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If you spend good money on outdoor furniture, you expect it to last. FoamOrder’s custom and replacement Sunbrella cushion covers are designed not only to be attractive but also long-lasting. They are made of durable materials that are resistant to water and mold. We offer and recommend overlock stitching, which improves the finish of your cushion covers and reduces fraying.

But a fashionable fabric cover alone does not equal a high-quality cushion. You also need superior foam material to make the cushion comfortable and plush. FoamOrder provides high-grade cushions that are compatible with Sunbrella covers. Our custom cushions can be ordered with any custom size of Sunbrella cover.

At FoamOrder, we care about delivering exceptional products. Our extensive selection of foam materials can keep up with anything life throws at them. We offer foam products of all quality grades, and multiple firmness levels. Your Sunbrella cushion covers will look and feel plush when you pair them with our high-quality foam products.

What Makes Sunbrella Cushions Perform So Well?

Rather than receiving a color coating after production, the acrylic fibers of Sunbrella fabric are dyed during the manufacturing process. Every single fabric thread is dyed, which locks in color and ensures easy cleaning and longevity. Sunbrella fabric also dries quickly because it is designed to not absorb water. This means it won’t support the growth of mildew, unlike natural fiber.

Start Here: Customize Your Sunbrella Cushions Now

Select a shape below to get started with your order, or call FoamOrder to order cushions tailored to the needs of your outdoor furniture. We offer a range of shapes and foam types. You can also send a pattern of the shape you need, and our foam experts will help you through the process. We offer expertly sewn cushion cover choices like Sunbrella™, Robert Allen, Greenhouse, and others, providing durable upholstery covers for high-use needs.

Benefits of Our Sunbrella Pillows and Cushions

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Long-Lasting Foam

Our high-quality Everflex™ foam cushions last 15–20 years, providing long-term comfort for members of your family. With five types ranging from soft to extra-firm, this foam offers a durable seating solution.

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Improved Comfort

Allow your family to enjoy your backyard in peace with our comfortable, sturdy cushions. The high-quality foam and cushion covers can be adapted to fit any backyard or patio.

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American-Made Cushions

Our foam is made in the USA, along with our custom covers produced by California-based seamstresses. Our experts help you measure, select the right foam type and walk you through the ordering process to ensure a smooth Sunbrella cushion replacement.

Sunbrella Cushion Fill Types: What Foam is Best?

Best Foam for Sunbrella Cushions

Our custom indoor and outdoor cushions are made of premium materials, including polyurethane foam and closed-cell foam. Polyurethane foam is the most popular foam for Sunbrella cushions. It is porous, so water can pass right through it. That means that cushions made of this foam dry extremely fast. No need to wait hours for your patio chairs to dry after a rainstorm to appreciate your patio furniture.

We also offer closed-cell foam, a popular choice for boat cushions because of its buoyancy qualities. The cells are pressed tightly together, so water rolls off of it. To learn more about how to choose the best custom and replacement cushions for your Sunbrella covers, read below. All foam types we use are breathable and durable — mold and mildew are not an issue with our products.

Finding the Perfect Cushions for Your Sunbrella Covers

If the cushions on your outdoor swing or patio couch are uncomfortable or starting to soften, we can help. Our replacement cushions are compatible with any Sunbrella covers.

You’ll need to know the size and shape of your Sunbrella cushion covers so you can select the right foam for your cushions. With our custom cushion services, we’ll be able to make the perfect cushion for your patio chairs or other furniture. Just slip your custom FoamOrder foam inside of your Sunbrella cover and start enjoying your patio furniture again.

If you want to be able to use your outdoor furniture for a long time, choose FoamOrder for your custom and replacement Sunbrella cushions.

Finding the Perfect Cushions for Sunbrella Covers

Maintaining Sunbrella Cushions

All dirty surfaces have the potential to grow mildew so it is important to regularly clean your Sunbrella pillows and cushions.

Sunbrella fabric is water-resistant — not waterproof. The water-resistant finish on your Sunbrella pillows and cushions will not stop them from getting wet. You can drain them by standing them on their edge to allow water to drain out of the zipper area.

The water-resistant finish can be reduced with normal usage and cleaning. After cleaning the fabric, re-treat your Sunbrella pillows and cushions with a water-resistant treatment if they are constantly exposed to strong weather elements.

Do not machine wash or dry your Sunbrella cushions or pillows. This can overheat and shrink the fabric. You can remove most stains by spot-cleaning your cushions with a damp cloth and dishwashing liquid.