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Foam Adhesive

Heavy Duty Adhesive Spray to be Used on Foam

Pro-Tack Foam Adhesive

Pro-Tack Foam Adhesive
Spray foam glue

Frequently Asked Foam Adhesive Questions

Is it easy to use foam adhesive to adhere or glue my own projects?

FoamOrder Pro-Tack Foam Adhesive is perfect for DIY projects or home repairs involving foam, fabric, plastics, and other household materials. The material sprays easily from the can with a narrow or wide spray focus depending on how closely the can is held from the material.

How long does Pro-Tack Foam Adhesive take to dry?

Pro-Tack Foam Adhesive adheres immediately to most materials and holds them in place, while allowing for a brief period (10–30 seconds) to adjust the material before the adhesive begins to fully bond. Full drying time can range from 20 minutes to 24 hours depending on the material. More porous materials will dry very quickly, but those that don’t have access to air flow could take as long as 24 hours.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About FoamOrder

5/5 stars5/5 stars
Great outcome from a first-time foam order customer
“I replaced the cushion filling for a sofa, chair, and rocker from Summer Classics. I used 6" foam and once I saw how sturdy it was, I might have wished to use 4" or 5" with a thick batting pad on both sides. They are pretty firm, but that's a huge improvement from the mushy, collapsed, worn out old cushions. They will settle down and we will get used to them. The foam carving knife is great; do buy some spray silicone (Slip & Slide) to keep it from getting sticky in the foam. The adhesive spray worked well for attaching the batting. One place in Foam Order's info suggested the silicone spray to help the cushion filling packets slide in, particularly when a pretty tight fit. Best idea ever!!!”
Liz F
Santa Rosa, CA
June 2024
5/5 stars5/5 stars
Popup camper foam worked out great
“We bought two pieces, one EverFlex V34, the other V44 to replace one ILD 40 foam mattress that we let get mildew on (oops!). Now we have customized the two sides of our bed and are both very happy”
Steve F
Everett WA
April 2024
5/5 stars5/5 stars
Amazing customer service!
“As a first time upholsterer, I was unsure as to what foam to get, but the Foam Order site made it so easy! I just told it my purpose and depth and it gave me recommendations that I could easily compare against. But what made Foam Order so amazing was their customer service! I waited a little late to order my foam for an upholstery workshop and they worked with me to get the shipping address changed. They even compared the timing between shipping between my home address and the workshop address and shipped it to the best place based on timing. So great!! Thank you!”
North Texas
January 2024

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