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Great product/shipping time

This product looks great and I can't wait to use it for some cosplay costumes! I was originally searching around my local area for eva foam at places like home depot but am so happy that I came across this store! Hopefully I can provide an update to this review once I finish!

Cypress | Silver Spring, Md

Jun 2019

Exactly What I Needed

I used the foam for padding for work equipment. It's just what I needed.

Aaron F. | Bossier City, La

May 2019

Foam Order

I have a difficult time finding this high density foam with the dimensions that I needed. Della was a big help over the phone.

Paul N | San Pedro California

May 2019

good service

Tub bench cushion top. Base foam in custom wheelchair cushion. perfect! | Kansas

Apr 2019

The 2 sheeets of foam that I ordered for my spa are perfect

Love the spa pad. The 1" EVA foam provides the insulation and softness perfect for sitting in the spa. As you can see its a little dirty and it could have been lined up a little better, but for me it's just great... Thanks, I love it

Ron Gurich | Novato, Ca

Feb 2019

Not again

This small order took over 2 weeks just to process. Had to go pick it up in person.

Miles K | San Francisco

Jan 2019

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