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Custom & Replacement Trapezoid Shape Cushions

Custom Trapezoid Shape cushion on a wooden bench

Select Your Trapezoid Cushion Shape

Don’t see the shape you need? No problem. Just choose “Pattern Shape” to make your own pattern and send it to us to cut to your exact pattern specifications.

  • Select a Custom Trapezoid Replacement Cushion
  • Select a Custom Slanted Trapezoid Replacement Cushion
  • Select a Custom Bolster or V-Berth Replacement Cushion
  • Select a Custom Window Seat Replacement Cushion
  • Select a Custom Clipped Window Seat Replacement Cushion
  • Select a Custom 4-Sided Shape (No Parallel Sides) Replacement Cushion
  • Select a Custom Trapezoid Replacement Cushion
  • Select a Custom Slanted Trapezoid Replacement Cushion
  • Select a Custom Bolster or V-Berth Replacement Cushion
  • Select a Custom Window Seat Replacement Cushion
  • Select a Custom Clipped Window Seat Replacement Cushion
  • Select a Custom 4-Sided Shape (No Parallel Sides) Replacement Cushion

Common Trapezoid Cushion Use Cases:

  • Window Seats: Make your bay window area into a cozy nook with our custom trapezoid cushions, offering both comfort and a splendid view.
  • Banquettes & Benches: Ideal for dining rooms, kitchens, and seating corners, our cushions provide the support needed for extended seating.
  • Outdoor Seating: With materials designed to withstand the elements, our cushions upgrade patio chairs, benches, and garden seats.
  • Church Pews & Auditorium Seating: Improve the comfort of congregational and audience seating without compromising on the aesthetics.

FoamOrder Popular Fabric Options:

  • Sunbrella Fabric: This fabric is durable and easy to clean. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor cushions.
  • Vinyl: Perfect for communal area seating like on boats or RVs, offering durability and spill-proof protection.
  • Custom Fabrics: We offer materials like organic cotton, hemp, and performance textiles.
  • Bring your own: Have your own fabric you’d like to use? Mail it in, we’ll use it on your custom cushion.

See our complete fabric selection options.

Popular Foam Types & Firmness Options:

  • High Resilience Polyurethane Foam: Engineered for a mix of comfort and long-lasting support, our offerings encompass Soft (ILD 20), Medium (ILD 35), and Firm (ILD 50) options, ideal for both seating and back support across a wide range of furniture.
  • Memory Foam: Known for its body-contouring comfort and pressure relief, available firmness levels include Soft (ILD 9), Medium (ILD 12), and Firm (ILD 15), catering to diverse comfort preferences.
  • Latex Foam: An eco-friendly and health-conscious choice, our exhaustive firmness selections include Soft (N21), Medium Soft (N28), Medium (N32), Medium Firm (N36), and Firm (N42), addressing a broad spectrum of comfort needs while ensuring hypoallergenic, mold, and dust mite resistance for a healthier seating environment.

See our foam glossary for all the different types of foam we offer.

Additional Add on Options:

  • Cushion Ties: Ensure your cushions stay in place with customizable ties.
  • Welting: Add a polished look to your cushions with our welting option.
  • Covers with Zippers: Facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, extending the life of your cushions.

Frequently Asked Trapezoid Cushion Questions

How do I measure my existing trapezoid cushion to order a replacement?

Measuring your existing trapezoid cushion for a perfect replacement is simple. Start by measuring the front width and back width of the cushion, ensuring you capture any variance due to the trapezoid shape. Then, measure the depth (front-to-back length) at the longest point. For thickness, measure from the bottom to the top of the cushion at its highest point. If your cushion has unique features, such as angles or curves, consider providing a detailed sketch or photograph to ensure precision in custom tailoring. Remember, accurate measurements are key to achieving the best fit for your seating areas, benches, and especially for specialized seating like bay window foam padding or dining room chair seat foam.

What materials can your trapezoid cushions be made from?

FoamOrder’s trapezoid cushions can be crafted in a variety of high-quality foam materials designed to suit every need and application. Our lineup includes:

What do your warranty and shipping times look like?


Our dedication to quality is underscored by our robust warranty offerings. FoamOrder’s products come with varying warranty terms depending on the type of foam and cushion:


FoamOrder is committed to delivering your custom and replacement trapezoid cushions efficiently and safely to your doorstep. We provide detailed tracking information once your order ships, and our shipping policies are designed to ensure a smooth, hassle-free delivery experience. Custom cut foam usually ships within 3–14 days, and custom sewing typically ships in 4–6 weeks. For specific shipping needs or questions, our customer service team is ready to assist. (415) 503-9314

Everflex™ and Duraflex™ Foam Cushions: Enjoy a 15-Year Limited Warranty, prorated after 7.5 years, ensuring your cushions remain free from excessive sagging and maintain their shape over time.

Econoflex™ Foam Cushions: Come with a 3-Year Limited Warranty, prorated after 1.5 years, providing assurance against significant deformations.

Latex Foam Cushions: Benefit from a 15-Year Limited Warranty, prorated after 7.5 years, backed by our commitment to durability and resilience.

Memory Foam and Other Specific Types: While some foam types like Memory Foam and Closed Cell Foam may not come with a warranty due to their unique properties, we stand by their quality and performance.>

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Excellent service
“I really enjoy the ease of ordering with foamorder. And the customer service has been awesome also. I rely on foamorder for beautiful custom cushions!”
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Very pleased!
“Thank you thank you thank you! You hit it out of the park! (Especially for an odd shaped cushion; your measuring directions were easy to follow) I am super pleased with my replacement order for a West Elm chair. I took a risk and picked the firmest cushion (and it is definitely firm) but I know that it will last.”
Dana M
Chicago, IL
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5/5 stars5/5 stars
Excellent product; great craftsmanship; quick turnaround.
“This was our first attempt at replacing seat cushions in a dining set. FoamOrder made it all come together. They recognized a mistake I made in the initial order -- called me immediately -- and corrected it all before shipping. Great customer service.”
Laird P
Gig Harbor, WA

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