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Very happy in Sf

Prompt shipping overall great service

Brad Martin | Sf

Sep 2021


Overall the foam is decent, but, there are long 'dents' in the foam face and since the height of the foam was made from 2 pieces of thinner foam (2" thick, made from 2 pieces of 1" thick foam) glued together, the corner on one of the 2 pieces is missing some foam, so there is an open area. I painted the pieces with rubberized paint (didn't want to upholster for boat cockpit cushions), so having to fill in the long dented areas is a bit of a hassle and the corner that is missing some foam, like the edge on one of the glued pieces was cut off, so the gap where the 2 pieces were glued needs filling. The paint worked great, so, the defects are still there, but, happy with the result overall.

Eric P | Chicago, Il

Jun 2021

Easy and pleasant transaction

I spent some time online, searching for a specific density and thickness EVA, and I found it here on FoamOrder. I called FoamOrder and the person I spoke with was very pleasant and knowledgeable. She provided the answers I was seeking, and I ended up placing the order during that call. Shipment arrived well packed and product was as expected.

Peteski | Boston, Ma Area

Mar 2021

I been foamed

I am using the foam as a cushion layer in hang gliding harnesses

Airhead | Sf Ca

Mar 2021

great product and great service

From the Store to the warehouse I was very taken care of. Very knowledgeable team. Thank you!

Rebecca N | San Rafael

Feb 2021

Low quality foam

I bought foam that they recommended for covering the seats in one of my boats. It tore when I cut it with a sharp razor. It tore when I was putting it down with contact cement. It was just low quality foam. When I called customer service and complained they refused to do anything about it. I will tell everyone that I know not to buy foam from this company.

Gordon | N.c.

Jan 2021

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