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NEOPRENE is a synthetic rubber material designed to be flexible, durable, resilient, and very resistant to failure and breakdown by compression and water. Air and water become isolated in its unique molecular structure. Neoprene is temperately stable with a high heat resistance and commonly found in oven mitts. Its durable quality makes it very useful for applications such as shoe soles, seating, and acoustic noise blocking. Neoprene has comfortable qualities that make it desirable for wet suits, clothing, bicycle seats and shorts, waders, neoprene insulated can holders, sports gloves, mouse pads, pet collars, elbow and knee pads, orthopedic braces, equestrian pads, and neoprene covered poker tables. Neoprene should not be used in long sunlight exposure applications. It may crack and fade. For all sunlight applications apply our UV protectant or use EVA closed cell foam, which is inherently uv resistant. See our MSDS for additional info.

Neoprene Design Consultant

Contact our neoprene consultant for your prototype manufacturing. We may be able to help answer questions or steer you in the right direction for your product. We can even quote cutting your neoprene into strips, die cutting, and stitching.

Plain Neoprene

There is no fabric or texture in the neoprene rubber—just raw rubber. White neoprene rubber may yellow over time even with fabric over it.

Perforated Neoprene

Neoprene is ideal for medical braces and other body applications that call for breathable material. Only the rubber itself is perforated. The fabric you choose is not perforated.

Smooth Neoprene

This neoprene has a surface texture much smoother than the plain. It's commonly used in clothing and wetsuits. Smooth is only available in grade 2 (cr).

Textured Neoprene

Textured Neoprene

Polyester Fabric:
There is some growing information that polyester covered neoprene will hold up better in direct sunlight than nylon will. Nylon fabrics tend to fade in sunlight while polyester doesn't. Print on polyester if you wish to use an "ink jet" or dye-sublimation printing process that sprays ink into the fabric. A polyester fabric surface will hold the image much better and more clearly than nylon. Since the color of the fabric will influence the color of the ink used, we recommend using a White Polyester Fabric to make sure the final colors are true to what you need.

Nylon Fabric:
Nylon fabrics tend to fade in sunlight while polyester fabric doesn't. Nylon is suitable for silk-screen printing. Since the designs will be on top of the fabric surface, any color of fabric will work well for this kind of printing. Nylon fabric has a stretch of longitude 95.56%, latitude 244.75%.

A fuzzy loop fabric applied to neoprene perfect for hook side of Velcro to bond with. U-loop should be used in Velcro applications that are not separated frequently. Since u-loop will wear out. U-loop increases airflow for close to skin applications when facing skin.

A higher quality version of the U-loop. It stands for "UnBreakable Loop". UBL should be used when Velcro will be frequently applied and removed. Textured on one side.

Peel and Stick:
This is an adhesive backing applied to the neoprene. Simply peel away the paper exposing the adhesive.

Colors may vary due to screen display differences.
Please note that the back side of color Neoprene sheets are BLACK.

  • (01) Sky Blue
  • (02) Gray
  • (03) Brown
  • (04) Beige
  • (05) Yellow
  • (06) Purple
  • (07) Royal Blue
  • (08) Green
  • (09) Forest Green
  • (10) Burgundy
  • (11) Dark Gray
  • (12) Ivory
  • (13) White
  • (14) Red
  • (15) Navy Blue
  • (16) Orange
  • (17) Black
  • (18) Fuchsia
  • (19) Hot Pink
  • (23) Pale Pink
  • (25) Natural
  • (20) Camo Gray
  • (21) Zebra Stripes
  • (22) Leopard Gold
  • (26) Green Flowers
  • (27) Polka Dot Flowers
  • (28) Polka Dots
  • (29) Camo #1
  • (30) Camo Green #2

Full Neoprene Sheets

Call to check stock before ordering. We do not stock every configuration. Get your order faster!

Call to check stock before ordering. We do not stock every configuration. Get your order faster!

Quantity: 1–10 sheets 8-sheet box 11–15 sheets 16–25 sheets 26–99 sheets
Price each: $44.05 $28.03 $25.08 $23.51 $21.78
Neoprene Type
Front Side

Back Side

Price Each

Approximately 51" × 83" (130 × 211 cm). Due to manufacturing variances sheets can measure 50" wide and 80" long. If dimensions are critical then you need to verify the neoprene sheet size before you order.

Thicker neoprene can be made by lamination. If you need a thicker piece, please contact us.

Half Neoprene Sheets

Call to check stock before ordering. We do not stock every configuration. Get your order faster!

Call to check stock before ordering. We do not stock every configuration. Get your order faster!

Quantity: 1–10 sheets 11–15 sheets 16–25 sheets 26–99 sheets
Price each: $24.33 $24.33 $24.33 $24.33
Neoprene Type
Front Side

Back Side

Price Each

Approximately 51" × 41.5" (130 × 105 cm). The same size variances can apply to half sheets as listed above. Thicker neoprene can be made by lamination.

Neoprene sheets come in a variety of fabrics, colors, and textures applied to the neoprene rubber.

Neoprene comes in various densities and hardness. Our neoprene feels like a wetsuit or neoprene knee brace. Hardness is called durometer. The durometer/hardness of our neoprene is 4–8 on type/shore C. Note that a 4–8 on type C corresponds to about 15–25 on type A.

Please contact us to confirm inventory availability prior to placing your neoprene order. We do not stock every possible combination listed here. This web page is not tied into our active inventory. The 3 mm neoprene sheets are the most common stock available, which means it has the greatest variety of colors and configurations. Orders for backordered items may not be counted in the total quantity discount given for the order. If this occurs you will be notified by phone and/or email for approval. Additionally, when back orders exist, all available items will be shipped without notice.

We often have alternate vendors we can use to fill your neoprene order. However, orders of 16+ neoprene sheets or more, we may only be able fill at the 11-piece price since they charge more. We will email for your approval. Please note that volume neoprene orders of 11 or more sheets do not qualify for discounted or free shipping.

Neoprene sheet configurations:

Neoprene has a medium tensile strength. To prevent tearing add a fabric to one or both sides of the neoprene rubber.

neoprene fabric

Click the image for a detailed description of each of these materials.

Measurement Conversion Chart — convert inches to millimeters

Millimeters:Inches (fraction):Inches (decimal):
0.5 mm1/32"0.03"
1.5 mm1/16"0.063"
2 mm3/32" (just less than 1/8")0.094"
3 mm1/8"0.125"
4 mm11/64" (slightly more than 1/8")0.17"
5 mm13/64" (just less than 1/4")0.20"
6 mm1/4"0.25"

Note that when we reference the thickness of neoprene, we are only counting the thickness of the neoprene rubber itself and not the additional thickness of backings like nylon, U-loop, and UBL.

Grade 1 Neoprene:

This Neoprene is great for wet or dry applications. This is SBR material. For more info click our MSDS.

Grade 2 Neoprene:

This Neoprene is great for deep-water applications and high heat applications. This is CR material. For more info click our MSDS.

Bulk Discount

Larger savings are offered on full neoprene sheets when purchasing 100 or more sheets. The prices are displayed here for your reference. Please note that you must contact us to take advantage of these volume discounts. (Online orders of 100 sheets or more will reflect the up-to-99-sheet discount listed above.) Actual prices may vary slightly. Quotes will be confirmed via email.

Grade 1 Neoprene:

The prices displayed are for plain Neoprene. Add $6.25 for each side covered with nylon. More fabrics available.

Thickness:100–999 sheets:1000+ sheets:
1.5 mm$9.28$8.34
2 mm$11.11$9.99
3 mm$15.33$13.78
4 mm$19.43$17.47
5 mm$24.27$21.82
6 mm$29.14$26.20

Grade 2 Neoprene:

The prices displayed are for plain Neoprene. Add approximately $6.25 for each side covered in nylon. Other materials are available.

Thickness:100–999 sheets:1000+ sheets:
1.5 mm$31.92$14.40
2 mm$35.67$16.09
3 mm$47.11$21.25
4 mm$58.52$26.40
5 mm$69.93$31.55
6 mm$81.37$36.71

Neoprene, Per Foot

We sell 3 mm thick, Grade 1 neoprene by the foot. "By the foot" strips are 12" × 51" (30 × 130 cm) and are black nylon on both sides. If purchasing more than six feet (183 cm), consider buying a full sheet.

Neoprene Rolls

Our Neoprene rolls are offered in two thicknesses: 3 mm and 6 mm. Grade 1 sheets are seamed, have black nylon on both sides, and measure 51" × 664" (1.3 × 16.9 m). The CS rubber material rolls are seamless, and measure 51" × 600" (1.3 × 15.2 m). The CS rubber has black nylon on both sides in the 3 mm size. The 6 mm size has no nylon on either side; it is plain black rubber on both sides. CS rubber is 30% firmer than grade 1 or grade 2 neoprene.

Neoprene Rubber Sheets, Plain

Price each:        

These neoprene sheets are approximately 51" × 83" (130 × 211 cm). This is just plain raw Neoprene without any material glued to either side. These plain neoprene rubber sheets are black in color. We laminate layers together to create thicknesses of 3/4", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", 3", 4", or any other combination thereof. Laminations are not guaranteed to be perfect and may need more adhesive over time.

Other neoprene products:

Satisfaction Guarantee:

Most neoprene sheets may be returned rolled in new, uncut condition less a 20% restocking fee for store credit or 30% for a refund.

Clearance Neoprene:

See our neoprene clearance section for extra neoprene items that we have in stock. These are simply extra items priced to move. Neoprene sheets on clearance are returnable with a 30% restocking fee as long as they are returned within 30 days from the time of shipment, and have not been cut or trimmed.

Neoprene fabric is stocked on neoprene rolls. We carry a variety of neoprene fabric colors and a wide range of closures and fasteners for neoprene fabric. We can fill a neoprene fabric order in 1–3 days but shipping neoprene fabric across the country can take 5 days. Neoprene fabric is expensive to ship internationally and if you try to fold neoprene fabric it may have wrinkles. When neoprene fabric is made, nylon or polyester is glued to the sides of raw rubber and, voilà, neoprene fabric is made. Nylon covered neoprene fabric will fade in sunlight but polyester covered neoprene fabric is more resistant. Please choose the neoprene fabric thickness and the color you want your neoprene fabric.