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Good experience!

I've purchased a number of products from the Foam Store in San Rafael and it's always a good experience.

Jessica | San Rafael

Feb 2019

Great product!

Makes our firm bed comfortable. The convoluted latex foam supports without being too soft or too firm. We have 2 others for our twin beds and they've lasted for years without breaking down. The cover helps.

Mikela | Santa Cruz, Ca

Jan 2019

Guest loved it!

I've bought several mattress pads from the Foam Store. This was soft latex- too soft for me, but my guest loved it as a top layer. I'll trade the second soft one I bought for medium for my own bed, which Steve, who's extremely knowledgeable, recommended. Being chemically sensitive, I love that the odor (just aired it out for a couple of days) doesn't make me sick. The 40/60 organic cover is really soft and comfortable.

Roz T | Sebastopol, Ca

Jan 2019

The Best

I had this bed custome made to fit my hide-a-bed couch. The original mattress was the worst. I leave the bed open anyway. This made a huge difference. I sleep great. This was my second custom made bed. My other bed is in my camper. I love these beds.

A. Dorsey | Atlanta Ga.

Jan 2019

4" memory foam.

Long time user. 2nd order,very comfortable.

Lee | Long Island Ny

Dec 2018

Better Topper, Great Customer Service.

First off a 5 star rating goes to the Customer Service team here (Della in Customer Service and Pete in the Factory/warehouse). They were very helpful in understanding and correcting a couple of issues I had with the first order. The Replacement topper was as described in both Density & Size. It's refreshing to see a Company stand 100% behind their product. Not very many companies are left that do now a days.

Bob T | Des Moines, Iowa

Dec 2018

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