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Memory Foam Mattress Topper

A few short guidelines when shopping for Memory Foam Mattress Toppers...

Choose your memory foam mattress topper based on its use. For everyday use, a higher weight (density) memory foam mattress topper will not wear down and form body depressions or soft spots, while the cheaper ones eventually will wear out right where your hips are. Density doesn't refer to how hard the memory foam mattress topper is, just how heavy it is. The heavier it is the longer it will last. We've had such great results with our 4.5-pound memory foam mattress topper that we warrant it will not soften or form any depressions for 10 years.

How do you sleep? Side sleepers usually like the 3"–4" thickness. Back and stomach sleepers usually like 2". The more you weigh, the thicker you'll want.

Are you a hot sleeper? If so, be sure to use a mattress pad between your memory foam topper and your sheets to add a breathable area to wick away heat. Because memory foam tears easily and can become soiled, consider adding a case to protect your memory foam.

Based on customer feedback, people really like how our memory foam mattress topper has little to no smell, and that there are no flame retardants added to our memory foam mattress topper.

Memory foam mattress topper pricing:

Size Density 1" thick 2" thick 3" thick 4" thick
Twin size
(38" × 75")
2.5-lb -      $120.33 $180.50 -     
4.5-lb $182.08 $364.17 $546.25 $728.33
Long Twin
(38" × 80")
2.5-lb -      $128.36 $192.53 -     
4.5-lb $194.22 $388.44 $582.67 $776.89
Full size
(53" × 75")
2.5-lb -      $167.83 $251.75 -     
4.5-lb $253.96 $507.92 $761.88 $1,015.83
Long Full
(53" × 80")
2.5-lb -      $179.02 $268.53 -     
4.5-lb $270.89 $541.78 $812.67 $1,083.56
Queen size
(60" × 80")
2.5-lb -      $202.67 $304.00 -     
4.5-lb $306.67 $613.33 $920.00 $1,226.67
Calif. King
(72" × 84")
2.5-lb -      $255.36 $383.04 -     
4.5-lb $386.40 $772.80 $1,159.20 $1,545.60
Eastern King
(76" × 80")
2.5-lb -      $256.71 $385.07 -     
4.5-lb $388.44 $776.89 $1,165.33 $1,553.78

Warranty/Return Note:

The 2.5-lb memory foam mattress pads are not returnable. They are warranted for three years from forming permanent dents or body impressions.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Note: Adding a cover is highly recommended.

Our Memory foam mattress topper will turn your firm bed into a plush and deluxe mattress, while still maintaining the wanted support.

A memory foam mattress topper will soften then conform once in contact with body pressure and heat. This is how memory foam mattress toppers shape to your body. A lower quality memory foam mattress topper (lower density/lower weight) is pressure sensitive only, rather than heat sensitive. This means lower weight memory foam mattress toppers will re-form hastily, providing less support than higher weight ones.


Memory foam mattress topper color will change to brown over time from exposure to air and sunlight. A memory foam mattress topper may come out of its original packaging already starting to discolor. This is a natural quality of the foam and will not in any way affect its performance or warranty. This discoloration may look like a stain. The color of the memory foam mattress topper is not warranted and it will not be replaced because of discoloration, since this is a natural expectation of any memory foam mattress topper. Store all memory foam toppers flat after opening to prevent ripping.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper Qualities

Despite the fact that there are few visible indications that speak for the quality of a memory foam mattress topper, you can still easily find out the quality. A low end quality memory foam mattress topper (available at most stores that carry bedding) has a density of 4.0 lbs/ft³ or less. These memory foam mattress pads score poorly on the quality scale and can become useless in a couple years. Dense memory foam mattress pads should have 4.5 lbs/ft³ as the listed density. 4.5-lb memory foam mattress pads can be used for 10 years (realistically), maybe 20 years (optimistically), before it becomes soft and loses its resistance. A memory foam mattress topper of high quality will cost more. There's more raw material. A cheap memory foam mattress topper (queen size) that is 3" high should not cost more than $170. If it is less than $100, expect the foam to collapse within the first year. A 4.5-lb memory foam mattress topper (queen size) that is 3" thick will cost around $300. Research the company or manufacturer you have chosen to buy the memory foam mattress topper from to see their warranty; if not available, the company wants you to be back soon to buy another one. With this information, you will be a hard target for people over-selling their cheap memory foam mattress topper. Double check that the memory foam mattress topper is covered by a warranty; be sure the customer service is up to par. If not, get ready for disappointment. Use this to your advantage and good luck!

Memory foam mattress topper offers a solution that anyone can afford, to turn an average bed into a deluxe memory foam mattress topper one.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper History

Created in the 60's, memory foam mattress topper is a polyurethane foam that uses specific ingredients to create a sponge that is "low-resilience." The original application for this foam was to make cushions safe in aircrafts and spacecrafts. It was publicly released in the 80's. At first few manufacturers were willing to experiment with this new material. In 1991 it was used to make beds for the first time. That company is now the sole manufacturer of the "Tempur-Pedic". Later, in 1991, memory foam mattress topper became very popular in applications such as normal cushions and the medical field. Now it can be seen in almost anything. The ability to mold to any shape with weight or heat makes it an ideal bed pad. The end result is a deluxe memory foam mattress topper that will give the comfort without trading in any of the support.