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We Offer Three Great Organic Mattress Alternatives!

Layered Organic Latex Mattress

Layered Organic Latex Mattress

Layered Organic Latex Mattress

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The Cloud Bed

The Cloud Bed

The Cloud Bed

Potentially the dreamiest organic mattress on the market. The 10" Cloud Bed is the only organic mattress that allows customizable zones for perfect lumbar support and relief in the shoulder and hip areas. The adjustable zones allow a completely personalized mattress. Read more about the Cloud Bed.

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Design Your Own Layered Mattress

Design Your Own Layered Mattress

Design Your Own Layered Mattress

Read more about the benefits of layers. Then build your own bed by choosing two or three layers of natural latex foam.

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Layered Organic Mattress
Top: 3" N28 latex
Bottom: 3" N28 latex


Why Buy Your 100% Natural, Organic Mattress from FoamOrder?

  1. Our products are of the finest quality and craftsmanship. Our latex is is imported from Sri Lanka, and certified 100% organic.
  2. We offer a great warranty. Our warranty protects against softening and depressions. See warranty below for details. This is very important, since latex can, on some occasions, form a dip or soft spot.
  3. Our extra full “plush top” mattress pad uses twice the organic wool stuffing of most competitors, which adds 2" of total thickness and makes our mattresses feel plush and wonderful. Some customers may prefer our thinner Eco-top case for firmer beds.
  4. Commitment to the environment. We use only 100% certified natural and organic components to certify the component purity of our organic mattress bed line. We make all of our mattresses right here in our Bay Area manufacturing facility.
  5. We have the amazing “cloud bed.” Our patent-pending Cloud Bed is the only organic mattress that allows a soft shoulder and supportive lumbar zone, providing six different firmness zones to ensure the right comfort fit for any sleeper. Consult with our Mattress Experts if you’d like help understanding and custom-ordering our amazing Cloud Bed!
Cut-away of the Organic Mattress’s 2" plush top mattress pad

2" Plush Top

We can also cut latex to size.

Click a shape for a custom latex cushion:

More Tips for Buying an Organic Mattress

Top Quality Components and Ingredients

We use certified 100% natural latex as the core of our mattresses. The casing is made by quilting certified organic wool to organic cotton fabric. Organic wool acts like a natural temperature regulator, wicking away moisture and heat, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There are no “chemically treated barrier cloths” used to pass current fire retardant mattress requirements; these organic mattresses pass naturally.

Custom Size and Split Mattress Options

Our organic mattresses come in all sizes, including any custom size or shape you’d like. Speak to our Mattress Experts about how to send a pattern for a custom shape. We can also create a split firmness natural mattress for those who like their side soft while their partner likes theirs firm.

Organic Mattress Layer

The core construction of our organic mattress is made with layers to achieve your desired firmness. This multi-layer construction results in an organic mattress with correct posture and orthopedic support unique to your body. Mattresses are delivered completely assembled and ready to sleep on. We ALWAYS recommend customers build their mattresses with 3" layers.

Choosing the Right Mattress Firmness

Simply choose the organic mattress firmnesses, from soft to hard, that matches your preference. While these firmness descriptions are subjective, they have been surveyed by many people and are accurate descriptions. Read more tips...

Warranty & Return Policies

Our organic mattress will last 20–25 years. The warranty covers depressions in excess of one inch for 15 years. The warranty is prorated after 7.5 years. Read details...

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

The layered construction allows for easy “comfort” exchanges to be made no matter where you are in the country. Layers may be exchanged for 90 days from the shipping date. More info about exchanging layers...

Shipping Charges and Restocking Fees

If you decide to return your organic mattress bed, your refund will be reduced by the shipping or delivery fees, which are about $50–$250 depending on the model, size, and your distance from our factory. We recommend you dissemble your organic mattress into its layers, pack each layer separately in a clean box and contact us to arrange reduced UPS charges. There are no restocking fees for our Layered Organic Latex Mattress unless it’s a split firmness full, queen, or California king.

Organic Mattress Care and Maintenance

Always use an organic mattress pad beneath your sheets to protect your natural mattress from spills. Do not use your organic mattress with an allergy barrier case. These don’t usually breathe enough and can cause the entire mattress to rot. Do not use the mattress on the floor or on a solid base, the mattress should be used on slats.

Spot clean any stains on your organic mattress bed with vinegar and water. Do not wash the mattress case; it may shrink or become damaged. Should your organic mattress bed become wet, remove the outer cover from the latex foam and hang it outside in the sun to dry and freshen. Allow interior foam to be exposed to air but not sunlight. It will take a few days for foam in your natural mattress to dry.

Why use an Organic Mattress?

Most mattresses are made using layers of synthetic foams and fibers over synthetically covered springs. These layers are called polyurethane foam and are found in sofa cushions and mattresses, including the popular memory foams. Polyurethane foam is made from petrochemicals and “off-gasses” while you are sleeping on it, allowing your lungs and your skin to breathe in those chemicals all night long. Even soy-based foams or green tea memory foam are primarily a petrochemical product. Memory foam dealers even go so far as saying their products are “VOC free.” This is an irrelevant claim (e.g.: asbestos is not a VOC).

When looking for harmful chemicals in your mattress or cushions, it is important to ask what chemicals are present. I have spoken with the major domestic polyurethane foam manufacturers and they will not allow their chemical list to be published for fear of liability if one of their chemicals is found or other health problems such as discovered with PSDEs. That day has already passed when, in 2005, PBDEs—flame retardant foam additives—were discovered to disrupt nervous system development, hormone functions, and were linked to breast cancer. PBDEs are found in household dust—not a VOC, just a bad chemical. The entire domestic polyurethane community stopped using PBDEs, but some factories in China continue to use them. So the next question is: What chemicals are they using instead, and why not list all the chemicals used so consumers can decide for themselves if they want to risk the consequences of exposure to those chemicals? Consumers should ask, “Why don’t I simply sleep on something I know doesn’t contain harmful chemicals?” With that question in mind, our family business has built our line of organic mattresses.

Shopper feeling the high quality of a clearance Organic Mattress

Clearance Organic Mattresses

See our clearance section for discounted organic mattresses. These are simply organic mattresses we have priced to move. The same warranty and return policies apply to these pieces. In particular, because these organic items are offered at greatly reduced price, a 25% cancellation fee will apply to any ordered clearance item.

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Our Mission & Commitment

Our mission is to make our customers’ lives more comfortable and stylish by viably conducting business with integrity, quality, and competitive value. It is our commitment to promote sustainable healthy products and inform consumers of “off gasses” and risks of conventional foams used in cushions and mattresses.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About FoamOrder

5/5 stars5/5 stars
Repeat customer with chronic pain.
“Over the years I've ordered 5 different natural latex products from Foam Order. Some items were custom sizes or shapes. I've been very satisfied every single time. I've used their excellent and friendly customer service twice for help in choosing products. I use natural latex from Foam Order for mattress toppers, sleeping pads for camping, and an RV mattress. The relief of getting to sleep without tossing and turning is substantial. The "very soft" firmness is best for me because I'm a petite woman, and have chronic pain that makes it difficult to get comfortable at night. Your weight will make a difference in choosing which firmness you need. The "very soft" feels somewhat firm to me (107lbs), but feels soft to my partner (175lbs.) It's a good idea to read through the information on the website regarding firmness levels.”
Sydney A
Bay Area, CA
April 2024
5/5 stars5/5 stars
Replacement mattress
“I replaced my old foam mattress with a nicely fitted very comfortable latex foam mattress in the cabover bed in my RV. It is a full mattress that had to be cut to a specific size to fit in a cover and it fits the cover and frame perfectly! I am so grateful for the time your customer service expert spent giving me info on different options, the difference between latex and foam and firmness. This RV is my home so all this info was very important to me, and provided me with a very comfortable, supportive, well fitted new mattress! My Thanks to you!”
Penny R
March 2023
5/5 stars5/5 stars
Excellent latex foam
“Very professional from start to finish. Glad that I was advised to switch to organic latex. Company was very flexible in handling my custom made cut to an Asian King size bed. Price is very reasonable for the quality of the latex foam and organic cotton cover.”

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