5 Reasons to Replace Outdoor Cushions at Your Hotel or Resort

Hotel guests arrive looking to relax—and in the spring and summer, this means getting outside. You’ll want to provide great-looking and comfortable seat cushions for outdoor restaurants, pools, event spaces, and social areas.

But eventually, the cushions will need to be replaced. Otherwise, you’ll have guests who can’t wait to check out. Here are five signs that it’s time to replace outdoor hotel cushions. By recognizing the signs and acting quickly, you’ll remain a sought-after destination.

1. The Cushions are Uncomfortable

This is the main reason you should replace any hotel seat cushion. Although outdoor cushions aren’t used as much overall compared to indoor cushions, the regular exposure to sun, rain, and extreme temperatures can cause the foam to break down sooner. Many furniture manufacturers also use lower-density foam, contributing to earlier compression and failure. We recommend replacing outdoor hotel cushions every 3–5 years to keep guests cozy. FoamOrder’s high-quality dry-fast reticulated foam comes in three firmness options to fit any outdoor cushion need.

2. Your Cushions Have Mold or Mildew

This is an all-too-common occurrence with outdoor cushions, especially those near pools and in high-humidity areas. If the cushions have poor drainage and/or are not well-protected, moisture remains trapped in the foam, which leads to mold and mildew. This is not only an unsightly and odor issue, it can also be a serious health concern—and once mold has arrived, it’s very difficult to fully remove. You’re better off replacing the cushion altogether. Getting replacement outdoor cushions made of drainable open-cell foam and with water-resistant covers such as Sunbrella® fabrics will help prevent future mold growth.

Cushion fabric with blue pen stains

3. Stains and Discoloration

Guests want to feel like they’re living in luxury. A cushion that has large stains or discolored spots from food or beverage spills, or sunscreen smears, will make your hotel look like a low-budget outpost. Even when you’re using performance fabrics, some stains are difficult to remove. On lower-quality fabrics, the liquid that caused the stain can seep through and damage the foam, too. We’ve also seen many times where stain-removing chemicals cause discoloration—or the color may simply fade from being in the sun. Whatever the cause, it’s time for new cushions.

4. Obvious Wear and Tear

Even high-quality outdoor cushions will eventually wear out or get damaged. It’s the price of high-traffic use and being in the elements. The foam itself can deform and become bumpy, making them shabby-looking and painful to sit on. You also need to look out for ripped seams in the fabric or thinning and thread-bareness due to age. Accidents happen as well, causing holes and tears in the cushion. Often, replacing the cushions is faster and more cost-efficient than trying to fix them.

A group of chairs and a table on a patio

5. You Want a New Look

Even if your cushions are in good condition, it may simply be time to change things up. Perhaps the hotel’s look has gotten stale after several years. Or maybe you’ve recently switched to a different color scheme for branding. Rather than replacing all the furniture, swapping the cushions is enough to revamp the appearance and a much more cost-effective solution. It’s a much less expensive option that increases the long-term return on investment of your club’s outdoor furniture, and still makes a resort look trendy.

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