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Customer Reviews - Boat Cushions


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Great product exactly what I wanted!

Foam and cover were shipped within a reasonable amount of time and were delivered a week early. Cover looks great with no defects.

Cody A | Houston, Tx

Oct 2018


The pre-cut foam I ordered from my submitted pattern was perfect. I am reupholstering my dining room chair covers. I always receive the highest quality from Foam Order. As a professional (now retired) seamstress my customers were also very satisfied with the foam I used from Foam Order. I revived many seat cushions, boat cushions, couches and a few antiques. I highly recommend Foam order without reservation!

Tailor-maid | Homer, Alaska

Oct 2018


I needed back bolsters for a boat salon redo and they were spot on. The foam D30 was of high quality and perfectly cut. Overall good quality and service.

Bob | Santa Cruz Ca.

Aug 2018


These are boat cushions designed to double in their duty as mattresses at th end of the day. I feel great about their appearance, the material and size selected and the finish work, sewing in the zippers just the right way for easy insertion and adjustment. Looking great, feeling great.

Don | Colorado Rocky Mountains

May 2018

Difficult design. Perfectly done. Mattress for the boat.

Sleep on it . Foam very comfortable . Excellent cotton cover

Roger | Coyote Point Marina

May 2018

Comforable boat mattresss

Hi, Foamorder! We received our foam mattresses yesterday, and couldn't believe how comfortable they are! Last night was by far the best night's sleep I've had since we moved onto the boat, so thanks very much for your good work. It's such a relief to have a comfortable place to sleep. I appreciate everyone's help in working with me throughout the custom-creation process. I found everyone I spoke to at foamorder to be kind, courteous and knowledgeable. Thanks for running a lovely business, and I hope to order from you again!

Ac | Santa Barbara

Jan 2007

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