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Lumbar Pillow


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We offer several types of lumbar pillows.

Lumbar Support Pillow

Lumbar Pillow

This lumbar pillow is small, portable, and made with an extra-firm foam. It gives excellent lower back support. Take it with you in your car, to work, or to the movies and restaurants. Currently only available in navy blue. Warranted for one year.

This lumbar pillow is made using our Rigid EverFlex v90 foam (a 3-lb density hard polyurethane foam). Since this lumbar pillow is made of very high quality and extra-firm foam, it doesn't compress under pressure and it adds great lower back support in your car, at work, everywhere!

Decorative Lumbar Pillows


Lumbar pillows increase lower back support and comfort. We can make a custom size lumbar pillow. Simply enter in the dimensions of your lumbar pillow and you'll be given options for fabrics and filler material. Most lumbar pillows are 12" tall and width will vary. We cannot provide you with an exact finished width. For example, if you desire the finished width of your lumbar pillow to match that of the width of your couch we cannot tell you the exact size to order because the pillows are cut from two dimensional fabrics and shrink once the filler pillow is stuffed in. The lumbar pillow filling and fabric type will cause the finished size to vary.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

Lumbar Support Pillows are made using the highest grade of polyurethane foam we can find. They come with a firmness rating of 70 ILD and a density of 2.7 lbs/ft3. They will eventually soften with time. The case comes with a one-year warranty. All lumbar pillows are not returnable.

Clearance Lumbar Pillows:

Browse our clearance section for discounted lumbar pillows.