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Sunbrella® Replacement Cushions

Sunbrella Replacement Cushions

Select Your Custom Sunbrella Cushion Shape

More than 30 shapes of Sunbrella outdoor custom cushions are available from FoamOrder.com. Don’t see the shape you need? No problem. Just choose Pattern Shapes to make your own pattern and send it to us to cut to your exact pattern specifications.

Replacement Sunbrella Cushions for Outdoor Use

A fashionable fabric cover alone does not equal a high-quality cushion. You also need superior foam material to make the cushion comfortable and plush. FoamOrder.com provides high-grade outdoor foam cushions that can be ordered with any custom size of Sunbrella replacement cushion covers. The special open-cell design lets water drain easily so the cushions dry fast. Our custom-cut outdoor foam options are rated for 15 years of performance. Choose from multiple firmness levels to get the right amount of support for both seat cushions and back cushions.

Order Outdoor Custom Cushions Online

We manufacture Sunbrella replacement outdoor cushion covers and cushions in any shape to fit patio sofas, lawn chairs, poolside loungers, porch swings and other furniture. Let our easy-to-use order process walk you through the selection of both Sunbrella fabrics and the right foam for any outdoor space. Once you’ve provided the cushion shape and dimensions, select the foam type, Dacron wrapping and Sunbrella weather-resistant fabric color. We will then make and ship your outdoor cushions with a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Frequently Asked Sunbrella Cushion Questions

Which foam is best for Sunbrella cushions?

If you are buying new or replacement foam cushions for your Sunbrella® outdoor furniture, FoamOrder.com carries three outdoor foam options to choose from. Our outdoor (reticulated) dry-fast foam comes in medium-soft (Outdoor 25), medium-firm (Outdoor 33) and firm (Outdoor 45) options. We generally recommend medium-soft foam for Sunbrella outdoor back cushions and medium-firm for seat cushions between 3–5 inches. If your Sunbrella cushions are less than three inches thick, we recommend outdoor firm foam.

Should I order Dacron (polyester) batting with my Sunbrella cushions?

We generally recommend polyester Dacron batting for all outdoor cushions, including Sunbrella® cushions. Batting will give your cushions a fuller, more comfortable look and feel, and it shouldn’t interfere with the quick-dry element of the foam as long as you are using standard outdoor (reticulated) foam.

What is the difference between outdoor foam and indoor foam for Sunbrella cushions?

Outdoor foam — also known as reticulated or dry-fast foam — is made with a large open-celled structure that allows water to drain through the foam quickly and easily. This lets an outdoor Sunbrella cushion dry more quickly after it has gotten wet. Traditional indoor foam, which is also made from petroleum, has a much more closed-cell structure that retains water and takes longer to dry. If your Sunbrella® cushions will primarily be used outdoors where they are exposed to rain, snow and moisture from dew, we recommend outdoor foam. If your foam will be used in a screened-in porch or indoors, then we recommend traditional polyurethane foam. Traditional Dacron batting can be used with either of these cushion and foam types as it drains quickly and tends to allow moisture to pass through easily.

What makes Sunbrella cushions perform so well?

Rather than receiving a color coating after production, the acrylic fibers of Sunbrella fabric are dyed during the manufacturing process. Every single fabric thread is dyed, which locks in color and ensures easy cleaning and longevity. Sunbrella fabric also dries quickly because it is designed to not absorb water. This means that, unlike natural fiber, it won’t support the growth of mildew.

How should I best maintain my Sunbrella® Cushions?

Sunbrella recommends that for new stains, you first try to blot (don’t rub) spills with a clean, dry cloth. If that doesn’t completely remove the stain, spray on a mild cleaning solution of dish or delicate laundry soap (Woolite™) and water, then rinse thoroughly and air-dry the cushion.

Sunbrella fabric is water-resistant — not waterproof. The water-resistant finish on your Sunbrella pillows and custom outdoor cushions will not stop them from getting wet. You can drain them by standing them on their edge to allow water to drain out of the zipper area. If you still need further cleaning advice, check the Sunbrella website.

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“I ordered custom cushions for my van and they turned out perfectly. They were the exact sizes ordered, fit perfectly in the space, look great. Exactly what I ordered and I’m very pleased.”
Allison W
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May 2024
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“We had some custom window seat cushions made for a very large area. I was thrilled when they turned out exactly as I hoped. Attractive and durable and getting plenty of use.”
S Morrison
Gilbert AZ
May 2024
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Perfect fit!
“We needed a custom dog bed and it fits perfectly”
Matt C
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