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Is your mattress cover looking a bit old and stained, maybe even a little gross? Get a new mattress cover that is zippered on three sides for easy installation, and available in several styles. We also can make a custom size mattress cover, just scroll to the bottom of the page. Most mattress covers are made to order but we also have many of the standard sizes in stock. When in stock it will ship in a few days; if we're making it, allow 21 days.

Mattress cover material options include: simple cotton fabric, luxurious double knit (recommended for a less expensive organic mattress cover), or quilted organic wool (this organic mattress cover is great to make latex foam feel like a luxurious organic mattress). Please take a minute to read the description of these materials or call us to discuss.

The most common mattress cover is the Double Knit (great for a memory foam mattress cover) featured as the second item, below. This is a thick, soft, and stretch fabric found on most memory foam and latex mattress. The organic double knit, featured third below, is common for natural latex foams.

40/60 Organic Cotton Case

40/60 organic cotton case

Soft organic cotton is blended with polyester to make this a machine-washable mattress cover.

Heavy Organic Cotton Mattress Cover

Organic Mattress Cover

This mattress cover is made from certified 100% organic cotton yarn. It is a thick and luxurious double knit mattress cover. This is the fabric we recommend for an organic mattress cover. We strongly recommend requesting the pre-wash for this mattress cover. For a $45 surcharge we will wash/dry the fabric before we sew it to size, making it machine washable/dryable. To request this, add comments in your shopping cart to "pre-wash this cover".

Organic Pillow Top Mattress Cover

Mattress Covers

This plush organic mattress cover provides contouring comfort and certified organic components for natural restorative sleep. The top is quilted certified organic wool and measures approximately 2" thick. This case makes your foam mattress "core" (the center foam block) softer, therefore we recommend that you use a firmer grade of foam with this case. Combinations such as 6" of extra firm and 3" of firm latex make a luxurious medium-firm feeling organic mattress.

A detachable zipper allows for easy assembly, removal, and spot cleaning. This case may be spot cleaned but not washed or dry cleaned. This is the most popular organic mattress cover that we sell.

Case construction for the organic mattress cover from top to bottom:

Simple – 100% Cotton Mattress Cover – Muslin Fabric

Cotton Mattress Cover

We can preshrink the cotton fabric before we sew it to size for an additional $45 (add comments in your shopping cart to "pre-wash this cover"). This will make the mattress cover machine washable & dryable. If the fabric is not preshrunk, the cover will require dry cleaning only.

Waterproof Mattress Cover

Visit our mattress protector page for a silent, high quality, water proof mattress cover.

Waterproof Mattress Cover

Sunbrella Fabrics and Discount Fabrics

These fabrics can be ordered by clicking on a shape below and entering your dimensions. Please note that these fabrics are approximately 54" wide and will require a seam in the face of the fabric for many mattress cover sizes.

Click on a shape below...
We can create a custom size mattress cover from many a variety of fabrics.

Clearance Mattress Cover:

Find a mattress cover on clearance at a substantial discount! Tip: search the clearance page for key words such as "case" and "cover" to quickly find cases.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

All mattress covers are guaranteed to be sewn within a half-inch (1.3 cm). Mattress covers are not returnable/cancellable once production has begun.