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Although neoprene is technically a type of foam, its texture and material are different than most of our offerings, making it one of FoamOrder's more unique and versatile foam products. The synthetic rubber is flexible, durable, resilient and resistant to extreme temperatures and compression. That's why neoprene is ideal for use in oven mitts, shoe soles, noise cancellation, clothing and anything else that requires a soft, spongy rubber material. Neoprene is also commonly used to cover gaming tables, and for many arts and crafts project.

Our neoprene comes in standard 51-by-83-inch sheets. Note that due to manufacturing variances, sheets can be as small as 50 in wide and 80 in long. Common use of neoprene is for "plain" rubber on one side, with a colored nylon on the other side. We also offer alternatives including "perforated" rubber, colored nylon on both sides, and u-loop or s-loop neoprene.

Colors may vary due to screen display differences.
Please note that the back side of color Neoprene sheets are BLACK.

  • (01) Sky Blue
  • (02) Gray
  • (03) Brown
  • (04) Beige
  • (05) Yellow
  • (06) Purple
  • (07) Royal Blue
  • (08) Green
  • (09) Forest Green
  • (10) Burgundy
  • (11) Dark Gray
  • (12) Ivory
  • (13) White
  • (14) Red
  • (15) Navy Blue
  • (16) Orange
  • (17) Black
  • (18) Fuchsia
  • (19) Hot Pink
  • (23) Pale Pink
  • (25) Natural
  • (20) Camo Gray
  • (21) Zebra Stripes
  • (22) Leopard Gold
  • (29) Camo #1
  • (30) Camo Green #2

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Full Neoprene Sheets
Neoprene Sheets

For a limited time, save 25% on some of our Neoprene full sheets. Items will be marked as “Save Now” when selected.

Select a sheet thickness to see sale items:


The items below are all 25% off while supplies last. Click on an item to modify the selections below, then click the “Add to Cart” button to proceed.

Grade 1, Black 0.5mm Nylon(Black)/Nylon(Navy Blue): 4 sheets
Grade 2, Black 0.5mm Nylon(Dark Gray)/Nylon(Red): 7 sheets
Grade 2, Black 0.5mm Nylon(Sky Blue)/Nylon(Royal Blue): 13 sheets
Grade 1, Black 1.5mm Nylon(Black)/Nylon(Brown): 4 sheets
Grade 1, Black 1.5mm Nylon(Black)/Nylon(Forest Green): 1 sheet
Grade 1, Black 1.5mm Nylon(Black)/Nylon(Zebra Stripes): 20 sheets
Grade 1, Black 1.5mm Nylon(White)/Nylon(White): 2 sheets
Grade 1, Black 1.5mm Plain/Nylon(Beige): 4 sheets
Grade 1, Black 1.5mm Plain/Nylon(Dark Gray): 20 sheets
Grade 1, Black 1.5mm Plain/Nylon(Royal Blue): 26 sheets
Grade 1, White 1.5mm Polyester(Orange)/Polyester(Hot Pink): 18 sheets
Grade 1, Black 2mm Nylon(Black)/Nylon(Beige): 18 sheets
Grade 1, Black 2mm Nylon(Black)/Nylon(Brown): 7 sheets
Grade 1, Black 2mm Nylon(Black)/Nylon(Green): 13 sheets
Grade 1, Black 2mm Nylon(Black)/Nylon(Zebra Stripes): 19 sheets
Grade 1, Black 2mm UBL/Nylon(Black): 9 sheets
Grade 1, White 2mm Nylon(Green)/Nylon(Yellow): 30 sheets
Grade 1, Black 3mm Nylon(Black)/Nylon(Fuchsia): 7 sheets
Grade 1, Black 3mm Nylon(Black)/Nylon(Leopard Gold): 12 sheets
Grade 1 Perforated, Black 3mm Plain/Nylon(Red): 11 sheets
Grade 1, White 3mm Nylon(Green)/Nylon(Yellow): 17 sheets
Grade 1, Black 6mm U-Loop/Plain: 6 sheets
Grade 1 Perforated, Black 6mm Nylon(Black)/Nylon(Black): 2 sheets
Quantity: 1–10 sheets 8-sheet box 11–15 sheets 16–25 sheets 26–99 sheets
Price each:
$71.02 $45.90 $43.04 $40.89 $38.13
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Front Side

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Price Each

A full sheet of neoprene rubber is approximately 51 by 83 inches, but due to manufacturing variances, sheets can be as small as 50 inches wide and 80 inches long.

Check out our Clearance Section for 1/2 sheets of Neoprene in limited color options.

Neoprene Rubber Sheets, Plain
Neoprene Rubber Sheets, Plain
Price each:        

These neoprene sheets are approximately 51" × 83" (130 × 211 cm). This is just plain raw Neoprene without any material glued to either side. These plain neoprene rubber sheets are black in color. We laminate layers together to create thicknesses of 3/4", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", 3", 4", or any other combination thereof. Laminations are not guaranteed to be perfect and may need more adhesive over time.

About Neoprene Sheets

Our neoprene rubber comes in a variety of textures and sizes, and can be customized with a wide range of fabrics and colors.

Choose between grade one neoprene, better for land applications like knee braces, or grade two, great for use in wetsuits. While hardness varies between these grades and will be impacted by your selected thickness, our neoprene material falls under the “very soft” category of the Shore scale, meaning the fabric is easily manipulated. Our neoprene feels like a wetsuit or neoprene knee brace. Hardness is called durometer. The durometer/hardness of our neoprene is 4–8 on type/shore C. Note that a 4–8 on type C corresponds to about 15–25 on type A. Neoprene has a medium tensile strength, meaning it is moderately stretchy and therefore occasionally vulnerable to rips. To prevent tears, order with nylon fabric on one or both sides of the rubber.

Our 3-mm neoprene sheets are our most popular option, and you’ll have the widest variety of color and configuration choices if you choose this product. We do not constantly stock every possible combination of neoprene fabric, and products listed on the page are not necessarily in our active inventory. Please contact our customer service team for large orders or to check if we may have what you need in the near future.

You can order neoprene sheets in the following configurations:

Nylon Fabric

Nylon fabrics tend to fade in sunlight while polyester fabric doesn’t. Nylon is suitable for silk-screen printing. Since the designs will be on top of the fabric surface, any color of fabric will work well for this kind of printing. Nylon fabric has a stretch of longitude 95.56%, latitude 244.75%.

Polyester Fabric

Polyester covered neoprene will generally hold up better in direct sunlight than nylon will. Print on polyester if you wish to use an “ink jet” or dye-sublimation printing process that sprays ink into the fabric. A polyester fabric surface will hold the image much better and more clearly than nylon. Since the color of the fabric will influence the color of the ink used, we recommend using a White Polyester Fabric to make sure the final colors are true to what you need.

Perforated Neoprene

Perforated neoprene is ideal for medical braces and other body applications that call for breathable material. Only the rubber itself is perforated. The nylon or polyester fabric you choose is not perforated.

Perforated neoprene
Plain Neoprene

There is no fabric or texture in the neoprene rubber on the “plain” side—just raw rubber. White neoprene rubber may yellow over time even with fabric over it.

Plain neoprene
Smooth Neoprene

This neoprene has a surface texture much smoother than the plain. It’s commonly used in clothing and wetsuits.

Smooth neoprene
Textured Neoprene

Textured neoprene has a rougher surface on the plain rubber side, allowing it to maintain better contact with the surface that it is placed upon.

Textured neoprene

A fuzzy loop fabric applied to neoprene perfect for hook side of Velcro to bond with. U-loop should be used in Velcro applications that are not separated frequently, since u-loop will wear out. U-loop increases airflow for close-to-skin applications when facing skin.


A higher quality version of the U-loop. It stands for “UnBreakable Loop.” UBL should be used when Velcro will be frequently applied and removed. Textured on one side.

Peel/Stick Adhesive Backing

This is an adhesive backing applied to the neoprene. Simply peel away the paper exposing the adhesive.

Neoprene for Gaming Tables

Neoprene for Gaming Tables

Neoprene for Gaming Tables

When it comes to using neoprene for gaming tables, we offer a wide range of thickness, color and feature options. Most customers tell us they prefer two to four millimeters of thickness for poker and gaming tables, with thicker material needed only for heavier-duty applications. We recommend neoprene with your chosen nylon fabric color on one side and plain or textured neoprene on the other side to help the neoprene adhere to the playing surface.

Measurement Conversion Chart

Note that when we reference the thickness of neoprene, we are only counting the thickness of the neoprene rubber itself and not the additional thickness of backings like nylon, U-loop, and UBL.

Millimeters:Inches (fraction):Inches (decimal):
0.5 mm1/32"0.03"
1.5 mm1/16"0.063"
2 mm3/32" (just less than 1/8")0.094"
3 mm1/8"0.125"
4 mm11/64" (slightly more than 1/8")0.17"
5 mm13/64" (just less than 1/4")0.20"
6 mm1/4"0.25"

Bulk Discount

While we offer affordable prices for orders of up to 99, once you purchase 100 sheets, you’ll start to enjoy significant savings. Note that in order to take advantage of bulk discounts, you need to contact us – online orders of 100 sheets or more will reflect the standard 1 to 99 sheets pricing. Because our prices can vary slightly, we confirm actual quotes with you via email.

Other Neoprene Products

Please visit our Neoprene Accessories Page to select from the wide selection of accessories we sell for neoprene:

Check out our Clearance Section for 1/2 sheets of Neoprene in limited color options.

Check out our Clearance Section for 1/2 sheets of Neoprene in limited color options.

Things to Consider Before Making a Purchasing Neoprene

Keep it inside
Keep it inside

Neoprene should not be in the sun all day, because heavy exposure will lead to cracking and fading. If you need a material that can withstand sunlight, we recommend applying UV protectant or using EVA closed cell foam, which is naturally UV-resistant.

Account for extra thickness

If you’re adding fabric to either or both sides of your neoprene sheet, make sure you know how much thickness the cover will add. Our thicknesses listed are for raw neoprene, so consider ordering one size thinner than you’ll need if you plan to add a layer of nylon or polyester.

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