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5/5 stars5/5 stars
Perfect order and perfect product
“Ordered new foam cushions for sofa and love seat. Cushions were cut to exact dimensions and worked perfectly. Prices were fair and order was shipped promptly. Would recommend to others and would order from them again in the future.”
M. S.
May 2024
5/5 stars5/5 stars
Finally, some relief from a very bad back
“I had ordered several mattresses from various companies on the internet over the past several years, and finally, I got a good reference from my sister who had just received one of your mattresses. I thought I had found better deals with the mattresses I was using, but it didn't take long before I realized the "memory foam mattresses all had a memory for the dip in the middle. It was impossible for me to get any comfort, even with expensive mattress toppers. I hadn't had a full night's sleep in almost ten years! When my sister told me about FOAMORDER, I gambled and placed an order for one of your dense foam mattresses. To my great relief (literally), your mattress arrived very quickly, and for the first time since some agonizing spinal fusion surgery, I slept all night long without having to reach for pain pills in the middle of the night. I want to thank you for having the real deal when it comes to dense foam mattresses.”
Tom S.
Arcata, CA
August 2021
5/5 stars5/5 stars
Turned out perfectly
“I ordered custom cushions for my van and they turned out perfectly. They were the exact sizes ordered, fit perfectly in the space, look great. Exactly what I ordered and I’m very pleased.”
Allison W
Denver CO
May 2024

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Man marking fabric for a custom sewing cushion cover

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Foam used in cushions, neoprene, and a latex mattress can be found on our website. We began by simply selling foam cushions, foam packaging, packing foam, neoprene foam, and foam used in a latex mattress. As we expanded our product line, we added new items such as neoprene and folding beds.

Outdoor furniture cushions can be made using polyester stuffing (cheapest, but flattens out the fastest), foam for indoor cushions, or outdoor furniture cushions foam. The demand for outdoor furniture cushions led us to carry Sunbrella. Sunbrella outdoor furniture cushions resist fading and UV rays from the sun. The outdoor furniture cushion foam is open-cell foam that is so open, water can run right through it. Sunbrella fabric has proven over the last 30 years to be the best to use in outdoor furniture cushions. Sunbrella comes in different fabric types, such as soft chenille, linen, canvas, and jacquard. Sunbrella is quite durable, easy to clean, and ideal for outdoor furniture cushions.

Neoprene is a high-density foam that is very resistant to compression and flatting. Don’t confuse the foam neoprene with neoprene that has been backed with nylon or polyester fabrics. You’ll find neoprene foam in bike seats, shoes, and neoprene gaskets. Once neoprene has been covered with a fabric, it can be sewn and called neoprene fabric. Neoprene foam by itself cannot be sewn, and thin neoprene can rip easily. Neoprene is not resistant to UV rays and will crack and crumble in the sun. Covering neoprene with polyester fabric will improve its UV resistance.

Folding bed foam is an interesting product because they are used like a latex mattress. Folding bed foam needs a flame barrier to meet federal flammable standards. We also sell a folding mat, aka camping mat, that uses the same foam and fabric as our folding bed for a fraction of the price. Kids love to have a folding bed because they can use it for guests, make forts, and fold it up and store it. Our folding bed can ship with the cover on the foam or off. We compression pack our folding bed to reduce shipping charges. If the cover is put onto the folding bed, it will wrinkle from compression packaging. If we ship the folding bed cover separate from the foam, it is a hassle to wrestle it into the cover.