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Memory foam is not what it used to be

I have been buying memory foam toppers for many years, and was extremely satisfied with all of them until about 3 years ago. Prior to that time the toppers would take at least 24 hours to totally unfold and rise to their normal unpacked shape. The information supplied with these toppers described this as a normal characteristic of good memory foam materials. A hand print pressed into these toppers would also take at least 30 seconds to disappear. It is this feature that differentiates memory foam from cheap (non-memory foam) materials. Well I cannot now find a good memory foam topper anywhere. I have ordered from the same companies I used in the past but have returned them due to their lack of memory, which is the very feature I so dearly covet. These toppers fully expand to their full uncompressed shapes INSTANTLY. I have contacted these companies and the excuse I got was that the factory changed the formula. I have returned these cheap imposters for a refund. When I found I was excited because all of their online documentation described the problems I have been having finding good memory foam. They stated that good memory foam costs more and most manufacturers are selling cheap imitation foam. So I decided to give a try and ordered a king size 3 inch 4.5 density mattress topper. I was excited when it arrived and saw that the color was the yellow of the old good memory foam and not the gray colors that the other manufacturers are now shipping. My excitement soon disappeared when the topper fully uncompressed almost as soon as I removed it from the wrapping. I compared recovery time of a hand print for this topper to the 10 year old one I was replacing and was diasappointed to find they are basically identical and recover in 1-2 seconds. I feel I have been tricked again, and would return it if packaging it up was not so difficult.

Dan G | West Hartford, Ct

Sep 2019

Long wait but great product

I ordered a custom sized memory foam mattress and some cushions for a custom RV. The order process is great, lots of options, easy to use, very accommodating. I got exactly what I wanted. My only complaint is that it took almost a month more than expected.

Jay K | Omaha, Ne

Apr 2019

Exactly what we expected

We're converting a Sprinter into our home away from home. We're doing all the work ourselves. Comfy mattresses are a must for us older folks. We ordered 2 twin 4" latex mattresses and 4 twin 1" memory foam pads. We then cut them into our custom-designed shape and glued the latex into a sandwich with the memory foam on top and bottom so we can flip the mattresses from time to time. The materials are great! We saved money by cutting the material ourselves and making our own covers. The factory was super busy but Pete very kindly made sure our order was processed and shipped as quickly as possible.

Libby S | Puget Sound Area

Apr 2019

4" memory foam.

Long time user. 2nd order,very comfortable.

Lee | Long Island Ny

Dec 2018

Better Topper, Great Customer Service.

First off a 5 star rating goes to the Customer Service team here (Della in Customer Service and Pete in the Factory/warehouse). They were very helpful in understanding and correcting a couple of issues I had with the first order. The Replacement topper was as described in both Density & Size. It's refreshing to see a Company stand 100% behind their product. Not very many companies are left that do now a days.

Bob T | Des Moines, Iowa

Dec 2018

My 1 Inch 5.3 lb memory foam topper is PERFECT!

I bought a very hard memory foam mattress from another company. I actually really like the mattress but it is just a little bit too hard so I picked up this 1 inch topper to soften it up just a touch. This really is a 5.3 lb density topper. It's heavy and extremely high quality. It also gave the perfect amount of softness without sinking in. I highly recommend

Robert | Salt Lake City

Nov 2018

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