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Foam Review

We made our own couch and the foam works great for the back. It looks and feels great.

Tam | Reliance, Tn

Feb 2021

all as ordered and very satisfactory....

Unit is working out very well.....

Atpfirefly | Modesto, Ca

Jan 2021

Quality seems good but customer service was the worst.

Order was for two boat mattresses for the aft cabin in our boat. Multiple shipment promises were made and not kept. I usually couldn’t get through to talk to anyone. I left messages for a follow up status calls and that didn’t work either.

Steve H | Cincinnati, Ohio

Aug 2020

Great foam, great pricing

This is my second order. The web site makes ordering custom sizes very easy. All of my foam has been cut exactly as ordered. I am replacing my boat upholstery and their pricing makes this an affordable approach. The optional dacron wrap is appreciated and worth the small incremental cost even though I have to remove some of it for my application. The foam is delivered shrunk down so it needs a few days to fully expand to its original size. The range of foam types and ease of ordering custom cuts is perfect for DIY projects. These first two orders have taken about a week or less to arrive. Thumbs up.

Bg | Seattle, Wa

Mar 2020

Pleased with product

Cushions came on time and were good quality! There were some threads left over from the seams that I had to trim. The customer service could be improved because when you call it is always an answering machine. Overall I would recommend Foam Order!

Shelby | Savannah, Ga

Aug 2019

Expert craftsmanship

Needed two cushions for a vee berth in my old schooner. Traced the patterns on paper and sent it to Foamorder. Juan Carlos, the seamster, made several inquiries to make sure he got them right. He sure did! Very satisfied.

Chas T | Geneva, Ny

Aug 2019

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