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Custom Indoor Dining Chair Cushions

Custom and Replacement Dining Chair Cushions

The dining room table is a communal place to eat meals, share stories, play games, and more. When you need comfortable, durable, high-quality dining room chair cushions, FoamOrder is here to help. We’ve been helping customers design and replace the cushions in their dining areas for over 20 years, so whether you’re in need of traditional dining chair cushions or dining bench cushions, we offer the Internet’s largest selection of foam types, firmnesses and treatments to make everything just right. You can select from a wide variety of standard shapes, or, trace and send us a pattern to get the exact shape and thickness you need. We also offer a full range of fabrics for dining chair cushions, most notably our Sunbrella® line of durable, stain-resistant fabrics.

Select Your Custom Dining Chair Cushion Shape

Don’t see the shape you need? No problem. Just choose “Pattern Shape” to make your own pattern and send it to us to cut to your exact pattern specifications.

Frequently Asked Dining Chair Cushion Questions

Which foam is best for Indoor Dining Chair Cushions?

Dining chair cushions are usually on the thinner side, often from 1–3 inches thick. Most important is to make sure that the thickness and firmness of the foam work together to provide maximum comfort. This means that if your cushions are thin (1–2 inches), you need firmer foam (Everflex V54 for example) to make sure you and your guests don’t “bottom out” and hit the wooden surface of the chair. For dining room chair cushions that get everyday use, we recommend high-density polyurethane foam (our Everflex™ foam). For dining chair cushions that get used less often, our medium-density Econoflex™ foam should work just fine.

Should I order dacron (polyester) batting for my dining chair cushions?

Dacron wrap is optional for dining chair cushions. Dacron batting is primarily to give a cushion a fuller look and a bit of extra padding, so if your dining chair cushion doesn’t need that, you can forego dacron wrap. If you do want the fuller look and extra comfort that dacron provides, we’d suggest a bookwrap treatment for a dining chair cushion.

How thick should dining chair cushions be?

We recommend that the height of dining chair seat cushions be between 18" and 20" from the floor. Any taller than this and shorter people won’t be able to rest their feet comfortably on the floor. Dining chair cushions are usually only 1–3 inches thick, so choose a thickness that will provide the proper seat height for you and your guests, taking the table height into account.

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“ordering foam can be confusing. I got a fantastic customer service rep (Della) via email, and then on the phone, who took care with my order, explained my mistakes, made sure i got the discount i deserved, and convinced me to buy a second set of cushions, custom shape, that i would never have done without her help.”
August 2022
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Second order and completely satisfied!
“We replaced the cushions on our love seat after doing our couch a few months back and am completely satisfied! The cushions fit perfectly and are nice and firm as we had wanted to get some good wear out of them and add life to our couch which still is in great shape!!”
Vern M.
San Ramon
July 2022
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Great stuff
“The product was exactly as I ordered it and expected, turned my couch into a new one. Well worth it. Thank you”
Steven K
Lansing MI
July 2022

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