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The only mattress for a perfect night’s sleep.

PostureSense ™ memory foam mattress comparison:

Our house brand PostureSense ™ is the one of the best memory foam mattresses on the market.

  • Our “choice of firmness” lets you control how firm you want your memory foam mattress.
  • By guaranteeing our beds not to soften or form any depressions we offer the best warranty in the industry.
  • A removable and machine washable soft quilted double knit case covers the memory foam mattress.
  • We offer a 90-day trial period without restocking fees, beginning once your memory foam mattress is delivered.
  • Check out our Clearance Page where you may find a nice discount memory foam mattress.
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Memory foam mattress products offered on this page are of such high quality they are designed for heavy use over 15 years. Temporary and transitional shoppers should buy our less expensive memory foam mattress.

We have been using memory foam made by every leading foam factory since 1999 and seen their best five pound density memory foams fail by forming soft spots and body depressions. This cost us heavily and we’ve learned which memory foam will last and feels the best. It wasn’t until we found our beautiful, responsive 4.5-lb memory foam that closely resembled the leading brand that we stopped experiencing failures. Despite numerous price increases, we will not change our source. It is literally the best memory foam we have seen. Since we offer a warranty better than any leading brand, we need the best memory foam.

Memory Foam Mattress

Benefits of Sleeping on our PostureSense ™ Memory Foam Mattress

If you have shoulder trouble or back problems, you’ve probably heard you should try a memory foam bed. Our memory foam mattress is supportive, and responds to your body’s pressure and temperature. The memory foam used in our memory foam mattress is not as soft as foam you may have seen in other beds but it is softer than the leading brand and doesn’t require body heating but responds immediately. Our memory foam mattress beautifully molds to the curves in your body, providing proper orthopedic support along your shoulders, spine, hips, and legs. This contouring support improves circulation while sleeping, which reduces tossing and turning, and gives you a deeper, more restful night sleep. It is common to find you have slept in the same position for 4–8 hours without turning. Memory foam provides a weightless sleep experience making it an ideal mattress material for anyone with an injury. It is quite still and motionless in nature. It reduces and mutes the effects of your partner’s tossing and turning. Remember the wine glass on the mattress commercial? That is what our PostureSense memory foam mattress can do.

Our sales and returns ratio at 2% is better than the national brand’s ratio of 8%. This is a true testament to our customer’s satisfaction—you can also read our customers’ testimonials.

memory foam mattress

“I had this bed custom made to fit my hide-a-bed couch. The original mattress was the worst. This made a huge difference. I love these beds.”
—A. Dorsey, Atlanta GA

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress

Choose a bed size and thickness for a price quote.

Memory Foam is also called “Viscoelastic.” Memory Foam was originally created for NASA astronauts: the slow-recovery cushions relieved some of the force on astronauts during take-off. Memory Foam will likewise mold to your body’s pressure, providing comfort and support.

Split Firmness Memory Foam Mattress:

Split Firmness:
Couples no longer need to compromise when it comes to the firmness and support of their shared bed. Does he want a firmer mattress, or does she need a mattress that’s a little softer? Both needs are met with this “combination” mattress: one half of the bed comes in one firmness, the other half of the bed comes in another. The halves are completely bonded together and the entire mattress comes wrapped in a luxurious “double knit” case. One mattress, two great nights’ rest!

split firmness memory foam mattress
Split firmness mattress (bonded)

PostureSense “The Classic Bed”

Bed with Mattress

This bed is built with a 3" layer of our premium memory foam.

PostureSense “The Deluxe Bed”

4" mattress on bed

This memory foam mattress is built with a 4" layer of premium memory foam.

Visit our cushion section for custom cut memory foam.

PostureSense Construction—Why is it the best?

How our memory foam mattresses are made:
We use 3" or 4" of very high quality 4.5 lb/ft³ memory foam placed on top of a 2.8 lb/ft³ EverFlex™ foam base. The quality of these components cause our memory foam mattress to last longer (15–20 years) and “ride like a Cadillac.” Most competitors do not even advertise their foam’s densities.

It is not recommended to use a solid memory foam mattress because you will “sink” into the mattress too much. Use of a firmer foam as a mattress base is standard in the industry. Our mattress base is made using our EverFlex™ foams, which provide extra support for your spine. 10"–15" is the recommended thickness for an aesthetic memory foam mattress. Minimally we do not recommend less than 8". Boat customers should use our conventional foam section and order the components separately to build a 5" mattress. Contact us if you need help.

All these components are then covered in a deluxe stretchy mattress ticking called a “double knit.” It is sewn with a zipper on three sides for easy removal and machine washable. This expensive fabric is dynamically engineered to complement and protect our mattresses.

No flame retardants added:
Recent health concerns have arisen regarding foams with flame retardants tied to cancer. Our memory foam does not contain added flame retardants.

All our foams do not contain any toxic flame retardants and are very high in quality. You could also purchase our dust mite case to encase our memory foam mattress. You can read more about this in our Foam & Your Health section.

Key Points:

Our alternative to the “brand name”:

  • Little to zero smell
  • The “brand name” uses 2.3 lb/ft³ foam as a base. This won’t last as long as our 2.8 lb/ft³ EverFlex™ foam base.
  • Here you can choose from three different firmnesses.
  • Order our deluxe medium-firm memory foam mattress for the closest match to the brand name.
  • Our memory foam weighs 4.5 lb/ft³.
  • Our memory foam mattress includes a machine washable “Double Knit” mattress case.
  • We warranty our mattresses for 15 years that they will not soften or “dip.” This is a non-prorated, full service warranty including free replacement shipping if ever necessary.
  • Custom sizes are available.
  • For the best, longest lasting combination, order your memory foam mattress using a latex mattress base.
  • Free shipping on orders over $1200.

Latex vs. Memory Foam Comparison:

Compared to latex foam, memory foam is quite still. While latex foam feels springy and quite dynamic, you also don’t notice your partner’s tossing and turning. It has the feel of natural life. Both products offer contouring orthopedic support and improved circulation that you can feel. Latex is a natural product formed from the sap of a tree. Latex foam will last longer than regular foam bases and are an option to consider. We have replaced latex mattresses that were 30 years old.

Is Memory Foam Hot?

Always use a quilted mattress pad on your memory foam mattress. Then place your sheets over that. Water proof mattress protectors tend to increase the heat. You can use one under a quilted mattress pad. 99.6% of our customers do not complain about the heat with this combination; only about 1 in 300 do.

Which density memory foam mattress should I pick?

Statistically, most people who purchase the firm return it for the medium-firm. This is because the firm base foams just take away from the feel of the memory foam. Most people love the other densities and don’t exchange or return them.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

We offer a money back free 90-day trial period for your memory foam mattress (less shipping charges, which range from $85–$300 depending on the mattress size and distance from our factory). This begins the day the mattress is delivered. Mattresses are compression packaged and slowly expand for use within minutes.