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Great mattress - horrible customer service.

Once purchased the store took no responsibility for the mattress which was not made on time or getting it to me.

Lynn | San Rafael

Jun 2019

Long wait but great product

I ordered a custom sized memory foam mattress and some cushions for a custom RV. The order process is great, lots of options, easy to use, very accommodating. I got exactly what I wanted. My only complaint is that it took almost a month more than expected.

Jay K | Omaha, Ne

Apr 2019

Exactly what we expected

We're converting a Sprinter into our home away from home. We're doing all the work ourselves. Comfy mattresses are a must for us older folks. We ordered 2 twin 4" latex mattresses and 4 twin 1" memory foam pads. We then cut them into our custom-designed shape and glued the latex into a sandwich with the memory foam on top and bottom so we can flip the mattresses from time to time. The materials are great! We saved money by cutting the material ourselves and making our own covers. The factory was super busy but Pete very kindly made sure our order was processed and shipped as quickly as possible.

Libby S | Puget Sound Area

Apr 2019


My husband says the covered mattress pad makes his bed feel brand new (King headboard with twin mattresses). I put the pad under the mattress cover that I normally use on the mattress. It stays in place perfectly and makes changing the sheets effortless. Thanks for the great product.

Pkt | Ny

Mar 2019


On my liveaboard boat. The most comfortable boat matress I have ever slept on in 50+ years of sailing.

Mad Jack | Vero Beach Fl.

Mar 2019

Glorious relief for torn rotator cuffs and bad back!

Whereas I was a bit hasty in purchasing the organic cotton cover for my topper, I'm crossing my fingers it won't shrink when washed. :( However I can't say enough good things about the latex mattress topper itself. Truly it has been a God-send for I'm handicapped and sleep on a home hospital bed. The bed came with their top mattress but even so my two torn rotator cuffs and bad back found no comfort-at all. The topper has afforded me true relief and the best sleep I've had in over 3 yrs. Word to those with hospital beds; you NEED this 2.9 Twin XL topper. Just wish I could've afforded to have the 42" wide custom made. But even with the regular width Twin XL, it wasn't all that much too short in width. Thanks FoamOrder for your fast delivery!

Cissy | Rockwall, Tx

Mar 2019

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