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Foam custom pillows

My pillows fit great. Thanks for the help measuring them. They were everything you said they would be. I’m extremely satisfied.

Emma S | Bellmawr Nj

Jun 2020

Great for smaller projects

Thank you for this great option. I used the wool scraps to make terrific pillows and will use the rest for several Reupholster projects. Soooo soft and easy to work with.

Julie | Sf Bay Area

May 2020

Great materiala

The shredded foam worked perfectly for a dog bed, the muslin and ticking were very high quality and worked well for lining. I think muslin by itself would have been adequate for the interior ‘mattress’ but I neglected to buy from a wider bolt and used the ticking for the top and bottom of the interior, muslin for the sides and inner baffles. Natural latex is far superior to poly foam, this bed is comfortable enough for me to sleep on and it’s heavy enough that the dog won’t shift it around too much.

Noah C | San Diego, Ca

May 2020

Down pillow insert

Totally rectangular instead of oval which is what I thought I ordered but I made it work in the antique lace pillowcase cover. Phewww.

Susan | Wayland Mass.

Oct 2019


I have neck issues and recently purchased a new mattress. Unfortunately, I could not use my old pillow on my new mattress. I literally tried dozens of pillows off Amazon and was about to give up when I found this one. It is perfect! It is not so firm that it hurts my ears, yet it is firm enough to give excellent support. I absolutely love it!

Jen W | Md

Oct 2019

My pillow stuffers

The down pillow stuffers I got from Foam Order are plump and luxurious. Exactly what I wanted! My only complaint is the delivery was very slow. I waited weeks between ordering and delivery and that's too long for a minor purchase.

Oc | Dc

Nov 2018

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