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Frequently Asked Chaise Cushion Questions

Which foam is best for Indoor Chaise Cushions?

Indoor chaise lounges are usually (but not always) part of a sectional sofa, and should be the same foam type as the rest of the sofa. Generally, 4–6 inch thickness is best, and we recommend our Everflex™ V34 (medium), V44 (medium-firm), or V54 (very firm) foams for high-use chaise lounge seating. Don’t forget that we offer ultra-comfortable organic latex foam options in six different firmness options for those who desire a chemical-free, allergy-free and eco-friendly cushion option. If you’re in need of help with how or what to order, let our experts in Customer Service help you make the right choice.

Should I order dacron (polyester) batting for my chaise cushion?

We recommend batting for most seating cushions, usually dacron with a book wrap. Most important, however, is to be sure the batting on your chaise cushion matches the batting on your other seating surfaces, if they are part of the same set or sectional. If your chaise cushion stands alone, then batting can be optional. A Dacron bookwrap gives an upholstered seat cushion a full, comfortable, rounded look that you see in most interior furniture. Without it, your chaise cushions won’t fully fill out, and will often show wrinkles in the fabric. For an even fuller look and extra comfort in your chaise cushion, check out our down or poly-fill cushion envelopes. We guarantee you’ll feel the difference.

How thick should chaise cushions be?

Most importantly, the thickness of your chaise cushions should be the same as the original so that you can use the slipcovers from the original cushions. With new chaise cushions, choose a thickness that will work within the design of the furniture, usually between 3–5 inches, depending on the firmness you are looking for. The thicker the cushion, the softer the foam that should go with it. Thicker, firmer cushions are generally less comfortable, especially in a chaise lounge or seat.

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“My second foam order, dinette cushions, because my first order, a mattress, was so perfect! Again I got good advice from your sales person and the cushions are perfect fit, the correct firmness! Yea!”
Penny R
May 2023
5/5 stars
Great products!
“The two foam cushions and covers for my benches are perfect! Thank you for your expertise and guidance on the selection of fabric. Excellent products!”
Bonnie H
St Paul, MN
May 2023
5/5 stars
“I needed new couch seat cushions. Mine were no longer firm and because I was sinking into them I was having back pains. I found this company on line, read the measuring instructions and then called to be sure I had done it correctly. The representative was friendly and answered all of my questions and even found me a free shipping coupon. The price was reasonable for 3 new firm seat cushions with batting. My order was estimated to take 3 weeks to reach me in NY from California but arrived in just 2 weeks. The seat cushions are perfect! Nice and firm so that I sitting on top of the cushions without sinking into them (Female 127 lbs). My back feels great and I am very happy with my purchase and the customer service I received.”
Ski Girl
Brooklyn, NY
May 2023

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