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Good Communication

There was a supply delay for the 2 mattress' I ordered, but Nate kept me informed and they did a great job of shipping my order as soon as they were restocked.

Matt M | Portland Or

Feb 2022

Luxurious Slumber on Latex Foam

I use the 4 latex foam toppers on a custom-made pine sofa bed. Two of the 4 toppers are stacked so the softer, medium density, of the two is on top and the firm density on the bottom, inside one cover. Then, the two covered toppers, 2 toppers in each, are stacked on top of each other on a custom-made Baltic birch platform. I appreciate the expertise of ‘Steve’ that enabled me to choose right combination of foam density for me to have a luxurious slumber. zzz

Maryg | Palo Alto, Ca

Feb 2022

Life changing!

I had been researching mattress 'solutions' for about 6 months. I didn't want to spend a lot, didn't want to get something that would make my husband uncomfortable, BUT I didn't want to wake up with sore hips every morning, either. I wish I could tell the world about how wonderful this pad is, so that everyone who wakes up sore could try one.

Sheryl | Sacramento

Feb 2022

Good for bad back

We ordered a Very Firm mattress for my husband's bad back. He is very happy with the firmness and quality of sleep.

None | Ak

Jan 2022

good stuff

Very good stuff. Latex 2" topper lasts a long time.

The Kid | Placerville, Ca

Jan 2022

Nearly Perfect Purchase

I bought this to test whether a pad with extra firm density would compensate for an existing mattress that was just a little bit too soft. It worked perfectly! The order was delayed due to supply chain issues ... but arrived well ahead of the new-improved delivery date. The packaging was well done and it quickly unfurled onto the bed. The only issue I had was the size was a little bit "off". Fortunately for me, there was extra material that had been glued onto one edge ... and after taking that off the size was perfect. So suggestion to those who already have an existing pad cover: it's probably better to chose specific sizes rather than having to cut it in-the-field. I just got lucky that taking off the extra glued strip was extremely EZ to do. Would definitely purchase again (and probably will for other beds!) :P

Chrisk | Boulder-longmont Colorado

Jan 2022

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