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Excellent Product, Slow to ship

I use the foam for shipping delicate electronic items. This is a great way to protect the shipment. Unfortunately, it takes from a couple to several weeks after placing an order for the foam to be shipped. The shipping delay is unacceptable.

Ds | Fresno, Ca

Jan 2020

Foam better than expected

I ordered the Y33 Medium Foam which is not their preferred mentioned but it turned out much better than expected on my outdoor cushions. I am pleased with my purchase.

Candace | Corpus Christi, Tx

Oct 2019

Quick, quality, custom foam. These folks are absolutely my go-to supplier.

I use the foam sheets to make custom "carry boxes" for fragile miniatures for tabletop wargames. If it weren't for, I'd still be using pistol cases.

Anonymousbypreference | Charlotte, Nc

Aug 2019

Pricing was high, but I was satisfied with the product!

Ordered some 10x11x.5 for some boxes we send to clients. Was very happy with the product itself, but the price was pretty steep. Each piece of custom foam we ordered was $11/piece, so we only ordered 50 due to how high the price was. That's my only negative about purchasing from Foam Order, and the product they provided.

Chase | Houston, Texas

Aug 2019

Great customer service!

This is our second time ordering from FOAM ORDER. We were so pleased with our last order, that we decided to order an extra piece for future use. Customer service is excellent. They kept me informed throughout the entire process. I knew exactly when my order was going to arrive. I definitely recommend them to anyone in need of foam.

Laura. M. | Blue Bell, Pa

Jun 2019

Exactly What I Needed

I used the foam for padding for work equipment. It's just what I needed.

Aaron F. | Bossier City, La

May 2019

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