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Gratitude for prompt service

I am grateful for receiving the pillow stuffers so quickly after I ordered them.

Sandra G. | San Francisco

Jun 2021

Too Soft

Even with extra fill this pillow is not firm enough for the back of a sofa.

Mark | Southport

Mar 2021

order recieved and everything fits as planned

i appreciate the helpful information on the website in making decisions regarding replacement of warn out cushions. I was able to use my old foam and replace the feather wrap and get a really nice plump fresh look.

Karen B | Philo Ca

Jan 2021

Firm but not a brick

Ok, so this pillow style is now my favorite. I've only have the type before that was a solid piece of foam and while those were nice, the shredded style is fantastic, all the traditional maneuverability of a fiber fill and the resilience of memory foam, I never have to fluff this to get a fuller support style.

Emily M | San Diego

Dec 2020

This Company is Great!

I now can enjoy my pricey Henredon couches again since I replaced the cushions with foam order down inserts, which came out perfectly fitting each size I ordered. The website (and staff) were really helpful in guiding how to measure and select the proper insert. Their customer service and friendly advice was very good--way beyond my expectations.

Beverly H | Colleyville, Texas

Dec 2020

Very Pleased With This Company

I was about to give up on my cushions on the couch. The couch was pretty pricey and I hated to change it. The pillows were originally overstuffed with course feathers (stuck in my back) and very heavy. I then opted to get plain foam in them--big mistake. I was happy to discover this company which gave me total options as to replacing the pillow insert for my cushions. I ordered one for a test and it came out perfect. The fit was right on and the density pretty much what I wanted. I have ordered two more for the other cushions. Also, I called with questions at the beginning and the staff were so kind and helpful. Really impressed with them! Nice to have a place with so many options.

Beverly H | Colleyville, Texas

Oct 2020

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