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Memory foam pad material was originally created for NASA to help reduce the force of gravity during takeoff.

We always recommend our PostureSense 4.5-lb memory foam pad. We've been selling memory foam pad material in different densities since 1996. Our experience has shown that the 2.5-lb memory foam pad material, while feeling comfortable, tends to lose its support and resistance over time. The PostureSense 4.5-lb memory foam pad material has proven to maintain its comfort, and support over time. This is why it is warranted for 10 years not to form a permanent depression. Memory foam pads will gradually lose resistance over time. We've tried many factories and found this to be the case even with different suppliers.

Memory Foam Mattress Pad
Size Density 1" thick 2" thick 3" thick 4" thick
Twin size
(38" × 75")
2.5-lb -      $120.33 $180.50 -     
4.5-lb $182.08 $364.17 $546.25 $728.33
Long Twin
(38" × 80")
2.5-lb -      $128.36 $192.53 -     
4.5-lb $194.22 $388.44 $582.67 $776.89
Full size
(53" × 75")
2.5-lb -      $167.83 $251.75 -     
4.5-lb $253.96 $507.92 $761.88 $1,015.83
Long Full
(53" × 80")
2.5-lb -      $179.02 $268.53 -     
4.5-lb $270.89 $541.78 $812.67 $1,083.56
Queen size
(60" × 80")
2.5-lb -      $202.67 $304.00 -     
4.5-lb $306.67 $613.33 $920.00 $1,226.67
Calif. King
(72" × 84")
2.5-lb -      $255.36 $383.04 -     
4.5-lb $386.40 $772.80 $1,159.20 $1,545.60
Eastern King
(76" × 80")
2.5-lb -      $256.71 $385.07 -     
4.5-lb $388.44 $776.89 $1,165.33 $1,553.78

Memory Foam Mattress Pads

Memory foam pads
Memory Foam Mattress Pad

Note: Adding a cover is highly recommended.

Memory foam mattress pad material is incredibly comfortable. Besides being simply cozy, the memory foam mattress pad will reduce tossing and turning. You will comfortably rest in place, resulting in a deeper, more restful night's sleep. A memory foam mattress pad will help improve circulation and provide proper spinal alignment during sleep, reducing back pain.

Mattress Pad: Memory Foam vs. Latex Mattress Pad

Memory Foam Mattress Pad Comparison:
Latex and memory foam both offer superior contour support and pressure point relief and improved circulation when added to a firm mattress. The main difference is that a memory foam pad is quite still while the latex is springy. Our latex foam is certified 100% natural foam from the sap of the rubber tree.

Optional cotton covers:
Our cotton covers are custom sewn to completely encase your memory foam mattress pad. These are highly recommended to protect your foam from staining or tearing. A memory foam pad may rip if rolled or folded. Our cotton cover will help prevent this. The covers are made of soft 100% cotton, and have a deluxe sheeting finish. All covers have a zipper so that they can be easily removed and dry-cleaned. Please note that these cotton covers should be dry-cleaned only. We cannot accept returns on shrunken covers.

100% Natural Latex Mattress Pad

We also carry natural latex mattress pads. To see them, please visit our foam toppers page.

Latex Mattress Pad

Covering your Memory Foam Pad:

Choose from our regular cotton or certified organic cotton cover. Our soft organic cotton fabric is very nice and thick (300 grams). It is a woven style called a double knit, which is two layers of fabric cross-knitted together. This thicker fabric does a much better job of reducing airflow and slowing biodegradation than our simple single layer "cotton covers." If you are inclined to purchase this cover you might also be interested in our pre-wash/pre-shrink service. For $45 we will pre-wash/dry on hot the fabric before we sew it to your order size. This will prevent shrinkage later if you wash the cover. Simply add comments into the shopping cart if you are interested in this added service. Our basic "cotton covers" have the thickness of a bed sheet. This does a great job to protect your foam from gathering dirt or tearing.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

You have 90 days to return your 4.5-lb memory foam pad. The lower density material is not returnable.

What density memory foam pad should I buy?

You should buy a lower density memory foam pad if you fall into one of the following categories:

  1. You need comfort now and can't afford the better memory foam pad.
  2. The bed it is used on is a guest bed and the memory foam pad will not get used very often.

Clearance Memory Foam Pad:

See our clearance section for a discounted memory foam pad. These are simply pieces we have priced to move. The same warranty apply to these pieces as any other memory foam pad unless exceptions are noted. In particular, because these items are offered at greatly reduced prices, a 25% restocking fee will apply to any return of a clearance item.