Thickness1–9 Sheets
Save 20%
10–24 Sheets
Save 40%
25–99 Sheets
Save 50%
100+ Sheets
0.125" (3 mm) $35.06 $28.05 $21.04 $17.53
0.25" (6 mm) $37.32 $29.86 $22.39 $18.66
0.5" (13 mm) $53.61 $42.89 $32.17 $26.81
0.75" (19 mm) $71.70 $57.36 $43.02 $35.85
1.0" (25 mm) $90.25 $72.20 $54.15 $45.13
1.5" (38 mm) $148.77 $119.02 $89.26 $74.39
Thickness1–4 Sheets
Save 20%
5–9 Sheets
Save 40%
10–24 Sheets
Save 50%
25+ Sheets
2.0" (51 mm) $185.25 $148.20 $111.15 $92.63
3.0" (76 mm) $318.86 $255.09 $191.32 $159.43
4.0" (102 mm) $418.11 $334.49 $250.87 $209.06

Colors may vary due to screen display differences.
Please note that the back side of color Neoprene sheets are BLACK.

  • (01) Sky Blue
  • (02) Gray
  • (03) Brown
  • (04) Beige
  • (05) Yellow
  • (06) Purple
  • (07) Royal Blue
  • (08) Green
  • (09) Forest Green
  • (10) Burgundy
  • (11) Dark Gray
  • (12) Ivory
  • (13) White
  • (14) Red
  • (15) Navy Blue
  • (16) Orange
  • (17) Black
  • (18) Fuchsia
  • (19) Hot Pink
  • (23) Pale Pink
  • (25) Natural
  • (20) Camo Gray
  • (21) Zebra Stripes
  • (22) Leopard Gold
  • (29) Camo #1
  • (30) Camo Green #2
Plain neoprene

Plain Neoprene:
There is no fabric or texture in the neoprene rubber on the “plain” side—just raw rubber. White neoprene rubber may yellow over time even with fabric over it.

Perforated neoprene

Perforated Neoprene:
Perforated neoprene is ideal for medical braces and other body applications that call for breathable material. Only the rubber itself is perforated. The nylon or polyester fabric you choose is not perforated.

Smooth neoprene

Smooth Neoprene:
This neoprene has a surface texture much smoother than plain neoprene. It’s commonly used in clothing and wetsuits.

Textured neoprene

Textured Neoprene:
Textured neoprene has a rougher surface on the plain rubber side, allowing it to maintain better contact with the surface that it is placed upon.

Polyester Fabric:
Polyester-covered neoprene will generally hold up better in direct sunlight than nylon will. Print on polyester if you wish to use an “inkjet” or dye-sublimation printing process that sprays ink into the fabric. A polyester fabric surface will hold the image much better and more clearly than nylon. Since the color of the fabric will influence the color of the ink used, we recommend using a white polyester fabric to make sure the final colors are true to what you need.

Nylon Fabric:
Nylon fabrics tend to fade in sunlight while polyester fabric doesn’t. Nylon is suitable for silk-screen printing. Since the designs will be on top of the fabric surface, any color of fabric will work well for this kind of printing. Nylon fabric has a stretch of longitude 95.56% and latitude 244.75%.

This neoprene has a fuzzy loop fabric applied that is perfect for the hook side of Velcro® to bond with. U-loop should be used in hook-and-loop applications that are not separated frequently since U-loop will wear out. It increases airflow for close-to-skin applications when facing skin.

A higher quality version of the U-loop neoprene. It stands for UnBreakable Loop. UBL should be used when Velcro will be frequently applied and removed. It is textured on one side.

Peel/Stick Adhesive Backing:
This is an adhesive backing applied to neoprene. Simply peel away the paper to expose the adhesive for application.

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Crafting with Foam

Arts and Craft Foam

Why Craft with Foam?

Crafting with foam is great for the whole family; it’s easy for parents and fun for kids. It’s much more versatile than felt, with dozens of potential uses for each type of foam. Kids love it because it’s sturdier than paper and cardboard but still simple to use, and parents love it because it’s safe and allows for easy cleanup.

Families craft with foam because:

Easy to Cut
Foam is easy to cut, form and bond

Our thinner foams are soft and sturdy, and they’re simple to cut with basic tools like scissors and box cutters. You can use heat to mold and shape EVA foam, and you can easily sew together pieces of neoprene fabric.

It is Safe
It’s safe

Our foams are nontoxic, which means you won’t have to worry about your child’s safety when you get down to crafting.

Water Resistant
There’s no mess

Foam crafts leave fewer and smaller messes behind than traditional crafting projects that require paint and glue, so you save time on cleanup. On top of that, foams like neoprene are water resistant. You’ll be able to clean spillage off your creations in no time.

How Can You Use Foam in Arts and Crafts?

Foam can be colored, painted, cut, stamped, punched and even sewn. From cutting out small shapes and letters for your young toddler to building complex structures for your older children, there are lots of ways to start crafting with foam.

Your options for crafting are endless and we are always looking for new ideas, but here are a few of our favorites to get you started. Make sure you also check out our accessories page for glues and even more types of foam.

Costume Pieces and Accessories

EVA foam can be twisted and trimmed into almost any shape. You can use it to make masks, crowns, helmets, shields, purses and other accessories for a Halloween costume or birthday party. For these accessories, all you’ll need is some foam, scissors to cut out the shapes you want, a stapler or glue and some non-toxic paint (if desired). Use scrap foam to make shapes like ears for masks and jewels for crowns to attach to your accessory.

Sizing Recommendations

For a crown, mask or purse we recommend one EVA foam sheet that is 0.5 inches thick.

Costume Pieces

To start building pinwheels, you’ll need a sheet of EVA foam, wooden skewers, some buttons, glue and scissors. Cut out a 6-inch square of foam, then cut from each corner toward the center, stopping a little over an inch from the center. Take one point from each corner and fold it to the center, gluing it in place. Once all four corners are secured, add a decorative button to the center and push the pointed side of the wooden skewer behind the button to hold it in place.

Sizing Recommendations

Just one EVA sheet will allow you to build dozens of colorful pinwheels.

Drink Koozies

Neoprene makes for a perfect drink koozie because it absorbs sweat from a cold drink and can be easily cleaned. Customize your koozie with our color and pattern combinations or decorate using paint, markers or an iron-on adhesive. After you create your pattern, cut out a koozie template and pin it to the neoprene. Cut out the shape, then pin the sides together. Using embroidery thread, sew both sides of the koozie together with a zigzag stitch.

Sizing Recommendations

We recommend purchasing our 3-mm neoprene by the foot and folding it over to double the thickness, or purchasing a full sheet up to 6 mm thick.

Drink Koozies
Model Houses
Model Houses and Castles

For a simpler build, cut foam blocks to use as bricks and glue them together to create a miniature house of any size. Build a more elaborate structure with any of our closed-cell foams, such as EVA or cross-linked polyethylene. Cut out each wall, window and desired shape with sharp scissors, shears or a box cutter (adult supervision required!). Use foam adhesive or hot glue to connect corners of your house. Decorate with small pieces of colorful foam or water-based paint.

Sizing Recommendations

We sell closed-cell foams in either 40-by-80-inch sheets or by the yard from a 60-inch-wide roll. Make sure to get extra foam in case you make a mistake!

Get Started on Your Foam Arts and Crafts

Ready to test your creativity? Select one of FoamOrder’s many craft foam options below to get started on your arts and crafts project.

EVA Foam
EVA Foam Sheets, 2.0-lb density

SheetsPrice Each
Price Each    
Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam
Polyethylene Foam, Cross-Linked – 5.8-lb density EVA foam

SheetsPrice Each
Price Each    
Full Neoprene Sheets
Neoprene Sheets

For a limited time, save 25% on some of our Neoprene full sheets. Items will be marked as “Save Now” when selected.

Select a sheet thickness to see sale items:


The items below are all 25% off while supplies last. Click on an item to modify the selections below, then click the “Add to Cart” button to proceed.

Grade 1, Black 0.5mm Nylon(Dark Gray)/Nylon(Red): 6 sheets
Grade 1, Black 0.5mm Nylon(Sky Blue)/Nylon(Royal Blue): 12 sheets
Grade 1, Black 1.5mm Plain/Nylon(Dark Gray): 13 sheets
Grade 1, Black 1.5mm Plain/Nylon(Royal Blue): 26 sheets
Grade 1 Perforated, Black 1.5mm Nylon(Black)/Nylon(Black): 46 sheets
Grade 1, White 1.5mm Polyester(Orange)/Polyester(Hot Pink): 18 sheets
Grade 1, Black 2mm Nylon(Black)/Nylon(Zebra Stripes): 18 sheets
Grade 1, White 2mm Nylon(Green)/Nylon(Yellow): 30 sheets
Grade 1, Black 4mm Nylon(Black)/Nylon(White): 3 sheets
Quantity: 1–10 sheets 8-sheet box 11–15 sheets 16–25 sheets 26–99 sheets
Price each:
$74.57 $48.20 $45.20 $42.94 $40.68
Neoprene Rubber Type
Front Side

See Options

Front Color

View Swatches

Back Side
Back Color

View Swatches

Price Each

A full sheet of neoprene rubber is approximately 51 by 83 inches, but due to manufacturing variances, sheets can be as small as 50 inches wide and 80 inches long.

Upholstery foam sheets
Upholstery Foam Sheets
  • Choose from 15 different densities. Enter the thickness for a price quote.
  • Thickness should be between 3/8" and 30" (1–76 cm).
  • The price quote page will show the sheet widths and lengths that are available, the types of foam you can order, and prices for each.
  • Attention upholsterers and workrooms, get up to 20% off when you set up a wholesale account!
  • All dimensions will be rounded to the nearest 1/8 inch (approximately 3 mm).
Volara Closed Cell Foam roll
Volara Closed Cell Foam, by the yard

Frequently Asked Arts and Crafts Foam Questions

What Type of Foam is Best for Arts and Crafts Projects?

We have dozens of types, colors and styles of foam to choose from. Before you get started with crafting, make sure you’re selecting the right type for your craft:

Closed-cell EVA foam. Popular for cosplay creations, EVA foam is our top-recommended crafting foam. EVA foam is thin and lightweight, making it easy for children to use. We recommend using this type of foam to create costumes, shapes, letters of the alphabet, cards and stickers. We sell EVA foam in 40-by-80-inch sheets in a variety of thicknesses from one eighth inches up to 4 inches to match your needs.

Neoprene fabric and rubber. Neoprene fabric is the material used to create wetsuits and various types of clothing, so it’s an ideal choice for costumes and other projects that need to be water resistant or stitched together. FoamOrder has the internet’s largest selection of neoprene sheets, with dozens of colors, thicknesses and texture combinations to choose from. You can order neoprene material with colored nylon on one or both sides, and base rubber neoprene material in thicknesses from 0.5mm up to 6mm.

Foam blocks. FoamOrder offers a variety of foam types for foam pits and other projects, from classic cubes to shredded memory foam. With FoamOrder foam blocks, you can transform any space into a comfortable, safe and fun spot for the kids by building your own foam pit. You can also use our blocks to build large 3D models of anything from the solar system to a castle. Foam blocks are available in a variety of grades, from our least expensive packing foam to our best quality V55 foam.

We also offer other closed-cell foam options—such as Volara foam, Flotex foam, memory foam and polyethylene foam—that can be used for crafts. You can find those here.

Do you offer discounted closed-cell foam?

To inquire about discounts for larger quantities of closed cell foam, contact our customer service team. Check out our clearance section to discover discounted closed-cell foam items we have in stock. Clearance items offered at reduced prices are not returnable.

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