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No odor!

We are using this topper to soften our all natural bed that has an all wool mattress, another 3" med density latex topper, and another wool topper. It was sort of trial and error, otherwise we would not have so many layers. I would recommend the soft density for sure to avoid buying more layers if you're starting with a very firm bed. The best thing about this latex topper with the organic cotton cover is that there is no odor. I had multiple chemical sensitivities for quite a few years, and these latex toppers and covers were so great for me. I did ask them to pre-wash the cover in plant-based fragrance-free detergent. It's so nice that they offer this.

Tamra R. | Colorado

Mar 2020

4"/10mm Latex Medium Density Bed Topper

I purchased a spring bed with medium stiff springs and a Euro top, but I found the springs still created pressure points on my hips. The bed manufacturer assisted with an additional piece of foam and a "Super Pillow Top." But the springs still dug into my hips. I need a strong enough spring resistance to keep my spine straight to avoid lower back pain. Now, I have been using my Foamorder 4" Natural Latex Medium Density Bed Topper with a 60/40 cover for several weeks. I find that I can stay in the bed 8 hours without discomfort. Whereas previously, 6 hours was a painful maximum. In sum, it appears to be doing the job that I intend it to do. I'm no particular fan of a bed where the surface is high off the floor. I compensated by ditching the 5" box springs after a week of testing and I replaced the box spring unit with mattress support slats that I used zip-ties to hold in place. So, I rate this purchase with 4 stars. I probably should have used 5, but that can appear rushed and disingenuous. I was pleased with the order turn around time. I think that it took around 2 weeks for delivery. Of course, the box was a bit heavy. So, exercise caution when handling and get help if you have back issues.

Russ G. | Atlanta, Ga

Mar 2020

very happy customer:)

Very happy upon receipt of 100% natural organic latex, being such a clean, healthy, non-toxic product! Expert advice from company rep, Steve, proved perfect in my selection of foam density, thickness & cut dimensions to re-top a treatment table! Custom cuts were perfect! Patience & care from Steve to accommodate me & my project was commendable! Finished product after local upholsterer recovered (with healthier P.U. faux leather) is just what I desired & envisioned for my renovated wellness space in my home!

Betty A | Brimfield, Ma

Mar 2020

Great products, horrible shipping time

I love the products but I was promised 2 weeks for a mattress topper and it took over 6 weeks.

Joe | Marin

Feb 2020

Excellent latex foam

Very professional from start to finish. Glad that I was advised to switch to organic latex. Company was very flexible in handling my custom made cut to an Asian King size bed. Price is very reasonable for the quality of the latex foam and organic cotton cover.

Ld | 89012

Jan 2020

So comfortable!

Our new latex foam couch mattress is very comfortable and attractive, and it arrived in a very timely manner! I would not hesitate to order from here again!

Alice C. | Virginia

Nov 2019

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