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Love your foam❤️❤️❤️

Good sleep now

Nancy M | Tullahoma, Tennessee

Aug 2022

Packaged with care

The mattress pad I ordered replaced an uncovered egg crate pad that was too narrow for my bed. The one from the foam shop is superior in every way and the quality of the sewn cover is amazing. I watched the video of the mailing of a mattress pad and it was incredibly thorough. I only wish the packaging could have used less plastic.

Susan M | North Bay

Jul 2022

Great Product - Made my own super firm mattress

They were super helpful. Ordering was easy. Cost was very reasonable. After all the pieces I ordered got put together into making a bed I finally have the extra firm support with a little cushion for my bones and I am getting the best sleep ever. Great to do business with this company. I used them over 15 years ago and then recent order. Always great product and servce.

Lindasdfl | Ocala, Florida

Jun 2022

Review of Custom Cut Natural Latex foam matress and muslin cover

it is the matress for the crib i bought.

Elinor | Montpelier, Vt

May 2022

Good Communication

There was a supply delay for the 2 mattress' I ordered, but Nate kept me informed and they did a great job of shipping my order as soon as they were restocked.

Matt M | Portland Or

Feb 2022

Luxurious Slumber on Latex Foam

I use the 4 latex foam toppers on a custom-made pine sofa bed. Two of the 4 toppers are stacked so the softer, medium density, of the two is on top and the firm density on the bottom, inside one cover. Then, the two covered toppers, 2 toppers in each, are stacked on top of each other on a custom-made Baltic birch platform. I appreciate the expertise of ‘Steve’ that enabled me to choose right combination of foam density for me to have a luxurious slumber. zzz

Maryg | Palo Alto, Ca

Feb 2022

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