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Customer Reviews - Mattress Toppers


32 Reviews

Better Topper, Great Customer Service.

First off a 5 star rating goes to the Customer Service team here (Della in Customer Service and Pete in the Factory/warehouse). They were very helpful in understanding and correcting a couple of issues I had with the first order. The Replacement topper was as described in both Density & Size. It's refreshing to see a Company stand 100% behind their product. Not very many companies are left that do now a days.

Bob T | Des Moines, Iowa

Dec 2018

Excellent advice and customer service

Foam Order recommended the EverFlex 3" soft egg crate mattress pad to replace the worn pad on my Sleepnumber extended queen size mattress. With the custom cutting and shipping included the EverFlex pad was competively priced compared to the Sleepnumber pad and is a denser, thicker foam. My Sleepnumber mattress is now better than new.

Frank L. | Prosper, Tx

Dec 2018

Foam for cot

Perfect fit. Very firm like I prefer and very comfortable. I'm really happy with it and it was cheaper and nicer that twin mattress toppers I looked at first.

Jrat | Chicago, Il

Nov 2018

Latex topper

Very good quality product and this is my second purchase of the same product. I’m replacing my memory foam topper that I bought here too because my body prefers the latex topper now. One suggestion: it would be great if the company would take my old topper back and dispose of it for me This would be a great help to the environment.

Raymond L | El Sobrante, Ca

Nov 2018

I'm A Fan

The Foam Order team is punctual, professional, communicative, thoughtful, and helpful. Their products are premier. Their certifications are impeccable. I recommend the organic latex mattress toppers with organic cotton covers for therapeutic support and refreshing sleep. They are worth every minute of anticipation!

Ck | Oregon

Oct 2018

Great feel

thanks, just as expected. Paul

Snakes | Pocatello Idaho

Oct 2018

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