Organic Wool Puddle Pad


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Organic Wool Puddle Pad (Mattress Protector)

Our uniquely thick puddle pads are made using 1/4" thick (500 gram) wool toppers. They serve as a natural mattress protector, and are quite ideal for all applications. The pads are made from needle-punched certified organic wool fiber. The needle punch process compresses the fibers tightly together, and the result is a water-resistant, protective layer of wool toppers.

Use these pads under your sheets. They will not change the feel of your mattresses. Liquid will only get through if you rub it into the fibers. We oversize each puddle pad to accommodate for some shrinkage, so it can be removed and machine-washed on wool setting. Top load washers will likely ruin the pad. Treat these like you would treat a wool sweater. Machine drying damages and binds the wool toppers.

Organic Toppers
Organic Puddle Pads Wool Toppers

We recommend you hand wash on cold and line dry or use a low/no heat dryer. We can add elastic, at no charge, to the corners of your pad if you would like. Because of the intimate nature of these pads, they are not returnable.

It is no problem to make a particular custom size. Simply order a larger size and add comments in the shopping cart specifying the size you want yours cut to. We charge an additional $15 for a custom wool topper size.