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Great Experience!

I worked with FOAMORDER to replace a cushion in a chair. I did all the measurements and then to choose the firmness I wanted I called and spoke to their customer service contact, Della and she steered me to what turned out to be exactly what I needed. I was going to choose one that would have been more firm. I’m glad I spoke with her about it and made a better choice. I sent a picture with my order and was contacted by Steve in product info requesting an additional measurement. I received my cushion/foam as promised and am very happy with my new and way more supportive chair cushion. Highly recommend this company!

Cheri | Pinehurst, Nc

Jun 2024

Very nice work.

Very pleased with the quality Was worth the wait.

M Storts | Erie, Pa

Jun 2024

Great replacement cushions

I order my Lazyboy replacement custom cushions from FoamOrder and have never been disappointed. I like that I can choose the firmness of the cushion. Great prices and sales as well makes it affordable and only a fraction of the cost if I were to get the manufacturer replacement cushion for my recliner. FoamOrder has allowed me to extend the life of my recliner for this reason and I will definitely be back in the future.

Bella | Ct

Jun 2024

Best mattress if suffer back issues

I love this foam rubber mattress for its firmness and comfort

Cheri | Miami

May 2024

Feels Great!

Our son bought an older, classic ski boat with a captain's seat that needed repair. He wanted to keep the original vinyl, so we ordered foam to DIY rather than take it to a shop. We ordered 3 different pieces of foam; one denser for the seat, a thicker piece for the backrest, and a thinner piece for the back of the seat. Working with the foam itself was easy. It looks great, and feels good, too. He was very pleased as his goal was to keep the original look of the boat!

Ohmom | Ohio

May 2024

Just as expected…

My order came on time and was exactly what I was expecting. The measurement guide was a reassuring resource as I measured and submitted the desired size and shape of my cushions. The firmness is just what I wanted too. Glad I made the purchase and upgraded my couch cushions. They will give my 12 year old couch at least 10 more years of use.

Satisfied Minnesotan | Minneapolis, Mn

May 2024

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