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good service

Tub bench cushion top. Base foam in custom wheelchair cushion. perfect! | Kansas

Apr 2019

The 2 sheeets of foam that I ordered for my spa are perfect

Love the spa pad. The 1" EVA foam provides the insulation and softness perfect for sitting in the spa. As you can see its a little dirty and it could have been lined up a little better, but for me it's just great... Thanks, I love it

Ron Gurich | Novato, Ca

Feb 2019

Not again

This small order took over 2 weeks just to process. Had to go pick it up in person.

Miles K | San Francisco

Jan 2019

Closed Cell Foam EVA - Hobbies & Crafting!

Closed cell EVA foam is something I use frequently for making costumes and light weight flexible structural art. When utilized as art material it shapes well, bonds easily, and forms good structures. Pros: Durable, resists harsh winters and summer weather. Vital cosplay material. Cons: Over time it does get a little worn.

Jasmine A. | Rock Island, Illinois

Sep 2018

Room for Improvement

I had originally placed my order 7/6/2018, I received my order 8/7/2018. It was not a custom sewing job so it should have been shipped in 1 - 14 days. I received an e-mail asking about how to cut the material (7/10/2018), as the length I indicated would be too long for one piece. I responded (on 7/14/2018) to have it cut in two equal halves. I called and left messages twice for tracking, never received a response, finally spoke to someone in sales who got a tracking number to me on 8/3/2018, which showed that it was being shipped the same day. When I finally did receive my item, it was packaged in black plastic and plenty of packing tape. I paid $23.80 for the foam, total of $48.28 for the order, leaving $24.48 for shipping. I figured nearly $25 in shipping would get me the foam in good condition, with no tears or creases, perhaps in a tube. Nope.

Chris | Washington

Aug 2018

small business

We use the foam for our shoulder straps on our backpacks. Our order is always delivered in a very timely fashion. which is important to a small business.

Jan M | Lake Havasu, Az

Aug 2018

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