Tip: Replace Seating Cushions (and not furniture) at Your Country Club for Long-Lasting Furniture

If you want your club to be seen as a luxurious place to relax, you need to have comfortable seating and lounge areas. When customers or members are tired from a round of golf, a tennis match, or a hectic work week, the last thing that should greet them is uncomfortable and tired-looking furniture.

New cushions are a fast and easy way to update your seating, and the look and feel of your club setting. Here are some answers to the questions we often receive at FoamOrder.com from those looking to refresh luxury restaurant or card room chair cushions, poolside chaises or loungers, reception-area sofas, and other country club cushions.

Why Should I Replace Country Club Seating Cushions?

Over time, the foam in seat cushions will compress and break down, making them uncomfortable. This usually happens much faster than the furniture itself wears out—especially if people will be sitting frequently and for long periods. Changing the foam and/or covers is much faster and substantially less expensive than replacing an entire couch or chair. Regularly replacing the foam lets you maintain comfort for guests while staying within your operating budget and maximizing your long term furniture ROI.

Country Club interior with cushioned chairs, couch, and coffee table

How Often Should I Replace Seat Cushions?

Most club owners should replace the cushions (foam and fabric) every 3–5 years, especially if it’s the foam that originally came with the furniture. This depends on many factors, though, including the foam density, how often the furniture is used, and even the cushion thickness (thinner cushions often break down sooner, especially if it’s a softer or less dense material). A FoamOrder.com customer service representative can help you create an optimal maintenance schedule for your setting or club.

What Type of Cushion Foam Should I Use?

For indoor cushions, you have a choice between long-lasting and durable high-resilience polyurethane foam, or 100% organic latex foam. Each offers excellent support and longevity. Poly foam is the most affordable, latex foam is the most durable and eco-friendly. If you’re getting outdoor furniture cushions, we recommend our reticulated open-cell foam that drains water for quick drying.

How Firm Should My Golf Club Seat Cushions Be?

A medium or medium-firm foam is generally best for country club cushions if they are 2–5 inches thick. This will be the most universally-comfortable foam—not too hard and not too soft. If the cushions are more than five inches thick, you can get away with softer foam. For thinner cushions such as bench seating and bar stools, a firmer foam will provide more support and prevent “bottoming out.”

Comfortable outdoor cushion seating at a golf club

Should I Get New Cushion Covers?

It’s a good idea to replace the covers as well since they’re subject to the same wear as the foam. Club cushions often suffer from high use and regular spills and stains from sunscreen, beverages, and food. We usually recommend getting the same or similar color or pattern as the original to match the rest of the furniture. However, in the case of upholstered furniture like chaise lounge cushions and outdoor dining chairs, you can consider changing the look. Sunbrella® fabric cushion covers are highly durable and ideal for a club setting as they resist water and sun damage for both indoor or outdoor use. Use our guide on How to Create a Custom Cushion Pattern or Template to properly measure the existing covers and cushions when ordering replacements.

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