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Organic Wool Mattress Protectors

Our uniquely thick mattress protectors are made using 1/4" thick (500 gram) wool. They serve as a certified natural mattress protector, and are quite ideal for all applications. We strongly recommend the 1/4" thickness for its added breathability. The thicker layer allows more air between your body and possibly toxic off gassing from traditional spring or memory foam mattresses.

Your skin, which is a breathing natural organ, will appreciate this healthy addition. These mattress protectors are made from needle-punched certified organic wool fiber. The needle punch process compresses the fibers tightly together, and the result is a water-resistant, protective layer of wool. Use these mattress protectors under your sheets.

Organic Wool Mattress Protector
Organic Wool Mattress Protector

They will not change the feel of your bed. They are moisture resistant and will help allow you time to clean up any spills before they soak into your bed. The photo to the right shows how wool naturally doesn't allow water to penetrate. If you grind the water into the pad it will eventually get in. We oversize each mattress protector to accommodate for shrinkage, so it can be removed and hand-washed. We cut these pads one inch longer than full mattress sizes to accommodate for shrinkage.

Machine washing or drying may cause fiber separation and shrinkage of wool to occur. Be sure to wash on cold and line dry. It is no problem to make a particular custom size. Simply order a larger size and add comments in the shopping cart specifying the size you want yours cut to. We charge an additional $15 for a custom wool mattress protector. If you so desire, we can add elastic to the corners of your protectors, at no extra charge.

Organic Wool Mattress Protector
Organic Wool Mattress Protector

MattressGuard Mattress Protectors

This waterproof barrier fabric is soft and supple and not crinkly like most other vinyl mattress protectors. Imagine, you are enjoying a well-deserved breakfast in bed when it happens: the coffee spills and terror strikes. Is the bed ruined?

The very qualities that make foam comfortable, breathable, and resilient also make it susceptible to absorb spills like a sponge.

Don't be afraid, just put one of our mattress protectors between your bed and the sheets, and your bed is protected from any spills, perspiration, and even dust balls. When these mattress protectors are purchased at the same time as a new bed they come with a guarantee: if any spill gets through, MattressGuard will replace the bed if needed.

Protectors protect your investment in great sleep and never have to worry. This mattress protector will keep your bed new for years.

  • Protectors machine washable up to 200°F
  • Only tumble dry protectors at medium temperature (160°F)
  • Protectors can be sterilized at 250°F
  • Elastic skirt is easy to put on and take off the bed
  • An excellent solution for dust mite allergy sufferers
  • Soft moisture barrier will not change the comfortable feel of your bed
  • 10-Year warranty against stains and dust mites
MattressGuard Mattress Protectors
MattressGuard Mattress Protectors
Size Fitted Gathers Price
Crib mattress protectors 28×52 (71×132 cm)
Protectors fit up to 6" thick (15 cm thick)$39.99
Twin size protectors 38×75 (97×191 cm)Protectors fit up to 12" thick (30 cm thick)$49.99
Long Twin size protectors 38×80 (97×203 cm)Protectors fit up to 12" thick (30 cm thick)$49.99
Full size protectors 54×75 (137×191 cm)Protectors fit up to 12" thick (30 cm thick)$59.99
Queen size protectors 60×80 (152×203 cm)
Protectors fit up to 18" thick (46 cm thick)$69.99
California King size protectors 72×84 (183×213 cm)Protectors fit up to 18" thick (46 cm thick)$89.99
Eastern King size protectors 76×80 (193×203 cm)
Protectors fit up to 18" thick (46 cm thick)$89.99

Mattress Seal™ — Bed Bug and Dust Mite Mattress Barrier Guard

High performance 100% polyester bed bug proof face fabric. With all new mattresses, we recommend you put this on before using your mattress to ensure lifetime bed bug protection. This product is not recommended for Organic Mattresses. Organic Mattresses need more air to breathe.

Bed Bug Protectors Features:

  • High performance fibers create a 100% waterproof bed bug barrier that repels bodily fluids and moisture and is resistant to stain
  • Bed bug protectors machine wash and tumble dry at low temperature
  • Bed bug protectors fit mattresses up to 9" or 12" thick
  • Bed bug protectors available in sizes Twin through King including special Twin XL, Full XL and California King sizes


  • Bed bug protectors let vapors escape from a mattress through a special breathable backing on the soft sleeping surface
  • Protects and offers a clean and hygienic sleeping environment for all ages
  • Simple on and off: bed bug protectors easily fit on mattress with three-side zipper closure
Mattress Seal Bed Bug Barrier
Mattress Seal — Bed Bug Barrier
Size Price
Twin size bed bug protectors
38×75" (97×191 cm)$59.85
Long Twin size dust mite proof protectors38×80" (97×203 cm)$59.85
Full size dust mite proof protectors
53×75" (135×191 cm)$69.85
Long Full size dust mite proof protectors53×80" (135×203 cm)$69.85
Queen size dust mite proof protectors
60×80" (152×203 cm)$79.85
California King size dust mite proof protectors
72×84" (183×213 cm)$89.85
Eastern King size dust mite proof protectors76×80" (193×203 cm)$89.85