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Our professional seamstresses can handle any custom sewing job.

We sew fabric and vinyl covers to meet all of your needs. Here, in our sewing section, you can order specialty fabric covers for® items, or you may order just the fabric cover alone. We sew a zipper into each of the patterns for easy cover removal. If you don't have a standard shape, select "Odd and Pattern Shapes" from the shapes below and follow instructions for creating and mailing us your own custom shape pattern. We sew our custom covers both inside and out. This prevents the fabric from unraveling on the inside when cleaned. All of our covers should be dry-cleaned only. There are no returns or cancellations on any custom sewn products.

Custom Drapes and Duvet Covers

Cushion covers and pillow cases aren't all we do — we also sew duvet covers and custom drapes. We offer three popular styles of drapes, and four different drapery linings. Choose one of our fabrics or send us your own.

We carry three lines of fabric: Sunbrella brand, our own discount fabric, and the Robert Allen Fabric line. In addition we carry two lines of marine vinyl: Nautilus Grade A and Nautilus Grade B. You can also send us your own fabric. We will give you instructions at the conclusion of your order on how to mail your fabric to us.

Sunbrella Fabric
Our most complete line is by Sunbrella. Sunbrella is the leading brand in exterior/interior fabrics. Sunbrella fabric is UV treated not to fade for 3 years. You may choose from a variety of colors and prints. If you select a striped Sunbrella fabric, we recommend that the cording be a solid color that will match one of the stripe colors.

Discount Fabrics
Our discount fabrics come in six colors (see color chart, below). The white colored fabric is made of a soft satin fabric. The colored fabrics are typically an 8 oz. durable fabric, usually a poly-cotton twill.

Certified Organic Cotton Muslin
Muslin is a looser weave fabric used primarily as an inner lining fabric with an exterior finished fabric used on top of it. Muslin may be used as an exterior fabric for some applications, such as a case for a mattress pad or a foam block. It is not heavy enough to be the only fabric for natural latex — it will allow too much airflow and subsequent crystallization of the natural rubber as the latex dries out. For covering latex we suggest this fabric in combination with our organic cotton mattress ticking.

Robert Allen Fabrics
We also carry the Robert Allen Fabrics line. You can usually find these at your local upholsterer. You can browse through this line, order the fabric directly from us and save money on your sewing fees.

Nautilus Marine Vinyl
Our marine vinyl is known for its outstanding resistance to stain, mildew, abrasion, bacteria, common scuffing, fading, and burnishing. Both our Interior (Grades A & B) and Exterior expanded vinyls are excellent choices for marine upholstery, as well as for projects within the kitchen, bath, and home. The sturdy, expanded construction utilizes a heavy-duty, 100% polyester filament backing that has superior strength and great stretch and set qualities. They are all available in 54-inch widths. Day-to-day clean-up is simple with a solution of mild soap and warm water. Non-abrasive household cleaners may be needed for more difficult stains, and used according to manufacturers' instructions.

Although all grades (for both Interior and Exterior) provide excellent protection and quality as described above, Nautilus Grades A & B — Interior go a step further with additional flexibility and comfort while providing better resistance to UV fading and water damage. They are also coated with PreFixx® protective finish, which provides stronger resistance against staining and allows exceptional ease of cleaning. We recommend choosing Nautilus Grades A & B — Interior on softer foam cushions, down cushions, or for better protection against sunlight, long term water exposure, and general wear. All three types have a five-year manufacturer's warranty, and meet California Flame Retardant rating (#117, Section E). Color availabilities vary for both Interior and Exterior choices. (See color charts: Grade A - Interior, Grade B - Interior, Grade A - Exterior.)

Step 1: Choose a fabric option

Do you need a cover and the foam filler?
If you will be using Sunbrella or discount fabric, you can order your complete piece (foam and fabric cover) by visiting our Memory foam, Conventional foam, or Latex sections. Choose a "custom cut" shape, enter your dimensions, and then select your fabric from the "suggested additions" at the end. This will save entering your dimensions once for the fabric, and a second time for the foam filler.
I will mail my own fabric to Foamorder. (Directions will be given at the end.)
Pick a shape below and fill in the dimensions and we will provide you with an estimate of how many yards of fabric you will need, rounded up to the next half yard. This estimate does not take into account which direction you may want stripes to go (if there is a pattern). If your fabric has a directional pattern, you may need to supply more fabric. Contact us for help estimating.
After submitting your order you will be able to print a pre-addressed form with your order number on it. Tape this to the outside of your envelope and mail your fabric to our shop. Note that your credit card will not be charged for this item until we receive your fabric.
Choose a standard Sunbrella color:
Pick a Sunbrella fabric by number:  
Click here to view Sunbrella fabric swatches. Copy the item number and name (example: "5403-0000 Canvas Jockey Red"), then paste it in the box above.
Select a discount fabric color:

Note: Our navy denim fabric is quite nice, especially after it is washed. This excellent quality fabric softens with washing. Remember to ONLY drip-dry your denim cover, so that it doesn't shrink. Denim fabric costs $10-$30 more than the other discount fabrics, depending on yardage needed. Please note that the white discount fabric has a translucent quality that can at times allow the cushion concealed inside to be visible.

Discount fabric cover color chart
(Colors may vary due to monitor differences)


100% Cotton Ivory



Navy Denim

Hunter Green




Use the Robert Allen fabric named:
Click here to browse Robert Allen fabrics by color.
If you know the name of the pattern you want,
click here to search for the name. Click on any fabric
swatch for more information. Enter the pattern and
color name
listed beside the pattern (for example:
"Candy Land, Peony") in the box above.
Please note: because Robert Allen fabrics differ so widely in price, our quote will not include the cost of the material. Our price quote is for the cost of the sewing labor only. We will contact you to confirm the total price, including fabric, before charging your credit card for this sewing project. If you also order foam, the foam portion of your order will be processed without delay.
Choose a Nautilus Marine Vinyl:
  See color charts:  Grade A - InteriorGrade B - InteriorGrade A - Exterior
Certified Organic Cotton Muslin

Step 2: Choose a cover shape

After selecting your fabric type above, please click on the shape below that closest resembles what you would like to order. After, you will be asked to enter in the dimensions, and after that you will be given a price quote based on your selections.