Returning to your home each day should provide a sense of refuge. It should be a safe haven that allows you to recharge and recuperate for the following day’s adventures. This feeling of safety and rejuvenation is greatly helped by using comfortable furniture that welcomes you into its embrace with a plush feel and a supportive structure.

If your furniture is feeling less comfortable these days and you’d like to restore it to its former glory — or even upgrade it to an entirely new level of comfort — replacement foam from will bring the cozy back into your life. Here are seven simple and inexpensive ways you can enhance and customize your furniture using replacement foam.

1. Replace Couch Cushions for That “Like-New” Feeling

Over time, the foam in your couch cushions can wear out, becoming thinner, less springy and generally less comfortable and supportive. When this happens, most people might assume that the couch itself has seen its last days, and they’ll be out hundreds or even thousands of dollars buying a new couch. Instead, you can easily replace the cushion foam for a fraction of the cost of a new sofa.

At, we’ve been solving this exact problem for over 20 years and can help you measure and select the right foam to revitalize your couch to the comfy seat you’ve always wanted! We offer dozens of different foam types and firmness levels from organic natural latex foam to memory foam and traditional polyurethane foam cushions.


2. Make Window and Bench Seats

If you have a window nook that you’d like to utilize as a relaxing and attractive seating area, a cushioned bench seat is a great way to turn that unused space into a cozy retreat where you’ll want to spend hours with a good book. Take measurements of the seating area and can create a custom window seat cushion that perfectly spruces up your living space. We offer the widest selection of foam types and firmness levels from organic latex to traditional polyurethane foam.


3. Replace Mildewy Outdoor Furniture with Dry-Fast Foam

Outdoor furniture, by design, should be able to handle moisture without succumbing to fungi. If your lawn furniture is starting to reek of mildew, consider replacing the cushions and/or covers with special fast-drying foam that allows water to flow through without being absorbed. This foam is a less hospitable environment for mold and mildew, allowing your outdoor furniture to look, feel and smell better for longer. offers three firmness levels of outdoor dry-fast foam for home comfort and dozens of indoor/outdoor fabrics from leading manufacturers like Sunbrella®.


4. Replace Dining Room Chair and Bar Stool Cushions

Along with the main living areas, the kitchen and dining room are both areas in the home where we tend to spend a lot of time. Make those experiences even more special and comfortable by replacing the seat cushions in your chairs and barstools. Gather around for dinner parties and family game nights in complete comfort. Our foam experts can help you properly measure your cushions and can help you select from dozens of foam types and firmness levels. We can even walk you through how to make a pattern or template for custom shapes.


5. Add a Memory Foam or Latex Topper to Your Bed

Sleep in ultimate comfort by adding an organic latex or traditional mattress topper from to your sleeping setup. Superbly comfortable memory foam or latex foam mattress toppers add an extra-plush yet supportive feel that will have you looking forward to bedtime every night. Mattress toppers give custom comfort to any mattress and can also rejuvenate an old, hard mattress for many more nights of restful and pain-free sleep — all at a fraction of the cost of a new mattress.


6. Get New Pillows or Foam Stuffing

Just like the foam in your cushions eventually wears out, so does the foam in your pillows. Ordering new pillows or replacement fill can quickly restore home comfort with foam. Reinforce existing pillows with shredded foam so they’re more supportive — or use this shred to make your own pillows. Along with bed pillows, you can create new accent pillows for couches and chairs, letting you relax in luxury while reading a book or watching your favorite show.


7. Add Folding Cushions to Your Living Roam

Bi-fold and tri-fold cushions are a versatile addition to your hdome. Whether folded or unfolded, they add many more seating and activity options — especially when you have guests over. Use them as a floor lounger, meditation mat, kid’s sleepover bed, footrest and much more. They can be made of low-density foam for occasional use or high-density foam for everyday use.

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