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Awesome job!

Foamorder did a beautiful job making the strangely shaped mattress and cover we needed, including making smart choices about how to line up the pattern on the cover. They also had it ready right when they said they would. We are super happy with it.

J. H. | San Francisco Ca

Aug 2022

Hard to color match

Product quality is great but the website color samples are way off.

Gc | San Diego, Ca

Aug 2022

Fantastic dog bed for pickup truck

I had this custom "mattress" made to perfectly fit in the back of our Ford Ranger as a platform for Cheech! He's a little 20 pound dog and this brings up to the same height (6 inch thick foam) as the center armrest and lets him easily look out the back windows even when he's laying down. The fit is perfect and the construction is of the highest quality.

David M. | Portsmouth, Nh

Aug 2022

Cushions look great!

I had cushions and covers cut for a mid-century chair left to me by a relative. The measurements were far from standard so I had to get custom cushions. These turned out great, and brought the chair back to life!

Luke C | Stamford, Ct

Aug 2022

Great Product - Made my own super firm mattress

They were super helpful. Ordering was easy. Cost was very reasonable. After all the pieces I ordered got put together into making a bed I finally have the extra firm support with a little cushion for my bones and I am getting the best sleep ever. Great to do business with this company. I used them over 15 years ago and then recent order. Always great product and servce.

Lindasdfl | Ocala, Florida

Jun 2022

Excellent quality

We had worn out cushions on a couple of Danish modern chairs. Our new cushions are so much more comfortable that we use those chairs much more now than in the past. We expected that the new covers would match the decor of the room, but the added comfort was a nice surprise. We used our own fabric, so the color of the new cushions does a great job of bringing out the turquoise of our rug. The only downside was a couple weeks longer wait than we expected. But we still got them in less than 2 months when another supplier had quoted us 5 months lead time. The quality is also superior. Very well made. Thanks!

Steve A | Minneapolis Mn

May 2022

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