurethane or organic latex foam to turn it into a plush self-fluffing cushion. Or, create a customized solid down cushion—your very own “cloud on your couch.” We offer 25/75 or 50/50 grade down. This ratio reflects the down/feather content; the higher the down content, the less feather leakage will occur in your cushions. Our down cushions and envelopes are covered with 100% cotton, 200+ thread count, down-proof ticking. We also offer the luxury of a down cushion—with polyester, ideal for people allergic to down products. It is a premium way to make a down-like cushion, and is superior to a polyester batting wrap.

Down envelope (back, unzipped) around a foam cushion

Down envelope (back, unzipped) around a foam cushion

Down envelope (front, zipped) around a foam cushion

Down envelope (front, zipped) around a foam cushion

Select Your Custom Down Cushion Shape

Don’t see the shape you need? No problem. Just choose “Pattern Shape” to make your own pattern and send it to us to cut to your exact pattern specifications.

Frequently Asked Down Cushion Questions

What does the ratio of down to feather mean?

Down is a small sphere-shaped feather from the underbelly of the birds. There are far more regular feathers on birds than down, consequently, the higher the down content, the greater the quality and the higher the cost. For higher quality down cushions, we recommend either the 25/75 or 50/50 grade or better. This ratio reflects down/feather content. The higher the down content, the less feather leakage will occur. The white goose is more resilient and self-fluffing because it has a larger feather than duck down. This larger feather must be balanced by greater down content and consequently is much more expensive. The less expensive grades like 10/90 will leak more feathers and this is not something we warrant.

Which foam should I fill my down envelope with?

When selecting a foam consider your desired firmness and the dimensions. If your down cushions is 4" thick and you want it soft and cradling but not too soft choose EverFlex™ V24 foam. If you want it a little more supportive choose EverFlex™ V34 foam. (You can select foam options after specifying the dimensions of your down envelope and selecting the fill type.) Some people want to order our firm v44 foam or a harder foam but this is counter to the idea of using down and not recommended since it is so firm.

Crowning and Down or Poly Envelopes

Down envelopes will cause the overall cushion to finish approximately 3" thicker at its peak in the middle of the cushion and gradually taper down to the edges. This overstuffed look is called a crown and is normal. A poly down envelope will finish 3"–5" thicker since the poly fibers have a greater loft. You can reduce the total cushion thickness by reducing the thickness of the foam inside. Don’t reduce the thickness of the down envelope. Down envelopes need room to expand, so having foam that is 1" thinner than the actual down envelope works best. Down envelopes need to be ordered the same dimensions as the outer cover to fill out the outer cover properly (and always choose the option to “add allowances”).

If you don’t want such a large crown then add to the comments section in the shopping cart that you want your foam 1" thinner, and this will lower the crown by 1". You may order the foam up to 2" thinner than the down envelope without much consequence to aesthetics. Certain combinations of foam and down are best in these circumstances, so call our sales staff for recommendations.

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“The fabric on my sectional looked nearly new, but the seat cushions were sagging after three moves, one of them during a downpour, followed by six months in storage, and a professional cleaning. Replacing the sectional was not an option, but switching out those saggy cushions with these new down-wrapped foam cushions from FoamOrder has been a real game changer. I only wish I had discovered FoamOrder sooner. Highly recommended!”
Cheryl U
Memphis, TN
April 2022
5/5 stars
Game changer!
“My sofa looks brand new! Able to replace my sagging sad original sofa cushions with better quality durable cushions and the plush poly foam envelope covers were far better than expected - highly recommend!!”
January 2022
5/5 stars
Cushions for Chair
“This company is phenomenal. My first order I was afraid of ordering the wrong items. I phoned the store they returned my call the next day and went over my order. Informed me of the firmness of what I had ordered and went over measuring to make sure I was correct. The back cushion was delivered and was the most amazing quality. It fit perfect and my husband loved it. We then ordered the bottom cushion and he now has his orignial 1200.00 chair back as good as new. So recommend this if you have qauality furniture that is not easy to replace. The cloth on our chair was perfect but the cushions inside had seen their day after 15 years. The chair is now like new.”
Julie F
December 2021

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