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Over 10 years and still the best

We bought a multi-layer natural eco foam mattress (base layer, then a top layer of firm, an inner case and an outer case) and put a wool pad on top. It now is almost 10 years old and is nearly perfect still. We replaced the top firm layer of foam this year, and it is great. Fantastic customer service, helping find our old order and get the right foam.

Jenny W | San Francisco, Ca

Oct 2019

Saved us!

Used for newborn baby in my cosleeper bc it didn’t reach the level of the bed. So happy with it!

Ak | Quebec

Sep 2019


Nice quality., my hips thank you!” Will purchase again for sure!”

Cotton Candy | Wisconsin

Sep 2019

Good product but order fulfillment problems

Fantastic mattress. However, two weeks after ordering I had still received no shipment confirmation; I emailed to ask about it was told that someone would look into it; there was no action or follow up days later so I left an irritated message. It arrived a week later, but unfortunately we were no longer at that address to receive it and sign for it; we had planned our movements based on the estimated two-week outside delivery date.

Seth P | Connecticut

Sep 2019

Comfortable Mattress, Even Better Customer Service

I recently ordered a firm EverFlex Foam Mattress. The mattress is comfortable and exactly what I was looking for. A representative at FoamOrder even contacted me after the purchase and recommended adding a 2" layer of latex foam on top for additional comfort. I am very happy that I was contacted as the EverFlex Foam by itself may have been too firm. The combination of foam layers allow for a soft and comfortable feel while still providing needed support. This is the type of customer service you receive when doing business with and I will be a lifelong customer!

Nate B | Chicago, Il

May 2019

Exactly what we expected

We're converting a Sprinter into our home away from home. We're doing all the work ourselves. Comfy mattresses are a must for us older folks. We ordered 2 twin 4" latex mattresses and 4 twin 1" memory foam pads. We then cut them into our custom-designed shape and glued the latex into a sandwich with the memory foam on top and bottom so we can flip the mattresses from time to time. The materials are great! We saved money by cutting the material ourselves and making our own covers. The factory was super busy but Pete very kindly made sure our order was processed and shipped as quickly as possible.

Libby S | Puget Sound Area

Apr 2019

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