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Warning!!! (FREIGHT RIP-OFF)

EXCESSIVE FREIGHT CHARGES for a box 48”x 48” x 7” weighing less than 20 pounds should NOT cost $245.00 for freight charges. The foam order required an oversized freight charge and was told if I paid, an extra $40 to have the 2-foam sheets cut in half then the freight charge would be reduced to standard freight and I would receive a credit. I had to request the credit from Foam Order and they only credited my account $40. Therefore, I spent $40 dollars to save $40 dollars. BIG RIP-OFF

Ronnie K | Amarillo, Tx

Nov 2022

They helped with what was needed!!!!

Got the advice I needed after several other failed attempts with other vendors.

Tom | Point Richmond Ca

Oct 2022

Very pricey

The foam is for my boat’s trailer pad cushioning. I couldn’t find too many websites that offered 1.5” thick EVA foam. For eight (8) single square foot pieces, $172 is seems steep. That includes $42 shipping and handling, which is rather steep as well considering the small box it required. I was anticipating some amazing rubbery EVA foam. I’m not a foam expert but this was a somewhat hard foam and I’m still waiting for some of the crush lines to work out. It really doesn’t matter as long as it holds up for it’s intended use, just feel like I probably overpaid.

Carlos | Tampa Fl

May 2022

Excellent product

Great product and great service

Jon J | Carson City

Mar 2022

Custom foam

We needed 2 heavy duty foam pieces to fill in the lid recesses of a large wooden outdoor storage box where water was collecting. We measured carefully and the pieces which arrived were a perfect fit. Now the lid is flat and when we put the box cover on the water runs off. We chose the EVA closed cell foam as it is lightweight. It is semi-rigid, weather resistant, moisture resistant.

Marden | Bermuda

Mar 2022


Bait and switch on the shipping, I was never I formed that the shipping would be more than the foam... You could have folded it!

Hoser | Nosebag Land

Dec 2021

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