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We had to replace the cushion in the chaise part of our sectional. The foam insert was cut perfectly. Our couch has been completely restored. The ordering was simple. The shipping was quicker than expected. We are happy with our purchase.

Happy Customer | Fort Wright, Ky

Jun 2024

Perfect fit

Replaced an old does cushion. Foam fit great and much more comfortable.

Ron S | West Harwich Ma

Jun 2024

Amazing product!

I replaced the cushions on my sofa. They are amazing, firm and extremely comfortable. I've tried other cushions but nothing compares to the foam cushions.

Freckles | Avondale, La

Jun 2024

Like new

Cushions on my eight year old couch were sagging New foam restored shape and the couch looks neat again

Lm | Ny

Jun 2024

Firm cushions made our outdoor furniture very comfortable

Replacing the foam in our outdoor deck chair made them very comfortable

Pierre | Jasper Ga

Jun 2024

Mixed feelings

I had a few false starts trying to get help from customer service. I finally spoke with a man on the phone who was very helpful about how to measure and what firmness I should go with, considering my husband weighs 100 pounds more than me. For me, he recommended V34 (medium firm). For my husband, V54. I decided to compromise and go with V44, even though the salesperson warned me it would be too firm for me. I also spent extra for Everflex and a down envelope so that it would hold it's shape better. The Good: The cushion was the correct size and fit into our fabric cover. The So-So: The cushion is indeed too firm for me. My husband thinks it's supportive. The end he's been sitting on has softened up a bit, which is good for me if I sit there, but it means there's a slight difference in the seat height already (see photo), which means the cover is looser. I'm wondering if the cushion will last as long as promised.

Michelle M | Brooklyn, Ny

Jun 2024

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