A growing number of people have thrown off the shackles of traditional housing in favor of the versatility of RVs and sprinter vans. Many others are hitting the road for extended periods in their home away from home.

As with any home, there are many things you can do to improve your home’s comfort on the road and projects that can make your life just a little bit nicer. Adding foam to RVs is a versatile way to make the interior more comfortable and practical. Check out six different ways you can use foam from FoamOrder.com to create a more comfortable and luxurious life in your RV, Sprinter van or conversion van.

1. Seating

No home feels “complete” without adequate seating. Why not take comfy, cozy seating areas with you for your life on the road? The same foams you’d use in typical couch cushions make for a luxurious place of relaxation and entertainment with custom-cut RV foam from FoamOrder.com. We have been making custom boat, RV and van cushions since 1999, and our experts can help you select the right foam and help you order with a custom template to meet your exact needs. Order replacement custom-cut foam to refill tired cushions or create unique seating arrangements. We also offer dozens of high-quality, stylish and durable fabrics for custom cushion covers from manufacturers like Sunbrella®, Premier Prints, Robert Allen Fabrics and more.


2. Bedding

Life in an RV or van doesn’t have to mean going without a comfy bed and a great night’s sleep. Try a custom memory foam, organic latex or traditional foam mattress topper. Or even craft a custom mattress of your own from foam so temptingly comfortable that you’ll love climbing into bed at the end of the day. Our phone experts can walk you through how to properly measure for a custom mattress size, how to create a custom template and how to select the right bedding materials based on you or your partner’s weight and sleeping position.


3. Storage

When your home is one that constantly moves, you need to take measures to ensure your belongings don’t slip, fall or break. Heavy or fragile items need to be strapped down, locked away, and — most importantly for our purposes today — cushioned. Noticed your dishes rattling in the cupboard while you cruise the road and fear they could chip or shatter? Consider placing small sheets or strips of EVA foam between each item to absorb small impacts, cutting down on both the noise and the potential damage to your more fragile items. FoamOrder.com’s 20-plus-year history provides the experience to meet any foam or padding need in your van or RV.


4. Low Ceilings and Sharp Edges

Life on the road delivers many freedoms and luxuries, but one potential challenge to grapple with is that of space. If your setup does not have much room in which to maneuver, one easy solution may be to fix cushioning foam around potential pain points inside your vehicle. We offer over 20 different foam types and can cut them to any custom dimension or size for a small fee. Let us know what you need — we can help solve almost any problem in your home away from home.


5. Wall Panels

Want the inside of your RV or van to look more luxurious and feel warmer? Add foam wall panels with fabric upholstery to create a high-end living space. We can add a fabric cover to many of our foam sheets, including neoprene foam, that will transform the inside of a van from rustic to modern. Having foam siding in a van also provides insulation to better retain heat on cold nights — and your air system won’t have to work as hard. And if you enjoy late-night gatherings in your RV, acoustic foam wall panels will contain the sound so you don’t disturb other campers.


6. Table Coverings

Many people use neoprene covers for gaming tables. They’re also a great way to add versatility to RV tables or a small folding table in a van. A neoprene rubber RV table cover protects the wood while still providing a stable, waterproof surface for everything from dice to drink coasters. You can enjoy a meal, play board games or set up your laptop computer on the same table.

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