Thickness1–9 Sheets
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10–24 Sheets
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25–99 Sheets
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100+ Sheets
0.125" (3 mm) $35.06 $28.05 $21.04 $17.53
0.25" (6 mm) $37.32 $29.86 $22.39 $18.66
0.5" (13 mm) $53.61 $42.89 $32.17 $26.81
0.75" (19 mm) $71.70 $57.36 $43.02 $35.85
1.0" (25 mm) $90.25 $72.20 $54.15 $45.13
1.5" (38 mm) $148.77 $119.02 $89.26 $74.39
Thickness1–4 Sheets
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5–9 Sheets
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10–24 Sheets
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25+ Sheets
2.0" (51 mm) $185.25 $148.20 $111.15 $92.63
3.0" (76 mm) $318.86 $255.09 $191.32 $159.43
4.0" (102 mm) $418.11 $334.49 $250.87 $209.06

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EVA Foam for Cosplay


Order EVA Foam Sheets

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EVA Foam
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Custom-Cut EVA Foam for Cosplay

We’ll cut your EVA Foam to accommodate your needs. Whether you’re searching for EVA simple square pieces or custom pattern shapes, you can select any of the options below.

NOTE: Due to the nature of this specialized foam, we cannot cut custom sizes in some dimensions. We are unable to cut cylinders and wedges deeper than 2 inches.

  • Select a Custom Square or Rectangle EVA Sheet
  • Select a Custom Wedge or Triangle EVA Sheet
  • Select a Custom Bar Stool (Circle) EVA Sheet
  • Select a Custom Window Seat EVA Sheet
  • Select a Custom Bolster or V-Berth EVA Sheet
  • Select a Custom Pattern Shape EVA Sheet
  • Select a Custom Square or Rectangle EVA Sheet
  • Select a Custom Wedge or Triangle EVA Sheet
  • Select a Custom Bar Stool (Circle) EVA Sheet
  • Select a Custom Window Seat EVA Sheet
  • Select a Custom Bolster or V-Berth EVA Sheet
  • Select a Custom Pattern Shape EVA Sheet
Easy to Cut, Form, and Bond

Since EVA foam is a soft and sturdy material, it’s simple to cut with basic tools like scissors and box cutters. You can also use heat to mold and shape EVA foam.

Weapons and Accessories

Unlike heavier materials used for cosplay, EVA foam weighs about two pounds per cubic foot. That means you can build entire costumes including shields, armor, helmets, and more without getting weighed down.

UV Resistant

If you use polyurethane foams for cosplay, you might notice shades of yellow after prolonged exposure to UV rays. Because EVA foam is UV resistant, it maintains its integrity when outdoors.

Costume Armor

What Customers Are Saying

“I am currently using this as a replacement for the standard EVA foam cosplayers use. I needed something stiffer but still easily cut. This product is exactly what I’ve been needing. The shipment came in on time, a few minor pockets on some sheets, to be expected. Overall I may always decide to use this material in the future.”

—Greg Krueger, Krueger Cosplays

Cosplay Testimonial

Frequently Asked Cosplay and EVA Foam Questions

How Can You Use EVA Foam for Cosplay?

From intricate outer layers to the smallest accessories, EVA foam is the perfect material for cosplayers looking to complete their long-lasting, high-quality pieces. EVA foam can be used to create:

  • Costume Armor: Using heat, paint, and other materials, you can turn EVA foam into intricate armor. Our foam sheets come without cross or diamond patterns, allowing for a uniform starting point without extra sanding. We recommend purchasing one or two 0.25-inch-thick foam sheets for your cosplay armor.
  • Headpieces: Due to its lightweight and easily moldable nature, EVA foam is ideal for creating helmets, crowns, and other headpieces that can be worn for extended periods of time without causing extra neck pain. To create your headpieces, we recommend one foam sheet that is 0.5-inches thick.
  • Weapons and Accessories: No costume is complete without accessories. You can use thicker EVA foam to create rigid but lightweight swords, guns, tasers, hammers, and more. We recommend either two 0.25-inch-thick foam sheets if you are doing extensive layering, or one 0.5-inch-thick foam sheet for fewer layers.

Do you offer discounted closed-cell foam?

To inquire about discounts for larger quantities of closed cell foam, contact our customer service team. Check out our clearance section to discover discounted closed-cell foam items we have in stock. Clearance items offered at reduced prices are not returnable.

What is your return policy for EVA foam?

Full EVA foam sheets in new condition may be returned (subject to a 25% restocking fee). Unfortunately, custom-cut pieces and cut yardage cannot be returned. Even the most experienced cosplayers will tell you that mistakes can happen during the costume creation process. FoamOrder recommends purchasing additional EVA foam sheets just in case, because you can always use them later when you create new pieces. We’re happy to offer lower prices on bulk orders of EVA foam.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About FoamOrder

5/5 stars5/5 stars
The perfect foam
“I'm making custom rifle cases and some are extra long so the suppressor can stay on, and this is the perfect foam to use for interior structure and for the protection of the rifles.”
Spotted Dog Sewing
Gillette, Wyoming
March 2024
5/5 stars5/5 stars
Easy process to have custom cut foam from pattern
“I ordered two custom pieces of foam made from the pattern I sent in. It was easy and they shipped it out promptly and the foam was exactly as I ordered.”
Todd W
creal springs il
January 2024
5/5 stars5/5 stars
Will be buying again
“So far very good. I'm sure it will stay that way. Starting to create a line of toolbelts, and pouches. Looking forward to reaching out about bulk ordering soon.”
Pat C
July 2023

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