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Soft and comfy

Fits perfect. Is very soft and padded but feels durable NOT sheer or flimsy.

David K | Aloha Oregon - Go Ducks!

Oct 2022

Excellent mattress. Excellent cover very comfortable

I use it as a topper for a sofa bed

Jane | Brooklyn

Oct 2022

Awesome job!

Foamorder did a beautiful job making the strangely shaped mattress and cover we needed, including making smart choices about how to line up the pattern on the cover. They also had it ready right when they said they would. We are super happy with it.

J. H. | San Francisco Ca

Aug 2022

Packaged with care

The mattress pad I ordered replaced an uncovered egg crate pad that was too narrow for my bed. The one from the foam shop is superior in every way and the quality of the sewn cover is amazing. I watched the video of the mailing of a mattress pad and it was incredibly thorough. I only wish the packaging could have used less plastic.

Susan M | North Bay

Jul 2022

Life changing!

I had been researching mattress 'solutions' for about 6 months. I didn't want to spend a lot, didn't want to get something that would make my husband uncomfortable, BUT I didn't want to wake up with sore hips every morning, either. I wish I could tell the world about how wonderful this pad is, so that everyone who wakes up sore could try one.

Sheryl | Sacramento

Feb 2022

good stuff

Very good stuff. Latex 2" topper lasts a long time.

The Kid | Placerville, Ca

Jan 2022

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