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Folding Beds

a Folding Foam Bed

Flip 'em, fold 'em, and store 'em bed. Our tri-fold folding beds are great for guests and make cute folding furniture for children to play on, under, and over. These folding beds are easy to store in a closet.

Note: Federal mattress standards require all folding beds to pass expensive burn tests. You can order our folding mat which contains the same foam and cover for a lot less.

Save money - order a Folding Foam Mat

Folding Beds

Folding Beds
Portable Folding Tri-Fold Futon Bed

Our standard stock folding beds come 4" thick and are covered with poly/cotton fabric. The foam in these folding beds are a guest bed grade with a pretty-firm feel. They contain a 40-ILD 1.7-lb folding foam grade, which is expected to last 5 years under intermittent use. This foam quality, while great for guests, is not meant for every day use and won't last as long as some of our other folding foam grades. You may want to upgrade the folding foam now if you plan on using this every day or for a long term. To upgrade now, choose a customized folding option in the sections following this one, in which you can choose the folding foam quality and firmness for your folding beds.

Upgrade and customize beds...

Bi-Fold Folding Beds

Folding Bed

We now offer the comfort and convenience of our tri-fold folding beds in a spacious, Queen size bi-fold folding bed. These great folding beds fold side-to-side like a book, measuring 60" wide by 80" long when open (152 × 203 cm). When folded, it measures 30" × 80" (76 × 203 cm). Choose a thickness and cover color to get a price quote. Or send us your own folding beds fabric.

Choose your own folding bed measurements

If you would like to specify the length, width, and thickness of your custom folding bi-fold, select one of these Custom Bi-Fold bed shapes.

Custom Tri Fold Folding Beds

Custom Folding Beds

Choose the foam type and thickness you want your folding beds to be. Enter all your preferences for an instant price quote. (We stock 4" thick pre-made folding bed cases, so these tend to ship fastest.)

Fully Customized Folding Beds

Tri Fold Futon

The three sections of this folding tri-fold bed will all be of equal length. If you want to specify different lengths for the three folding bed sections, use this shape.

Cover color:

All folding beds dimensions will be rounded to the nearest 1/8 inch (approximately 3 mm).

Design your own tri-fold futon!

Specify all dimensions, pick a fabric color, and choose from many foam qualities to create your own unique folding beds!

Enter the length, width, and thickness for the folding bed when it is folded out lying flat. Select a fabric cover color and click "Show Prices," and prices for the different foam qualities will be listed. Choose a folding foam quality for the folding bed from this price comparison list, and we will handle the rest.

Minimum and maximum folding bed dimensions:
Length: 36–120 in 92–304 cm
Width: 18–120 in 46–304 cm
Thickness: 1–24 in 2.5–60 cm

Fill in all folding beds dimensions for a tri fold price quote.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

If the comfort of the foam in your folding beds is not right, you may exchange the foam less a 25% restocking fee.